The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


Maybe I should add some explanation on how to pilot it because few people told me they tested it but were puzzled and performed badly :confused:


I guess an explanation wouldn’t hurt.

Edit: I did my dailies with your deck and I have to admit I haven’t seen such a fun deck in ages, keep up the good work.


I’ve found a decent success recently with Golem Sajj, teching in two Lightbenders and two EMPs. Seems to work well against Arcanysts of all flavors while randomly hosing some other decks. Anyone else been using mistress Sajj lately?


Yeah, I’ve been using a flying Sajj deck. It’s fun


Here’s the deck:


Why no Oserix? 15 characters


Because I don’t have him? He’s pretty freakin expensive


Sorry, for some reason I thought you have 3 of every Vet card like Phayze does.


I tryied the nerfed nosh rak, he saved me on 2 games out of 2.

I don’t know why on 7 mana didn’t save me once but now that’s nerfed i draw him just in time…
Maybe is the shift in the meta who makes him better?
Is maybe my karma?
I don’t know, i’ll keep 2 of them in my deck.

I was thinking of adding spinecleavers, but i don’t have them yet.
Have someone already tryied using cleaver with zirix?


I don’t think Spinecleaver is as good as it was before AB because of EMP. Sure he isn’t a 3 of in every deck, but a lot of people have been using him as a tech card and he completely destroys all those hard earned totems and whats left of your Spinecleaver. Or maybe I am just so unlucky that I keep running into EMP every time I play totem Sajj.


Wouldn’t be better pax instead of jaxi and 3xfirst wish instead of second wish and divine spark?

While mini-jax can be used to position flying unit pax keeps the opposing player from advancing (on first turn), could be more useful on later turns (altought they both becomes less useful the more the game goes on) and it’s less vulnerable to mana deathgrip,

First wish over second and divine spark, for possible variax combo (definitely not the main reason) and for cheap draw.
the deck has a pretty high curve: with first wish you can draw and play more mana intensive cards than you would do with spark.

First over second wish too because in comparison it gives 1 less atk, but lets you draw a card and costs 1 mana less.
I can understand +2/+2 “no dmg from general” looks good on a flying deck, but the flying guy won’t attack more than once… So draw that card :slight_smile:

Why sajj over zirix? You don’t pack healing…

Looks fun tho :smile:.


Emp is already a problem for structure zirix so i don’t really mind.

But the good thing could be the “surprise” of getting the spinecleaver from zirix.
And if i play that on curve i can get a totem to stick for 4 turns (1 dmg if dispelled, 7 if emp, 8+ if no answer) while killing a 3 hp minion, on paper doesn’t look so bad.


Hmm you have a point there, maybe I will try Spinecleaver with Zirix and report the results later.


I’d add him if I could, but I can’t


Umm, why exactly can’t you? Did he quit taking in apprentices after Galaxydueler’s failure or something?


No, not @phayze, Oserix :laughing:


Silly me :sweat:, If you ever get him tell me how he preforms in your Flying deck.


@edward4244, I took an average Obelysk deck and put 3 Spinecleavers in it (yes I know three Spinecleavers is probably overdoing it but for the purpose of testing I chose three over two) and played eight games with it, out of them I won five and lost three. Unfortunately, since most of those games were against Magmar or Faie Spinecleaver didn’t help very much because Chromatic cold, Fox/ Natural selection, plasma storm would assure the totem doesn’t do more than one damage. Maybe if Magmar and Vanar were dominating the ladder less Spinecleaver would be worth trying in a Zirix deck, but for now I wouldn’t use it.


Thanks for testing it :slight_smile:

And sorry for the trouble


No problem :slight_smile:

Maybe Autarch’s gifts could be a reasonable replacement but it became a bit too random for my taste after the introduction of thunderclap.