The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


Vetruvians are viable.
Single cards which defines archtypes?

Right now i think they tried to give sajj a swarm tool (zephir + exuming sands artifact) but i personally haven’t tried that…

Then there is obelisks variants (mid range, otk with wishes and i expect a full-obelisk deck)

And then maybe there will be a flying one, but it lacks real support.


I wanna believe in the path of the Shining Lady Aymara! but vet really takes alot of skills and board knowledge. Not an easy road, but i hope i can understand Vet better.


Welcome to the Imperium.


It’s not too bad- it’s just a bit harder to make Vetruvian decks redundant enough to perform like other factions. Lately, the game has had an emphasis on trying to play fewer 5+ mana things than it used to, which makes some Vetruvian strategies better than they used to be, but others significantly worse.

Is there any particular Vet deck you’re looking to try?


I’m open to anything! I used to play deathwatch abyssian, but im looking for new thrills now :smiley:


Flying serpentis. That’s good enough in my book


Astral serpenti meta confirmed


Not sure for meta, but there was a place where a lot of Serpenti have been spotted flying :wink:


For one glorious week…


What I think about everytime someone mentions sticking Astral Phasing on a Serpenti


Another returning vet player here! I love Sajj (a bit too much!) and built an artifact deck that would utilize some of the powerful artifacts vet has access too. Unfortunately, I’m not that great at deckbuilding so I could use some help in shifting around some cards.

(Didn’t really play all that much during ancient bonds or rise of the bloodbound so I don’t have access to the super saiyan, autarchs gift, or blood to air :frowning: )


One of the things that has changed about Duelyst since I left is that the game is much more focused on low mana plays- so while the list posted should theoretically work using older meta, I think part of the issue you’re going to encounter is most is simply not doing enough on early turns.

Pax hasn’t aged so well. I’ve seen a pretty alarming of top decks outright cutting the cat unless the plan is specifically Dervish oriented. It’s still a fine 2 drop, but consider your other options imagining a meta where everything over a three-drop has a higher opportunity cost.

Blood of Air is a pretty nasty loss for any Vet deck, in my recent experience, 2 BoA and 2 Bone Swarm (a card which has drastically different playability now,) are where I look to begin a disruption package.

Repulsor Beast is a cool tech choice. but at that juncture you really want to be deep on Ankh, I think 3 is a bit much, and would consider something like Bloodtear, Sojourner, or Spelljammer here. Similarly, Blistering Skorn is still a decent card, but much less impactful than it used to be. I prefer Dancing Blades, because it doesn’t damage my artifacts, but if it works for you, sweet. I might also suggest Grincher here, so that you can play fewer artifacts and still support Tears.

Aymara Healer is in a similar boat as Pax, the disruption of the game has changed quite a bit- and while Aymara can be a sweet linchpin, being a 6 drop makes it a rough draw early on.

The main issue I have with the artifact package is that it’s mostly a smattering of everything- where the artifacts you play should really inform spell and minion choices, It’s sortof a “pick a lane” situation, where I think Ankhs are a gameplan all their own (but I’d really want to be playing Gifts with Ankhs.) Hexblade is still consistently one of the best artifacts in the game imo, but it really wants to compliment a deck that can utilize the burst or debuff portion of the card. Spinecleaver is, once again- a card that I feel wants to be a strategy all it’s own, with an emphasis on making the pings add up quickly. I think Sickle and Spinecleaver compliment each other pretty well, since they occupy different ends of the curve and focus on positioning and attrition.

If you can focus a little more on early disruption and defining a clearer gameplan, I think your deck would would smooth out well. When you get access to them, Blood of Air, Autrach’s Gifts, Grandmaster Nosh-Rak, Wind Striker, Zephyr, and Divine Spark really change how you can build and focus Sajj decks. Consider Superior Mirage or Star’s Fury as well, since they can often only only counter, but outright steal games


WOW THATS A LOT OF WRITING! When making the deck on bagoum I mostly went mostly off memory and completely forgot that I ran two Spelljammers exchanging one Aymara and one Repulsor Beast. I have a bunch of spare spirit and will get right to work on crafting Mirage and Wind Striker (I have to depend on RNG for the other things sadly :sob:). Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it :smiley:!


So uh… How are you guys feeling in the world of Unearthed Prophecy? I’m feeling sortof conflicted about muh robits. On one hand, the expansion has lots of cool stuff to play with, on the other- Vetruvian is still Vetruvian for better and worse.

-Why do almost all of the decent faction cards cost 3 and 5 in Vet? 5 mana is cripplingly slow to chalk much of that power into a deck.

-What is the deal with Azure Summoning? Could we trade this to 1 mana to get the old Siphon back? Pretty please CPG?

-What do your mirror matches look like? Lately, mine have been blowout city with Obelysk Zirix- always having one side get so insanely ahead, that it’s almost stupid to be playing the game out. Haven’t really had a Sickle Control Sajj mirror yet, but the games with Combo Sajj and other types of slow Sajj have been white-knuckle.


Overall, I’d say we came really good from this expansion. We got some very solid cards that breathe some life into old archetypes like Reassemble and Trigon Obelisk. We also got cards that open up new Archetypes like Azure summoning and Cataclysmic Fault.

  • We have three almost staple cards on 5, Sandswirl Reader, Blood of Air, and Sirroco for Golems(I know SUperior Mirage is a thing, but I personally haven’t gotten it to work once yet so I’m abstaining from having an opinion on it until I do.). And two stapleish cards on 3, Falcius and Fireblaze Obelisk. We still have Pax(I know not as good because of Thunderhorn but still decent.), Aymara, Cataclysmic Fault, Grandmaster Nosh- Rak, Allomancer, Trigon Obelisk, Dunecaster, Azure Summoning, First Wish, etc. There are a lot of faction cards I consider “decent” that are not of the 3 or 5 slot.

-Azure Summoning is an amazing card that made Flying Vetruvian of all things a thing. The main combo with the cards is to run 3 Sky Wings, 3 Dragonlards, and 1 Grandmaster Nosh- Rak. You try to hold 1 summoning, one Sky wing, and one Dragonlark in hand. By playing the Skywing first you can play 3 Skywings and 3 Dragonlarks on 6 mana while searching out Grandmaster Nosh- Rak for the next turn.

As for Siphon Energy, my opinion is that CPG did not like the idea of a 0 mana dispel anything anywhere. I heavily doubt it’s ever coming back and making Azure Summoning cost 1 heavily hampers the deck.

  • It’s a mirror match. That’s kind of what happens when both of your decks do the same thing but one gets ahead of the other. Also Vet lacks come back mechanics so these mirrors are even more snowbally. Been trying COntrol Sajj with Cataclysmic Fault. I don’t think the tools there for it to work consistently but there are things I still to try so we’ll see.

Overall, very satisfied with the expansion so far. It’s brought some very nice tools to the Vetruvian Imperium.


Haven’t really had the chance to seriously play Vet since the expansion because the cards I want to use are expensive (Trygon and Superior Mirage). But with Lavastorm Obelysk and Reassemble, it makes Obelysk Vet quite good even without Trygon.

Reassemble is pretty much an auto-include in any Obelysk deck with the fact it can draw a card, and helps move a dispelled or badly positioned Obelysk back to your hand and play it again for 0 which is almost (dare I say) too strong.

I’ve heard of Azure Summoning creating Flying Vet, but I’m not sold on it yet. I need to see it in action before really judging it.

I’ve seen people use Sandswirl Reader against me, but hasn’t been a good use when played. Its probably stronger than what I’ve seen from it so far.

I like Duskweaver and Fate Watcher effects but both are just too weak to really be played, although I guess Duskweaver could be an ok budget card.

The rest of the cards I don’t think highly of and haven’t seen them be played or played to any good use. Overall, I think Vet are in a better place than before, although I still wish that they pushed the dying wish part of the faction more. Besides me playing it as a fun thing, I believe it could have real potential with some more cards to go with it but won’t be as strong as the Abyssian version. Which seems to have all the good dying wish themed cards on lockdown.


Sandswirl Reader is my favorite card in the set by a freakin mile- but doesn’t really fix the removal problem because it occupies the 5 slot, which is already occupied by Blood of Air, Star’s Fury etcetcetc. It’s possibly the best Sajj card I’ve touched (so much so that I crafted 3 Prismatics.)

I think Azure Summoning is a problem though. The problem not being necessarily what it does, but the timing involved in snowballing Skywing. Seems like a design mistake, or oversight in playtesting involved in dumping Skywings and Dragonlarks to occupy insane amounts of the board and thin the deck. I don’t think Flying Vet is especially oppressive, but it plays a swingy nut-draw game that could seriously mess things up- which is why I think AS being adjusted is a good idea.

Siphon on the otherhand, is something I guess is a agree to disagree issue. When the nerf happened, I was cool with it- but the gamestate has changed to “Blood of Air or die” so often, that old Siphon or old Siphon +1 mana makes far more sense than it used to. Cards like Bone Swarm have gone up in relative power fairly significantly just on the raw need for disruption at different points of the curve (where Rasha’s Curse doesn’t always do it.)

Superfluous balance banter aside, I totally agree about the degree of enjoyment from this set. Do you have any Obelysk oriented Vet builds worth trying? I keep finding myself in awkward positions where playing minions without an attack value on the first couple turns puts me too far behind- leading me to believe that an optimal Obelysks build probably wants to plan around dropping Obelysks and Whispers in the same turn, and focus on developing sturdier minions like Pax and Primus Fist out of the gate.


Vet is now officially the 5 drop faction, similar to how Songhai is the 3 drop faction and Magmar the 4 drop faction

Vetruvian removal is also absurdly powerful now. Between Blood of Air and Snadswirl Reader for slow minions, and Superior Mirage to punish things that are not efficiently removed by these two, Vetruvian can be said to have better answers than Vanar in the lategame. The thing that makes it fair, unlike Vanar, is the fact that these answers are really expensive, so the opponent can anticipate them.

Also, Reassemble is hilarious! I had a Vanar opponent waste three chromatic colds on one Trygon Obelysk and not have any left for the Nimbus.


There’s so many good Vet decks around I can’t play them all. I have at least 5.

@shatteredskys on mirage: try using it on fireblaze or, my favorite, a cosmic fleshed Sinister Silhouette. It’s plain stupid.
Also, helps to turn around the obelysk mirror match (@paralykeet)

Flying golem vet is my favorite right now, even tho Obelysk will always be my beloved deck.

I just feel that there is so much to work with vet that there is no “perfect build” for obelysks. It all comes down to how aggro/midrangy you want your deck to be, how many obelysks you want to play, how much removal you can/need to fit in, what is your wincon (whispers, fault, chained aymaras, straight out steamrolling dervishes turn after turn until you win at mana 6 or 7…).
All that stuff makes obelysk vet more of a toolbox than an archetype itself.

That’s just my 2 cents after a lot of vet games and experimenting after the expansion hit.


As for Azure Summoning, I guess we’ll have to see. My initial impression is the deck is balanced. It’s VERY weak to AOE. Plasma Storm and Frostburn shut down the combo very hard. And it requires you to invest a large portion of your hand for the combo. You need three cards to reliably pull it off which limits your options beforehand. But it’s a new deck so we really need to see how it continues to do.

On Siphon Energy/Blood of Air situation, I personally think Blood of Air is overrated. When Siphon Energy was nerfed I was still consistently hitting S- rank with Vetruvian. All I did was swap Siphon Energy for Repulsar Beast and Ethereal Shroud. Yes, I did get Bloodmoon Priestess walled a handful of time but overall as long I got into my opponents face i didn’t have much problems with cards like Kelaino and Four Winds. The games changed since then and I won’t deny that Blood of Air is a very nice card to have around, but I don’t think it’s the end all be all. It’s an expensive card that tends to go one for one and deal two to face. There are times when cards like Saberspine and Ethereal Shroud are better options.

Honestly, I haven’t played Obelisks since the expansion dropped. I’ve played that deck so much that I wanted to test out the more obscure decks like Sajj Control and the Flying/ Golem hybrid deck. Can you show me your decklist? Obelisks are slow by nature, so there are instances where you don’t want to open with them but you shouldn’t be falling behind that drastically. You don’t need to combo Obelisks and Whispers to make Obelisks work. You kind of need to learn when it’s appropriate to develop Obelisks and you need to constantly fight around them to get value out of them.