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The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


But it dies to minions quite easily and it still gets affected by AoE spells like Plasma storm. Plus its ability of not being targeted by spells isn’t that good. While you need 5 mana or Sand Howler to survive a turn to give it 2nd wish to get a 5/5 which is overshadowed by other things you could do for 5 mana.


back, long ago when I was playing Vet , it didn’t seem that hard: Duskweaver ~> sand howler, but it was dervish Vet. Just surprised that I never See a cheap minion that can’t be targeted by enemy spells and is a tribe minion, for like Dune caster, fireblaze. I guess he competes with a lot.


It’s already gone through inactive periods of more than 14 days, what could kill us now?!


That new vet spell looks really interesting because it is an amazing top deck in desperate situations but overall it cost maximum mana and is not consistent so its just about only interesting.


So, just won 10 in a row with this. It’s really fun and actually seems pretty consistent.
It looks to combine the sort of typical aggro-ish SimCity play style with Fault/Rae combo. Play style is a bit conservative, looking to use nerds to keep your face healthy until you can get out Fault or just suffocate them with Oby/Whisper bull shit.
What do the rest of you think?

Considerations I’m considering-
X2 Pax> X2 Primus Pretty obvious why this is a thought/battle pets can get you killed

X2 Pax> X2 Cryptographer Battle pets can get you killed/still get poops out of it. Pax is 6/5 over 3 bodies for 2…Crypto is 4/4 over 2 bodies for 3 so that doesn’t feel as good but it’s still pretty good. This is leads me into the next consideration to be considered…

X3 reassemble> X3 inner oasis This makes a lot of sense to me, especially if I was to lose Pax for Crypto. Still draws a card, makes poops more better…but it’s tough to play on mana-turn 3 onto more than one body because it’s 3 mana itself so sometimes it doesn’t feel as valuable and it doesn’t really matter once Fault is out. Where reassemble is only 2 mana, draws a card AND gives you a 0 cost Oby to use as a Fault trigger or to re-position for following turns or to get huge value out of Whisper by getting 2 Wind Derv and drawing 2 cards for 4 mana.

X2 Nimbus> ? Don’t know really…I think this is because most people think she sucks and if the majority of people think something it might be true- but honestly I think she’s great and the whisper synergy can be insane.

X3 reassemble> X3 Tiger Reassemble is fantastic. Buuuuuuut, sometimes Tigers are the answer to all life’s problems.

Tips for a silver Vetruvian Deck?

What do we think of vet’s new toys?

I really like the kinematic projection (I think thats what its called), lost in the desert, and grapnel

and the artifact that you take no damage on your turn, that has sajj written all over it. Does that work with the draw card? (falcius too?)


I haven’t fiddled around with anything but obelysk yet because I love this Archetype so the only card I can talk about is gust. If your going with an aggro list, it’s not really that good but you play a more midrangey version and get to 6 mana regularly it’s a hell of a card. Two wind dervishes is always something good


Played around with Justin Trudeau (aka. Grapnel Paradigm) and it is safe to say that he lives up to his name. Nearly all girthy minions have around 4 attack, so with descension, you can snag yourself some pretty nice back line value.

Good things to steal:
Lyonar: prominence, ironcliff guardian, scintilla, sunforged lancer,
Songhai: Grandmaster Zendo, 4 winds magi, Lantern Fox, Eternity Painter
Vetruvian: pretty much all obelysks, Nimbus, Grandmaster Noshrak, multiple poop dervishes
Abyssian: Bloodmoon priestess + 2 wraithlings, Shadowdancer, Gate to the undervault, Desolator
Magmar: Lavaslasher, Makantor, Eggs,
Vanar: Glacial Elemental, Circulus, Walls
Neutral: Thunderhorn, Decptibot, Sunsteel defender, Spelljammer, Blue Conjurer, Owlbeast Sage, Bloodbound MentorQ


Haven’t got round to Vet yet, was trying Abyssian Mech (but was awful, need more time to work out the deck) and currently doing Magmar until I get the new general because I’ve been lazy on the unlocking, only got 2/6. But did see a nice little combo in my last game from my Vet opponent. Used Blindscorn and then Equality Contraint to kill my Lavaslasher which I didn’t expect, 2 card 3 mana combo.


Vet didn’t get anything broken this time but they did get a lot of fun stuff (which is a good thing IMO). I still have a lot of experimenting to do, but for now my favorite cards are Kinematic Projection, Lost in the Desert (gosh this thing is so strong when Thunderhorn is on the board), and Neurolink (for memes with Grailmaster).


i actually got lethal’d by monolithic vision yesterday

he pulled 3 obylesks, whisper, and dunecaster for game


The New Building Obelysk is fun to see!!!


We’ll have to see which is better won’t be long now anyway.


Ok, it’s confirmed: Gust is a BEAST!

Like I said, it’s not for fast aggro obelysk decks but for midrange/tempo vet it is amazing! It’s just stupid how powerful 2 instant wind dervishes are, and leaving a body behind!


So I need to craft 3? or 2?


I’m running 2 because I included 2 sanswirl readers and 2 aymaras as well. I can see someone running 3 tho


Do you reccomend sandswirl?

I haven’t really tried it


It’s good tempo. Depends on the deck you’re running tho


what’s worth crafting from vanguards? lost in the desert is cool but I think it’s too situational?


I think the main use of Lost in the Desert is as an alternative play alongside grapnel and star’s fury. If one doesn’t work, another will, sort of thing. That way you have an optimal usage no matter how the opponents position themselves.