The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


Since i don’t want to make another post:

With the prevalence of vanar in the meta, at least judging from all the last discussion popping out regarding removal, vanar, vanar again etc.
A lot of faction/players found themselves empty handed and/or unable to compete against the Removal Faction.

Vet mains!

How are you behaving against them?
Have you started teching somenthing?
Do you hate them?
Actual strategies and plays to do and not to do against them?

Talking about myself.
I play a swarmish dervish deck without a real win con.
I think stating the type of deck a player uses helps others to understand your perspective, please if you reply say what you are playing.

I actually don’t have problems against them, be it because of the lack of big-threat minions in my deck, or the swarn centered theme that helps rebuilding the board after enfeeble-skorn and easily rejects meltdown giving too many targets.

Actually i think the best bet to defeat them is to bait removal with your obelisks. The mana cost is low and you can still use whispers of the sand to abuse the empty 0/4 shell left from cromatic cold or any dispell. Plus, if they make it a 3/3 you didn’t really lost much.

Try not to play on curve, i mean put down important threats when you think he won’t have the best answer, because chances are he’ll answer your aymara. It’s unlikely that by 6 mana a vanar deck ended the removal cards in his hand, so just continue to bait and be steady.

When facing heavy ramp, good luck, i don’t have real advices. I just hoped for the best and tried to just put down things praying rng, weirdly enough, it worked.


I honestly just started playing meme decks b/c I got so fed up with the Vanar meta. Essentially I don’t think Vet is strong enough to go head to head with Disruption or Arcanyst Faie unless they get poor draws and we get near perfect draws.

Soooo I started playing exclusively memes. And let me tell you, Astral phasing + Serpenti feels so good when you pull it off. Yeah my memes have around a 10% win rate, but at least I’m having fun doing something inventive and silly instead of pulling my hair out fighting Faie after Faie after Faie in diamond.


When I have been playing Vet with my dying wish deck, I haven’t really come up against Vanar. I usually come up against Magmar probably because people have been playing it to counter the Vanar decks. I usually play on curve or play multiple threats depending on the situation. Vanar usually uses Cold on my low cost minions like Pax, then I’m more able to bigger stuff and even if they clear them the dying wish effects go off. If I’m able to bring stuff back with Corpse Combustion then I always try to make sure to have as many things as possible die, so I can bring them back by being mana efficient. Even just using Corpse Combustion with Aymara can be worth it. Its not a good deck, but its fun and more interesting to play over other factions at the moment.


Personally, I’ve been faring fairly reasonably. If you understand how to play around the AOE Golem Vet is actually an even matchup with Disruption. I’m not sure about Arcanyst, I actually didn’t know that was still being played.

As for tech, I’d recommend people to swap Rasha’s Curse for Saberspine Tigers. Tiger trades into Circulous favorably and Sunsteel with a general hit. With Magmar and Vanar being the fotm dealing with both is important.

As for playing for playing against control Vanar, the whole matchup is about playing around removal until you can get overwelm them. Disruption plays very few minions and most of them are reactional so if you can on board you can easily overwelm Vanar before Embla hits. Pretty much your goal is to have enough on board to pressure Faie but at same time be ready to refill the board if those get answered. Try not to play more than 3 minions depending on how your hand is doing. The key cards are Dreamshaper and Sirroco NEVER replace these. They are the engine that will keep the Golems coming. You’re going to want to hold the Sirroco’s for as long as possible. You don’t want to run them into Frostburn and you need them to hold a ton of value. Pretty much keeping baiting removal while holding Siroccos. Once you start to hit the later stages of the game and hopefully baited a sizable bit of removal start dropping the Siroccos. They should have enough value that if any of them stick you can Nosh-Rak or Feralu for the victory. Honestly, it’s still a bitch of a matchup. Sometimes you don’t draw Sirroco or Dreamshaper, sometimes Vanar never runs out of removal. But it is definitely one that is winnable.


Yoooooo sand traps are THE shit man! People say they suck, but I can stick a makantor in the corner and copy it over and over again with mirage master xD


But the copy can’t move :thinking:.


Chances are, the old makantor will have 2 hp left, so it really doesn’t need to.


Yoooooo sand traps are THE shit man! People say they suck, but I can stick a makantor in the corner and copy it over and over again with mirage master xD

Exactly! I’ve used it to hilarious effect with Repulsor Beast to deal with Provokes, Dying Wishes and other super nasty effects that simple dispel or whack-a-mole won’t answer. Aymara Healers I don’t have, so I have to have something to answer it if my opponent plays it. Ta’dah!

There are plenty of nasty Dying Wish effects that you really need to remove, but can’t exactly remove. Displace the threat then!

On other news, let’s discuss (that seems to be a prevalent phrase these days!) Psychic Conduit:


…and how Gauntlet is the best thing.

I did a round of Gauntlet yesterday, and I usually go 1/3 in them. This time I took Lyonar (so no funny and purry Vetruvian stories this time folks), and upped on healing and that owlbeast arcanyst - with a singleton magnetize and DRAGONBONE GOLEM. The golem is a new personal meme favorite. It. Wrecked. Face. It gave me 5 or 6 of my wins, and to my continued surprise I found myself 11/1 before submitting to two super tight and awesome games.

Probably my best night with Duelyst this far. Gauntlet has the best peeps, and thanks again to those that friended me yesterday, observed my run and kept on chatting and cheering me on. After the start of the week that I had IRL, that was a blast.

Onward to the point:

I was forced to submit to the force that is Sajj while 11/2, her left at 1 health, but as a reward I got not one, but two copies of Psychic Conduit. Wee, awesome! More Vetruvian stuff!

But it seems really, really bad.

So bad that I thought of rather using Bone Swarm.

So, instead of just stomping on it, are there any meta specific threats it could be catered to?

  • Any 2/X minions with Dying Wish played presently that would love to die on MY account, not on theirs?
  • Any reason to build up a board, taking control of a minion and summoning something like Provoke on their backlines? If yes, wouldn’t you just use Airdrop for that instead of 3M spells…
  • Combos to sacrifice controlled minions for a benefit? Abyssian loves those, but I don’t think the Empire has anything.
  • Combo it off with Hexblade? For… no reason whatsoever.

For removal Blood of Air is just better, for burst damage Rasha’s is just better, for surprise summons Planar Scout is just better, for plenty of things anything with a mana cost LESS than 3 seems better.

But have I missed something? Time to put on the thinking hats!


Psychic conduit, is an fun card, but you can’t always use it when you want to. good targets to use it on are:
Lyonar: azurite lion,
Songhai: almost everything they have,
Vetruvian: nothing notable
Magmar: Kujata? not really useful here,
Vanar: Crystal wisp, snowchaser,
Abyssian: nothing useful, could be used to kamikaze a furosa or abyssal crawler.

Overall it isn’t the worst card, it is just highly situational. I used to run a few copies with manaforger to make it cheaper, but I quit running it recemtly.


the problem is that songhai got removed from the game, no one uses crystal wisp (bc deathgrip is so much better) and it takes up most of your turn when there are really better cards, like tiger T-T


Any 2/X minions with Dying Wish played presently that would love to die on MY account, not on theirs?



You just found the reason I quit using it. Before AB you could still see a few people using crystal wisp, but the introduction of Mana deathgrip made everyone abandon crystal wisp completely. After the Songhai nerf hardly anybody uses them and those that do use untraditional decks (artifctHai and arcanystHai) which Conduit doesn’t help that much with.


Yeah, making 3 copies after the expansion wasn’t one of my better ideas :expressionless:


I’ve got a question about corpse combustion for those of us who have used it. Can it revive dispelled Dying wish minions or does it only revive them if the dying wish goes off?


I’m fairly certain it works on dispelled minions but not transformed.


Against young silithar you can take their egg.


Having made a Dying wish deck with Corpse Combustion in it, I can confirm it does revive dispelled dying wish minions because the dispel removes the dying wish effect but not the tag of dying wish. So you can revive them.


Thanks, that was what I wanted to know. I guess its time to make a memey deck with those corpse combustions I received recently.


Brought to you by the one and only House Starstrider. Take a look and take part! It doesn’t have to be one of our Empire. We’re bigger than that and are ready to share!

Bring your own felines, cat-lovers.

It seems that those abyssian guests might be allergic…


What’s this?

10 days without saying nothing?
A new abyssian general thread?


So the today question is:

What do you hope vets get in the upcoming expansion?