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The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


Currently, the Obelysk deck I’m playing is the one that F8D posted on the Bagoum tierlist, hoping to better understand the methodology at play. The deck seems to be rather reliant on cantrips for condensing, and often just results in hands without plays, or an over-reliance on Blood of Air to both solve problems and act as a “Player Removal”. The Lillithe and Vaath matchups are particularly miserable (as typical of a Zirix deck.)

My own lists were more removal dense and emphaized on using Whispers and other on-board answers to conserve the hard removal in the grip. Def think F8D’s list could use Rae, because of how lazer focused it seems on it’s Nimbus plays- but I can’t say that I know his own list better than him lol.


I tried out the deck a little bit. It’s most definitely a solid list, as long as you don’t run into too much Magmar you can make S-rank with it. But your assessment is right. Since this deck relies heavily on cantrips you have to play very efficiently and understand the nuances of most matchups to really take advantage of it. And because it heavily relies on Nimbus, magmar is a difficult matchup.

The deck doesn’t really need more removal. Blood of Air is mostly just a just in case thing. Your primary method of removal should be trading or Falcius, you only need to use Blood of Air when ahead, something really big hits the field, or you really need to deal with a far away minion. And i would adise against Rae, this deck does not need to tubro out Nimbus. It has a strong early game lineup that getting Nimbus out earlier is unnecessary.

As for advice piloting this deck. Lilithe should be a fairly reasonable matchup. She runs very weak early game minions, meaning your minions should over run hers. The trick is dealing with Blood moon and making sure she can’t capitalize on it when it hits the board. Prioritize board over health in these scenarios. Who ever wins the board win the game because you both require set up on the board to win. Hard mulligan for Blood of Air and Skorn. Some good techs for this matchup are Tiger, Superior Mirage, and Star’s Fury.(I’m talking about traditional swarm. Aggro should be an easy matchup. I think I’m the only one who plays Arcanyst. And most of the same things apply to hyper swarm.)

Magmar is a difficult matchup due to Plasma Storm, sticky minions, and Lavaslasher. A big part about playing against Magmar as Vet is learning how to play around Plasma Storm. Plasma Storm is fairly expensive. It eats up Magmar’s turn to cast. With this in mind the best way to deal with it is to make Storm as inefficient as possible. You do this in two ways. A, you have make a board that can survive Plasma Storm. This is why Allomancer is very important in the matchup, it dodges Plasma Storm and doubles as a strong value generator. If you feel you’re board is susceptible to Plasma throw in a Allomancer where Vaath cannot reach. If he Storms you, you’ll have am inion on board and continue pressuring him. B, you learn how not to overcommit. Theoretically, if Plasma wipes your board but you you refill it afterwards it’s a fairly even trade. When you play against Magmar you can’t overcommit to the board. You have to play enough to threaten Magmar but not enough that is you lose it all you’re screwed.

This deck in particular is really susceptible to Magmar since it runs three Nimbus(Nimbus is very susceptible to Transform effects and Plasma Storm which make it very weak to Magmar.). If you seriously struggle with Magmar try adding in some strong neutral minions, namely Thunderhorn or Sunsteel. Or try adding Aymara Healer for some Nimbus.The main trick to the matchup is getting on and sticking on board. Vet’s minions will out value Magmars in a head on matchup, however Magmar excels at stopping you from doing so. Some tips for getting onto the board, try to lead Pax in this matchup. Magmar don’t run dispel because they have so many transform effects. Pax guarantees you get on to the baord and can start contesting Magmar. Try to have 2/3 minions tends to be enough to threaten Magmar, becareful playing more if they’re susceptible to Plasma Storm. I’ve heard that Superior Mirage is a good in the matchup.

Some last thoughts. if you’re having trouble with card draw throw in L’Kian or Sojourner. I’d advise against Spelljammer cause this deck doesn’t like to give your opponent resources. try adding 1-2 copies of Grandmaster Nosh- Rak, it’s a very good finisher in these kind of decks and doubles as strong late game minion. I personally like putting in one copy of Star’s Fury into decks with Fireblaze, it doubles a decent secondary win con.


I’ve been having some computer issues for the past month. I haven’t got to play the game almost any since the launch of the expansion.

How’s it been for you guys for the past weeks?

I’d add a sand cat pic but can’t be bothered at the moment, sorry about that. :slight_smile:


birds’n’rocks have been pretty successful, obelysks are still really strong, fault can get silly value as always. All in all, a good time for the imperium. :slight_smile:


You can play almost any deck aside from artifact decks now, so I think all is good for Vetruvia. Recently I’ve been having success with my Astral phazing deck, it is amazing on Wild Tahr and Thunderhorn and on EMP too but that is a secret.


Vets have become great in gauntlet too
Sand tiles are really good there.


This thread can’t die just yet.

Guys, I’ve been struggling with azure vet right now so I want a change of “air”.

What archetypes have you guys been piloting to success recently? Any decklists to share? Any useful and unknown insights?

It pains me to admit but swarm is a very distinctive playstyle and it might have messed up my head for playing with a simple midrange deck, so I may need a couole of directives to pilot your decks as well

All help is appreciated. May mother aymara be with you


Has anyone tried sabovet with the new general? I’m working on unlocking them all, and Ciphyron feels like he has the least support for a cool deck right now


I do think that, ATM, he has the least support of the new generals. Is still possible to play sabovet, but I think it’s better we wait for the expansion


-tempo/aggro. often with Oby + whispers and other things like Falcius it feels like control for Zirix is just giving away damage and not getting anything back for it.

  • Sajj just isn’t very good right now so artifact is dead (EMP and all the cheap face spells just shut it down). Golem is good in a few places (Fault, which I love. Azure is nuts. Plain old golem is good too) but I think Structure is hamds down the best Vet deck right now. You jjust have som any options and win cons.

-Pax, so long as not too much Thunderhorn. Falcius is top 10 best cards in the game so, yeah- every deck. Aymara is awesome, but I haven’t been running it in favor of Nimbus.

  • neither.

-blood of air and lots of cheap/free nerds + Falcius is all you need. Sajj WOULD be different- but again, she sucks right now.

  • just a constant stream of wind and poop dervishes.

of course, this is just what I think…and I’m kind of an idiot.


Hello my sand brothers, today I would like to pose a question.

What do we think about fault?

Should I swap one of my 3 aymaras for it? My playstyle is to control the board with dervishes, then go face with buffed dervishes and corner them

I think fault would be nice because it can’t be removed by a 2 mana spell, like aymara can.

Good idea?


Aymara has been falling out of meta for a while. I haven’t run her since fault came out.

To be honest tho, I don’t run fault anymore either. I find it too slow to be played on 6 mana unless you’re winning anyway


Really? What about nimbus? Is he too slow aswell?


Nimbus is at the same boat as fault. Both are win more cards and are out of meta right now.

You could play fault, if you find a way to get instant value out of it with rae or a reassembled obelysk, but I’d rather not play it at all. Just my 2 cents.


what lategame do we have then?

Sirroco inner oasis?


That one epic Pantheran :sweat:


Well I play obelysk which doesn’t need late game at all and swarm vet, whose late game is emp and more swarm so I can’t really help you there.


Fault is quite solid even without Rae/0 mana obelysks but you have to know when to drop it. I think it would be Ok to remove Aymara for Fault as long as you have enough healing to ensure you live to see it played.


I love fault- but I think it only really functions with Rae. Aymara is easier to answer but it’s only one card although I don’t think she’s great right now- I prefer Nimbus (more health, better dervish synergy, one mana cheaper). fault is GG if you trigger it the turn you play it- but it is kind of clunky even then and with out getting a tile you have to play Rae.

I would just go 3x Nimbus for the kind of play style you’re talking about. Or 2x Nimbus and 1x Nosh


Why does nobody use sand howler? Sand howler is strong especially with second wish?