The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


in my experience, autarch’s is a very good option if you can stomach the RNG


I took a wee bit of time to read some of the lore.

Sajj lacking a physical form (well, in a sense), and people arguing about if she’s viable or not, I’d love to have her Life 28 instead of 25. Her BBS is fine. But she’s practically a golem!

It would be cool, I’d wager.


By no means did I mean that Autaurch’s is bad, in fact I used to use it with both Sajj and Zirix before Ancient Bonds. It’s just more likely to give you a combo you don’t want now that Thunderclap exists.


Autarch’s can lead to a seven mana lethal if comboed with Aurora’s Tear. Really the card’s going to get more RNG intensive the more artifacts vet gets. So we either forgo more artifacts that Sajj (or Zirix) could use to keep the Artifact pool low for Autarch’s or we increase it and add more artifacts, giving more tools for Artivet but make Autarch’s more random.

It’s really a get shot in the foot either way situation so I’ed say pick the lesser of two evils here. Just my two cents


Maybe modify autarchs to favor some gifts?

For instance, lower the cost of autarchs and make cheaper artifacts more likely?


Eh, it feels like that could cause more problems than answers because Vet has mostly “expensive” artifacts, meaning you’ll most likely get Ankh and Staff since those are the cheapest artifacts since Autarch’s doesn’t give duplicate artifacts (i.e. You don’t get two Ankhs from it) unless changed which means it will most likely give you two Staffs most of the time (that’s 4 Mana value from a 5 Mana card, I say 5 Mana because I’m assuming that you are suggesting it be lowered by 1 Mana) and if it were any lower it would turn into the Chrysalis Burst of Artifacts.

What I’m trying to say is that it is fine as is. Yes it won’t be as consistent, but Autarch’s job is not to be consistent, it’s to give you two artifacts for 6 Mana, with the chance of giving upwards to 9 Mana Value (i.e. Spinecleaver and Hexblade/Thunderclap) or kinda screw you and give 5 Mana Value (i.e. Ankh and Staff).

Again it’s a get shot in the foot situation either way, unless the Devs straight up scrap the card and rework it from the ground up it will become less consistent as new artifacts are added BUT it will continue to generate really good instant value for its cost, despite the chance of Ankh + Staff.


Ankh staff isn’t bad though. . .

Can’t really think of a situation where 4 damage in a straight line isn’t at least kinda helpful :smiley:

But it is true that in most situations, I prefer an Aymara to an ankh staff…


Hi guys,

has someone found a way to tech against magmars?

Against arcanyst a circle is just enough :wink:

Against magmar…
Well, nothing really too strong, but it’s becoming hard now that people learned how to use all the exp cards properly/better.


Well, until recently I found Sajj to have a good win rate against Magmar, but now that they started using EMP she gets wrecked too easily :cry:.
On the other hand @nwardezir’s Zirixz0r preformed quite nicely against them every time I used it, easily beating most magmars I fought with it. But then again, Mechaz0r! isn’t something you can tech in any deck.


I’ve been out of loop for awhile now, Final Exams are a bitch. But have you considered Sand Trap? The reason that card sees no play because it’s useful only against a specific subset of minions, all of which tend to be the type Magmar uses. The problems with the Magmar matchup is their supper sticky and efficient cards like Ragebinder, Sunsteel, and that 4/9 that instantly attacks(Its been so long…). Sand Trap pretty much negates these cards and Magmar doesn’t like running dispel so they’re just stuck there. Otherwise consider Repulsar Beast(3 mana buy you few turns while getting a body on the field) and Sunset Paragon(Decent AOE attached to a body), and Saberspine Tiger over Rasha’s Curse.(This is for Sunsteel, it lets you attack with general and finish Sunsteel with a Tiger. Makes it far easier to Answer.)


Thanks for the quote, just a detail, you linked my thread #2 and I refined it several time (every month or so), if interested, the last one is here : Zirixz0r (May 2017)


Oops, my bad. I fixed the link now so it should lead to the most up to date build. Sorry for posting the wrong link.


Thanks for the answers,

after a bit of testing i built a deck based on aoe and tempo (some credit goes to the “aoe argeon” topic since the idea is similar).

I’ll post the decklist when i stop being lazy :smile:
It’s not a strong deck, it’s more of a anti-meta one.


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How magnanimous of you, @Ryvirath. :wink:


Horray, @Ryvirath has unlocked the thread! I’m so happy that I will have a place to talk about Oserix again :joy:.


Anyone find out the max damage you can do (to the enemy general) with a single Sajj hit?


Realistically or can it require setup only available in friendly matches (such as filling the board with Nosh-Raks)?


No need to thank me fellow generals!

I asked @Ryvirath for the graces of a reopened thread to show you guys what I’ve been playing for the past month.

Thanks a lot, by the way!

I found replacing the extra health obelysk a very healthy change. The whole palette undeniably sped up. With the extra speed I rarely had time to play Nosh-Rak, so I changed him as well. Dominate Will is just so much fun I’m trying it out. To be fair though, it could just as well be any other removal.

Inner Oasis is something I added for the May version as well. It’s been surprisingly good, even though finding the right time to play it is pretty tricky at times. To be fair though, playing it even for two minions seems like value to me!

Games with this deck seem to end usually before either player reaches nine mana.

Any opinions or suggestions? At the moment I could probably like to introduce a bit more curve minions at the higher end but can’t really figure out what. Removal seems always better than minions here to be honest.

Also, no need to even bother suggesting orange rarity guys. :slight_smile: I’m lucky enough to have some of the purple, and I’ve some spirit left for a few extra, but I’m thinking of saving some (as well as gold) for the next expansion (as it’s supposed to be here pretty soonish).

Also, people!

SHAME on you for letting the Vetruvian thread fall into system lock. :frowning:

Keep it up mates. :slight_smile:

Krausedit\\ Oh yeah! And the thing was, I was thinking of posting a bit of a report from last month’s ladder but only just now got the time to ask for the reopening of the thread!

Anyways, this deck basically carried me through Silver to Gold overnight in a burst on the 30th without changes. I stormed through the ladder with win streaks of 7, 5 and 13 (with some pretty random losses in between). I basically didn’t play for the whole month except for a couple of dailies, and the last burst.

I know, I know, it was ‘only’ Silver, and I’ve yet to climb up from Gold once, and I didn’t meet too many arcanyst Faies or stuff like that, but it felt pretty good and definitely consistent anyways. :slight_smile:

Don’t judge my n00b achievements! They’re achievements as well!

Krausedit2\\ Wait, what, the 400th post on the thread to boot?! I feel honoured somehow. :slight_smile:

Boomaye's #1 s-rank Zirix - 75% win rate (proof attached)