The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


Smoother curve, something that supports control Sajj


Maybe another 2-drop would be nice. One with a 2/3 statline like Wind Slicer. Vet 2-drops, while not bad, are kinda funky compared to other factions, and it would be nice to have a vanilla 2-drop. Pax is the closest thing we have to that, and I don’t think it’s an auto-include.


I took a six-win streak this morning for my Duelyst time. I’m pretty happy with my deck, and it seems to work fine. I’m trying a few flex slots out, but the main body seems okay.

The sixth win was against a super ramp go-fast Mechazor Vanar. Managed to drag a win even out from that. I think that last turn Rock Pulverizer threw his math off balance, and his shenanigans with Heart-Sister fizzled. A lucky obelysk spawn, Dune Caster, Ankh and Falcius later no more Faie. He did have the kill, but I think he miscalculated. :slight_smile:

What ended my daily spree was a Lyonar drawing into excellent start, and after a few table clears drawing into two Meltdowns and a Scintilla retreated to the corner. I spammed everything I could to dodge the Meltdown pings, which I did to an effect, but got TWO Nosh-Raks dispelled from across the table, and the finisher was an Airdrop with Holy Immolation (just when I had the last pieces in hand to deal with the final Meltdown).

It did leave me a bit salty, to be completely fair, but the game is about who has the brokenestest combo. :slight_smile: Climbing the ladder instead of tumbling without a host of Legendaries does feel good. You can’t expect to win every game - not even every other.

This is what I’m running at the moment:

I just drew into a Wind Slicer, and I’m trying it out. It doesn’t seem that bad to be honest, and might enable some sneaky kills with Whisper of the Sands.

Blistering Skorn is there to deal with egg swarms out of Magmar instead of wraithlings. I’ve been able to deal with Abyssian better these days. Just go for face - always go for face. It could be a Sunset Paragon to deal with Mechazors. Skorn has been fine during the week though.

I’ve been lucky to draw into an Ankh, Stars’ Fury and Rasha’s Curse from early orbs, and I crafter a second Ankh. It’s been really useful.

To be fair I’m not enjoying Pax that much. It’s something the enemy needs to worry about, but respects dispel, croc’o’caust, Tempest and Frostfire. Also it’s really slow, with the dervishes being slow, random, and exhausting after Pax pops. I don’t know what else to play in his stead though. A 2-drop minion is invaluable. If they weren’t, I’d play more Second Wish and Sand Trap.

I’ve been thinking of dropping Whispers and Windstorm Obelysks in one or another iteration, but I’m not ready to tinker around with the build that drastically just yet. The body plays fine. But you knew that already I suppose. :slight_smile:

5 wins to Diamond…


Well, just a quick update:

Don’t waste your time keeping your hopes up. :smiley: Took 5 straight up losses (well I had one win in there from a follow Vetruvian - sry mate, gg!) just now and decided to give it a rest. Maybe I’ll give it another go tomorrow…

Trinity Wing is harsh, so it is!

Rock Pulveriser didn’t give me any wins today, and decided to try out Ephemeral Shroud instead. Turned out to be excellent against Zir’An just next game, but I couldn’t handle it at the end and took a beating.

Note to shelf: when they play their first Arcanyst, always plan up ahead against Lightbender… I don’t know if that’ll be possible to be fair, since any aoe is pretty hefty in reach in this game, but don’t be that surprised when they hit.

Scarab is just a tad too slow in any deck. Too bad.


Made some kind of Swarm Vetruvian in my limited Collection. Sirocco would be heavensent in this list but haven’t got my hand on him yet.

It does well in Gold, able to swarm the field with dervish and golem, recycle cards, deal threats, and overwhelming opposition with buffed up swarm (Feralu does wonder to dervishes).

Its still work in progress. Any sugestion?


Maybe you should get rid of some 1 ofs to make your deck more consistent. I find Autaurch’s gifts to be fun but not very practical so I would probably get rid of it. Of course Aymara healer can fit in any deck, but she is a legendary and if you are short on spirit you can go without her.


You consider Ghoulie? It procs off Metallurgist’s discount as well as Fireblaze Obelisk’s and Feralu’s attack boost. The main reason it sees no play is because it doesn’t proc Sirroco when it dies which doesn’t matter because you’re not playing it.

Try adding some Tigers, they’re very helpful versus the current meta. They allow you to trade favorably and even with Ciculus and Flash + Sunsteel. Not sure how important this is at Gold but if you make DIamond consider it.

Aside from that Dunecaster? You have a decent amount of dervish generation. Lightbender has more synergy with Feralu so that’s always an option.


Hexblade’s too conditional and costly to play unless you’re running Sajj. Go for Blood of Air if you can, otherwise repulsor beast or entropic decay are good replacements (unless you’re using it for damage of course)


Let’s pretend Magmar mates have more to discuss after the latest patch, but never let it be said that Vetruvian didn’t get their share of the debate fun!

All hail Grandmaster, may his passing cleanse the world! Nosh-Rak controls the spice. He controls so much spice, in fact, that I’ve felt kinda silly winning with him out of the blue at 7 mana to be fair. Just on occasions though.

Personally, his spice is so spicy that I don’t mind waiting for his blessed arrival until eight mana.


Here, have desert kitties.


Dawwwwww. :heart_eyes: Cute now, deadly later…sounds like Vetruvian to me.


As the guy who was running 3 Grandmaster Nosh- Rak in pretty much all his Vet decks, I think that the nerf is justified. Nosh is probably the most do or die minion in the game, there aren’t many minions that say if this lives a turn win the game. Yes, they’re a lot that can procure a large advantage like Peacekeeper or Juggernaut which can be snowballed into a victory but they don’t allow instant wins that Nosh does.

I actually still think Nosh is still very much playable. He’s still a powerful finisher and a stand alone minion if need be. Yes, he comes out later and you can’t chain him with Rasha’s Curse but he still gets his job done. I would still recommend running 2-3 in Obelisk variants(Obelisk has a rough time closing out games, Nosh makes the process a lot cleaner) and 0-2 in Golem variants(Golems have Feralu and because of their sizable minion an easier time closing games so they don’t need Nosh as much but appreciate it.)


The price is pretty right, you do dmg x2 but you can’t chain other cards to this minion (except first wish)

Now 7 mana will be for board and 8 mana for nosh


Nosh-rak is still amazing and that nerf doesn’t change vet’s power in any significant way.

I seriously believe that with all the nerfs other factions received, vet has a strong chance of being high tier once again. Golem vet is consistent enough and structure vet has the raw power to overcome a lot of other decks, lacking only in consistency. And then there’s the hybrids that come up once in a while.

What are you guys’ thoughts? Do you believe vet is now a contestant for top tier? High tier maybe? Still lacking something?


To be fair, all the new patch will most likely do is take out a few moments of frustration. :slight_smile: I don’t think anything really will happen to the kitty people. You probably will get to keep obelysks on board for a turn longer in some Vanar match ups, and you won’t get rekt by a few Magmar shenanigans. That’s all.

You’ll still have to play as you’ve always done. A few numbers here and there changed will most likely not change that.

Keep on fighting the good fight, is all there is to it, I suppose!


Zirix looks really fine to me, could be an high tier in the incoming meta

Sajj probably needs something to keep her artifact up, or cards with artifact sinergy in general
Incinera is good, but doesn’t affect artifacts directly nor she changed sajj’s decks tactics…

The only problem in vet are the cards no one uses like rae, mechanic, guardian, saon and oserix.


A nerf to abyssians and vaath means breathing room for other faction which has trouble with them

Like vetruvians :wink:


I find to have more trouble against Vanar than Magmar or Abyssian when playing Vet. So I’m not sure that Vet will be in a better place overall since the main faction people seem to be using against Vanar was Magmar. But I’ll have to wait for a while to see if things change.


Does anybody have a fun Vet meme deck? I Got a lot of spirit from disenchanting all those magmar cards that got nerfed recently and since I’m to lousy to climb to S I thought I might as well have some fun.


Got a homemade Zirixz0r that I love and refine seasons after seasons, actually pretty uncommon (never had a mirror match so far).

Side-note : haven’t update thread after yesterday patch maybe replace Meltdown with EMP (also, I think I switched Feralus for Oasis, can’t remember, I’ll check this WE)


I always liked your Zirixz0r decks despite never using them before, I’ll give it a try.