The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


Just remember, this is pre-nerf. It’s ok, we know Vetruvian can’t have nice things. :wink:



So, reassemble is a card and simcity vet is as fun as can be right now. How’s it working for you guys?

Also, is flying vet abthing right now? Wanted to experiment with it but I realized I got no experience whatsoever. Any tips?


Simcity is so much fun right now, reassemble really is amazing. I don’t know about flying either, but I don’t see it being much more prevalent than it has been before.

rip sajj though


Exactly my sentiment. It’s the same feeling when using Dreamshaper on Golem deck, your card flow better and you always get new card. Really fun, and I think almost all my match the board and position being utilized more than ever.


So I’m a Saji supporter and I have to say exuding sands is so great when you can get it out early… I finally started playing a simple city deck and all th e games I won were ppl surrendering after I got blast and that other Artifact out… I wish watcher was in magmar but it seems to get provoke as it’s first ability alot. Droplet seems to only steal equipped artifacts which is sad.


I love that this expansion even supported my favorite obscure archetype, being Copycat Vet, with Superior Mirage, which I love playing alongside Mirage Master and Dominate Will. Psychic Conduit and Thunderclap are also pretty hilarious.


Omg, sabovet? Was my second favourite till zenrui nerf. Still has a special place in my heart.


I got 2 Trygon Obelysk and 2 Catacylstic Fault, so I wander here.

Anyone gotten interesting deck using Fault?


I’m testing it in Control Vetruvian. Currently I’m running one and it definitely has potential, it turns out summoning 10/10 worth of stuff is pretty good. The main challenge is slowing down the game to the point where you an take the tempo loss. The best way to do it seems to be playing Wraith on turn 5 and it it nukes your opponent you can develop Fault. There’s still a lot of optimizing I need to do, but it look like it has potential.


I’m really loving the idea of Restructure. Really looking forward to trying it out as a means to battle dispel. Just wondering if it’ll be a replacement or compliment to Whisper of the Sands if you’re not going all-out SimCity…

I drew, like, 5 or 6 of them from my first 15 boosters.

As a whole I feel that the most interesting and useful stuff in the new expansion were either Epic or Legendary, and obviously I won’t have enough spirit for mostly anything, but that was always the case with Core set - and at least now the older chaps will have their chance for extra fun. :slight_smile:

I’ll be super duper committed to real life for a week still, so no gaming, and there’s some bigger Vampire: The Eternal Struggle tournaments coming up that will most likely take up most of my hobby time, but the new expansion seems great for Vetruvian (and interesting for everyone).

I wonder what Pax would have to say this time…


Hello! I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my deck. I just returned to Duelyst a couple weeks ago after a long break, so my collection is pretty limited. This was my attempt at a Volem deck.

My Do List For This Deck:

  • Add 2 Pax
  • Add 2 Stars Fury
  • Replace 3 Entropic Decay with 3 Blood To Sand


I’d settle with this first

-3 ethereal obelysk
-3 skyrock golem
-3 L’kian
-3 brightmoss golem
-1 Nimbus
+3 golem metallurgist
+3 celebrant
+3 Wind Striker
+3 Sirroco
+1 Star’s Fury

You can replace Stars fury with Bone Swarm, as bone swarm tends to do better as you don’t have any fireblaze/locke

Sirroco should be main wincon, Pax can be removed for 3rd Aymara and more consistency.


Thanks! I don’t have most of the golem cards from ancients bonds, so I had to make do. Once I get those cards I’ll definitely make those changes.


I’d immediately remove those L’kians, you have dreamshaper and 6 cycle spells and decent curve so you don’t have to worry about draws. Golem Metallurgist is also a main card as it discounts Golems and has strong stat.

Boulder Breacher is a honorable mention as well.

If possible, tech in 2 Superior Mirage.


What cards do you have at your disposal?


Would aggro/facemonkey vet work in this meta rn?

Any good lists?


Why would you want a facemonkey deck?


Anyway, this is the deck i’m currently using

I tested some of the new cards and:

  • arid unmaking: too slow imo, can be useful to use your bad spawned dervishes or to use aymara immediately, but it doesn’t really shine in the early game.

  • duskweaver: it’s a bit occasional since third wish requires a dervish and second requires a board, but in my deck it has always been really useful, be it early, mid or late game

  • lavastorm,
    I’m sad this card is not good, the effect doesn’t work 70% of times.
    It works at best from mid to late game,
    If placed early as a backline cannon you basically lose manafonts.
    the normal one it’s really so much better.

  • fatewatcher
    Good, rng -ish card, good from early to mid game since it needs at least 2 turn to become stronk

  • sandswirl reader
    Shaningans with anothed reader,
    Can work as removal or to get back damaged obelisks or dunecasters, i still have not tried it on wind dervishes, but in theory they are 2 mana 2/2 rush.
    It’s a great tempo card, works wonders with obelisks.
    I use the sands tile as an ensurance i always have somenthing to target with third wish
    Overall great.

  • superior mirage
    Occasional, but counters magmar rush insanity, abyssian’s 6/6 and can be useful with other cards too, like onyx phanters and similar.

That’s all i tried as of now. HAVE FUN!


Here ye, here ye mechanized brethren, and behold- for from on high, the false Gods have bestowed upon us a choice gift.

Here ye, here ye, to the gospel of Arid Unmaking

What to do when Vetruvian lacks an archetype defining card?


What to do when the Vanar and Magmar dominance wanes?


For that lonely Wind Dervish, he welcomes opening that hole in the battlefield for his brethren to crawl!


What of odd Vetruvian cards of the past, whose playability seemingly hinged on a legitimate sacrifice outlet?


Unmake ye Wind Shrikes, unmake ye Wind Dervishes, unmake ye Pax, ye Wind Slicer, ye Orb Weavers! Unmake ye silenced Guardians to fuel the next! Unmake ye fliers for area control, unmake ye Wishers fer value, to Combust with great value!

Unmake the curse Counterplay put upon Vetruvia’s viability!

Don’t we have a magical tree to burn, or something like that?

I propose a new national anthem- thanks to the scion, Lemmy