The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


How useful do you think shroud is in this current meta.
I feel as if singular dispel is pretty useless these days.
Oh and I’m interested as to the antics repulsor beast brought you.


Originally built to counter Malyk, I brought this deck into high gold to see how it’d fare. As it turns out, not so well.

The idea behind this mess is to capitalize on the enemies minion spamming and hopefully developing a source of minions myself.

I’m thinking of adding zephyr and stars fury to utilize that more, but no comments on that yet.


[quote]How useful do you think shroud is in this current meta.
I feel as if singular dispel is pretty useless these days.
Oh and I’m interested as to the antics repulsor beast brought you.[/quote]
I really might not be the best one to discuss the relevance of anything in any kind of a meta, since I’m a Gold player, strictly. And you know how weird the games get in Silver, and even in Gold. :slight_smile:

But I’ve been pretty happy running dispel. With the obelysk spawns it gets a fair amount of range, and peeps will often go to trade for it for some reason. Maybe they’re afraid of buffs or something. Anyways, dispel almost always finds some relevance, I’ve found.

As does any kind of removal. Repulsor gives me a pseudo removal with a body (that usually doesn’t last, but trades). I used to make some wonky Ankh removals with it, but that’s just the tip of the sand dune. Mostly I use him to delete Dying wish minions or Taunt.

Those two helped me buy enough time against a ridiculously bloated Juggernaut one game where I just couldn’t draw into those Blood of Airs. Those things happen, so they do.

They also keep unwanted guests and neighbours away.

I might try changing the dispel beasts for Lightbenders though. And hope I’m not forced to bling my obelysks…


So who wants to have the Golem Vet vs Arcanyst Vet war?


I used to use a similar deck when I had a smaller collection :slight_smile:. Dominate will was a very fun card for me back in the day and I think it is a good pick for budget decks like yours. The best thing I can suggest you is some Aymara healers but since you said no legendaries I will pass for now :slight_smile:.


This is the current version of my Golem Sajj deck and it has served me well. This deck is very versatile with answers and can go toe-to-toe with any deck out there, even Arcanysts. The problem with this versatility is that you don’t always draw your answers when you absolutely need them, but that’s how it goes sometimes. :slight_smile: Still, I feel this deck is consistent.

I’ve checked Bagoum’s tier list and they don’t seem to acknowledge this deck archetype to be a thing, and that’s why I think most people don’t know how to play against it. It’s funny how often I’ve seen people walk right into Zephyr, for example. :smiley: I haven’t tried this deck with Zirix but I think I would value more Sajj’s board control ability over Zirix’s value over time.

It would be cool if someone gave this deck a whirl as I it has performed well for me. If you find Aymara to be removed often, or just budget reasons, you can replace them with 1x Azure Herald and 1x Sirocco. That’s the version I played a lot previously also with good success.

/Sajj kiss


I don’t have the Aymaras, so thanks for posting an alternative for them.

I’ve been wanting to do something with Sajj and Azure Herald for a week or two now but hadn’t had the time.

If I ever give it a swirl I’ll let you know how it felt like!

Any advice on how to approach playing this? Full face from get go or should you build a bit of a board and focus on dealing with enemy threats first?


You definitely want to focus on board control in the early game. You mainly use Sajj for this. Always chase the enemy general and keep breathing down their necks with Sajj, unless they have distant threat that you must answer by using Silhouette Tracer.

Second Wish is important part in applying pressure as it makes all your otherwise unimpressive little guys into big threats. Silhouette Tracer especially wears it like a champ. The opponent is usually forced to deal with them with removal and that’s one removal less for your big stuff.

Correct time to play ESP can sometimes be tricky. When playing against Mech decks, you want respond to respond to Mechaz0r with ESP, for example.

That’s the tips what I can think for now. I hope you find the time to try the deck out and have with it. :slight_smile:


You basically play this list like aggro Zirix, but you clear stuff with Sajj. I’ll consider any advice.


Honestly, I haven’t tried agro Sajj so my advice should be took with a grain of salt. Perhaps you could fit zephyr in here somewhere? He has an OK body and would let you clear stuff while dealing chip damage to the enemy general. Boneswarm is also an option to consider.
If I recall correctly @owlington climbed to S with an agro Sajj deck so maybe he could give you some better advice?


I guess this seems like the best thread to ask this question. I’ve been trying to hit s rank with a Vetruvian deck for the last two seasons (with little luck: reached diamond 1 in April then diamond 3 in May). Of course, other factors may be at play, but I feel that in approaching Vetruvian deck building wrong. So how do you guys approach creating a deck for Sajj or Zirix?

  • Do you go for a more control, tempo or aggro playstyle? Similarly, what do you aim for in terms of deck curve?
  • Which archetype is better (for each general) : Structure, Golem, Artifact or other?
  • Are Pax, Falcius, and Aymara Healer truely staples in every deck?
  • Zephyr, Wildfire Ankh, both or neither?
  • How much removal should reach general run (and does Sajj’s BBS and card pool change that number?)
  • What win conditions do you rely on? (Is it mainly Aymara value, or is their other combos like whispers of the sand + fireblaze obelysk or autarch’s gift?)


Your list doesn’t look like an aggro deck it looks like a tempo deck.
The difference being that there is no apparent burst; Silhouette Tracer really slows it down. In my deck I opted to use L’kian over Spelljammer because the random draws will usually allow you to sustain a losing game and you will be able to either play it this turn or simple replace the card into one of your explosive aggro cards such as flameblood, bone swarm, rashas or (pre thunderclap) Autarch’s Gift.

Second Wish is more of a Mid-Ranged card and it will usually turn into a bad draw if you happen to go hyper aggro. I personally prefer divine spark because it is considerably cheap in an aggro deck when 25 of your cards are 3 mana or below.

Yeah Vetruvian Aggro is special because it is pretty hard to pilot and it still takes a considerable amount of interaction in the early game, when it comes to late game however your opponent will usually have less than 10 health and you will have to decide whether to continue to use melee or if a ranged approach would be better.


This is what I usually go for.

  1. Tempo

  2. Structure (Zirix) Because his BBS is better suited for it.
    Golem (Sajj) The deck lacks removal and Sajj fits that role well with Wind Striker.
    Control (Zirix) Ask Boomaye for advice on his control deck.

  3. Pax-Falcius are x3 staples in every deck. Aymara though I prefer x2 because Faie.

  4. I dislike Ankh because it requires investment and poor positioning to get value.
    Zephyr is good in Sajj decks though.

  5. I believe that x3 Blood of Air should be staple for at least all Vet decks. Nothing
    more unless you’re going for control or something weird.

  6. I usually rely on consistent chip damage from minions that can tank the general
    attack or one turn kills from a stable board presence.

Could you send a decklist though?


Depends heavily on the general. Sajj can go for slower decks, she’ll be the one leading Control decks, her fastest deck would be a tempo built to her playstyle and artifact combo. Zirix leads all the faster decks, the faster tempo decks and all the aggro/swarmy ones.[quote=“akurane, post:415, topic:7028”]
Which archetype is better (for each general) : Structure, Golem, Artifact or other?

Structure would probably be Zirix since the synergy in terms of dervish buffs can be applied to his BBS and the swarmy board playstyle suits Zirix and his BBS better.

Golem can sincerely be either. Depends heavily on your curve. More swarmy/board flood playstyle, Zirix can probably support that better. If you’re looking for longer lasting board control and curving into the bigger golems, Sajj would most likely be better.

Yeah, I run all 3x of all 3. Pax gives you insane value and can allow you to establish a board early on and can very easily snowball out of control. Falcius lets you handle midsize minions with your general incredibly efficiently. Aymara provides an absurd amount of pressure and if you’ve baited out removal decently well (which is something you should be doing while playing Vetruvian regardless). She can end the game. Not to mention chain summoning multiple is absolutely devastating.[quote=“akurane, post:415, topic:7028”]
Zephyr, Wildfire Ankh, both or neither?

Depends, really. Zephyr is Frenzy style AoE whereas Ankh is Linear AoE. Depends both on meta and what deck type. Generally, you’d be running Sajj with either of these.[quote=“akurane, post:415, topic:7028”]
How much removal should reach general run (and does Sajj’s BBS and card pool change that number?)

3x Blood of Air, Rashas if you think it necessary. Not much more than that is really needed, the rest you deal with using your board presence. That pretty much applies to both generals. Sajj will generally run more healing as she will use her face + BBS as removal more often.[quote=“akurane, post:415, topic:7028”]
What win conditions do you rely on? (Is it mainly Aymara value, or is their other combos like whispers of the sand + fireblaze obelysk or autarch’s gift?)

Chip damage into a finisher really. Something like, hit them with a dervish or two every turn and then drop a finisher bomb with WotS + FBO, or Stars Fury + FBO. Aymara value helps you reach a point where you can finish an opponent. It generally will amount to snowballing chip damage though.


As Phayze put it, it depends greatly on the general, although most Vetruvian decks are either tempo or agro as they lack a clear win condition.

Structures belong to Zirix, artifacts are Sajj’s tools and Golems can be used by both of them.

Falcius and Aymara are for sure, I am not that fond of pax in non dervish decks but he is certainly usable in almost any deck.

Those are Sajj’s stuff. Zephyr is definitely a Staple for her, he gives so much value and can serve as a removal magnet. The Ankh is also recommended in most Sajj decks although you can go without it if you really want to. They also pair together surprisingly well.

Blood of air and Spellbinder are usually enough for me.

Honestly, Vetruvians don’t have a clear win condition (with the exception of combo Sajj), so it usually comes down to chip dmage. Aymara can also be used as a wincon if you deployed enough high value minions priorly.


I haven’t made a Vet deck in a while, but I like aggro Vet in terms of a more normal playstyle but it is more open to AoE, while Plasma storm and Night Watcher being able to shut down Vet hard. I find Control doesn’t really work because other factions can do it better but maybe its just me.

Seen structure Varix and Sajj Golem work well. Artifact Vet is a cool theme but in games for me bit too gimmicky to work consistently from my experience. Don’t know if their are the best archetypes but seen them work well.

Its a solid core, but I personally don’t run Aymara in aggro decks since the top of my mana curve for aggro is 5 for the ability to play multiple minions in the later stages when games go that far. Pax is good enough for all decks as a dispel target and for its ability when it goes off. Falcius is too good not to run for removal and a solid 3/3 body at 3 mana. Aymara is often expected to come out of Vet so swapping it out for other things can often be an advantage.[quote=“akurane, post:415, topic:7028”]
Zephyr, Wildfire Ankh, both or neither?

I prefer Zephyr but only in Sajj and usually only with Falcius with the BBS as a way to a good number of minions in the late game since not many will survive 8 damage. I’m not a fan of Ankh, but have used it in a Artifact deck for fun.[quote=“akurane, post:415, topic:7028”]
How much removal should reach general run (and does Sajj’s BBS and card pool change that number?)

Blood of Air (any), Falcius (any), Zephyr (Sajj only), Bone Swarm (aggro only), Whisper of the sands (Structure only or with some obelyks in deck), Stars’ Fury (when meta is aggro to take advantage), Dominate Will (depends if you like it), Entropic Decay (out of favour).

So I’ll say 6 as a minimum with Blood of Air and Falcius, with others depending on the deck, meta or how you feel about them.[quote=“akurane, post:415, topic:7028”]
What win conditions do you rely on? (Is it mainly Aymara value, or is their other combos like whispers of the sand + fireblaze obelysk or autarch’s gift?)

9 times of out 10 its damage over time from minions.


Thank you all for the tips! @owlingtonthis is the current deck I’ve been running for Sajj, but it hasn’t really been successful.


Oh poop that’s my outdated one

edit: I thought that was my old deck, looks similar.

This is what I use to ladder.

Skyrock golem and Ghoulie are great in this deck because it ensures you always have a turn 1 play either as player 1 or as player 2. Skyrock also combos with metallurgist for a 3 mana 5/5 if you do not draw Dreamshaper.

Sirroco can be played for tempo. Honestly as long as he summons 2 golems then you are in a good situation. That would make him a 5 mana 10/7 that your opponent will usually have to deal with. He also increases the value of your next sirroco.

Save inner Oasis usually for a turn after playing falcius or atleast when you have 2 minions on the field.

You can either use Boulder Breacher to value trade or you can use him to gain a health advantage.

You usually want to First wish for tempo or you can save it to increase the sustainability of Wind Striker. Use Wind Striker to push forward aggressively.

Weaknesses of this deck is usual lillithe stuff and also artihai if you do not draw your rasha’s curses. If you find these decks bothering then you can swap out Nosh-Rak for Emp and one Wind Striker for a Rasha’s. If you find your opponent trying to hide minions in the backlines and you have no way of reaching them then you can opt for using Sirroco’s summons.


Why are you running Skyrocks? Celebrant would be much better.


Celebrant cannot trade up well and is often weak on turn 1. It forces the user to either position their self in a way to protect the mana tile or to reduce movement for a 1 mana ramp.