The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


Too early, but i’m thinking of a deck with all the 3 obelisks. (maybe only 2xWindstorm)

Ah, it will instantly lose to magmars.


But after you bait the Plasma Storm, then your Exhuming Sands will Swarm the board once again.

Easy game :sunglasses:


Feels nice to have a tile that is exactly half the power level of Cass’ AWESOME BBS.


I think isbee will switch to Vet because then he’ll REALLY be a Necromancer


Oh yeah? You think so? You’d be half right. :sunglasses:


Hey, you’d be able to re-animate bodies to serve you and dervishes dont even have the inconvenience of souls.


I’d think its less re-animating poop and more animating poop to serve you. There is quite a big difference.


He’d have to use Sirocco too. You bring Golems AND Dervishes into the game for double the necromancy!




Now that I think about it. Duskweaver is very well designed card and is powerful. I’m going to assume that CPG have created more wish synergy cards this xpac


Duskweaver —> Dye-on’s Wish!


Yea, I especially since the card synergizes very well with Arid Unmaking, I wonder what else we’ll see


With current spoilerz:

With arid unmaking aymara will be used more as burst/healing than body

(At least against removal heavy faction like vanar)

I hope sister saon becomes viable eith the exp (vuv)

I fear the exp will leave the stronger decks where they are, and leave out already weaker ones

I hope for more new tile support than the cards they already spoiled

I hope circle of dessication will be buffed adding “every friendly minion will leave an exuming sands tile”

Oserix + arid unmaking + tears:
improbable, weak, fun.

Neutral blue boar can make viable astral phasing by himself

I can see lady locke working with the new tiles, i don’t know if the effect procs and how many tiles will be summoned in an average game for her to be usable tho

Portal guardian, will it be good enough? My take is no. i’m thinking positive.

Venom toth will be a tech for vet if they become too problematic

Grailmaster will probably be a good budget wincon for vet players

Zurael tech for fun in sand tile focused decks, (against aoe and such)

Mirage master will be, in my opinion, a really good card

Duskweaver is a captivating name for a new brand of fridges, i like his effect, i think more than someone will play it

Just a tought dump.


Well dumped!

15 characters


Something’s gonna go wrong.

Pessimist can’t dissapoint!


So I betting we gonna get a card that lets us. Summon from our obylexs one more time or a group buff.


Judging from the salt certain Vetruvian cards are already generating we can expect a nerf once again to satisfy. Amazing


It’s nice tho vets gonna have so much dispel bait not to mention bounce and a minion almost always on the board


I’m happy to see us getting some flexible cards