The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread



Good to know, now I can clone Juggies for value and stuff without being worried that my 4 mana could end up getting turned back into a 1/1 anorexic doggo .


How’s it feel to play without any Dispel? And how do you pit against ranged decks or out of reach blood moons?


To make a dying wish deck you don’t need a lot of dying wish minion,
You need just the right dying wish minions.

I mean you won’t use corpse on wind shrike, jax or void hunter i hope :smile:
And since it’s difficult to get 2 dying wish minions dying on the same turn it’s better to focus on the good ones

Anyway i don’t have the cards to make wishvet, i was trying to craft this deck before ancient.
I miss dioltas, 1 zurael and 2 corpse…
Wish me luck on the monthly reward.

Now i stopped to grind gold lifelessly to get all the new exp.
I post the decklist here, i only added blood of air because…you know…it was not out yet :sweat:

I’ll make this, then tweak it since going without lightbender isn’t a good idea lately.

I’m not going to give advice: i myself don’t have the cards to try it, but i wanted to share my thoughts anyway.


Fine to be honest. I haven’t really played any decks this season with dispel now that I think about it, except for Vanar because Cold is such a good card. But for this deck from what I’ve played so far, I’m happy to play without dispel.

Haven’t come across ranged decks or Blood moon so far with this deck. But ideally Jaxi (with Primus Fist Buff or 1st Wish buff) or Wind Shrike. However, there is always going to be something that a deck can’t deal with and you can’t answer everything with the deck as it waters down your own way to win. So I’ve pretty much doubled downed on my dying wish minions.

Thats true, but I like to go commit a decent amount towards what I want. Of course there is a good number of minions that can be removed or changed.

Only used Corpse once so far, most of the time the game has already been won or its a dead card that needs to be replaced. Although the game I did use it was pretty much won as well because Grimes died and summoned EMP next to the opponent.

Good luck.



Back for a wee report. Just hit Gold! Here’s the tuned list to compare to what I posted above:

Got Feralu so I decided to try it out. His ability is good on paper but hasn’t really payed off just yet. Probably because he only buffs half of my minions at the moment, many lacking a tribe. Then again Repulsors and My Little Paragons have been staples for me and rarely let me down.

Decided to add a bit of dispel because I faced off some Vetruvian more than I anticipated. People must be enthusiastic about the new cards, and the new golem build. For a reason though. As I don’t own Aymara Healer, I had to combat her somehow. Repulsor Beast + Sand Trap takes care of many dying wish minions, and dispel takes care of surprise abilities and provoke.

Once again, there must be better lists overall, but I can justify many a pick - at least to myself! Mathematically the best? I don’t know yet, afterall I’ve only 10+ days into the game. :smiley: It’s fun to play with though.

I’m trying the big flier out. Hasn’t blown my mind yet though.

Really enjoying the tinkering process though. I usually take a card out and something in every day or so.

Let’s see if I have enough time and skill for Diamond…


Cheers mate!

The important cards are almost all there so you won’have a lot of problems

Just be sure to craft pax if you want to stick with dervishes :smile:

Good luck on ladder!


I just felt like saying that today I learned that thunderclap stacks. I.E. if you have two thunderclaps equipped you will summon two minions instead of one.


I DID not know that I’ve been having bad luck with sajj but this makes me and to try harder.


And I just opened an orb with a set of these yesterday!

Not that I’d have anything going for its support, but that is just too hilarious.


I just playtested Golem Sajj deck and encountered 3 Reva decks in a row (in diamond) and won them all. It’s a nice change from Rise of the Bloodborn where you just automatically lost when going up againts Songhai. :slight_smile:


Damn. I really wanted to play the whole show Play 4 Free, as it is, but I’m really tempted to buy off that Bloodborn expansion! 20 USD isn’t really that bad, if you consider I’ve only put 15 or so into the game (buying both deals that come with the game), and you get a whole lot of stuff.

Nosh-Rak is excellent, obviously, and after getting in a couple of games where I dominated early game and got wrecked by Grandmaster Variax, I dunno - a finisher like that could be useful when you get in Gold (to ramp it up to Diamond eventually).

More than that though, they have so many cool things for Sajj. Now that I have Thunderclap, it would be fun to try out some combos with zephyr. Autarch’s Gift is obviously something that’d help clearing boards in end game, where Magmar or Abyssian get out of hand. Stars’ Fury helps of course, but Autarch seems like a fun niche card with a hilraiously powerful effect. Also, I have only a single Fury. Would Autarch come in handy as a replacement effect?

Would that 20 monies be worth the set? Does Sajj really need that stuff, or is it just for fun? As sais, I’d like to main Vet and off Croc-the-Second in Magmar.

Thoughts on Bloodborn set compared to Legendaries in Core, for example? I’d like to hunt for those with Spirit, the good ol’ way, and grind through the latest set with dailies. Does Bloodborn have enough stuff to top up a midrange obelysk game, or get Sajj in for more value than sh1ts-n-giggles?


RotB doesn’t have much to offer for Vet. Stone to Spears, Divine Spark and Incinera are just bad, Zephyr is very situational, Autarch’s gifts is too unpredictable to be useful since Thunderclap was added to the pool. Only Nosh-Rak is good, but most Vet decks don’t really need it. Magmar can use Cryptographer and Drogon from RotB.

If you want to spend money, I would buy the Bronze Bundle first if you haven’t already, and then buy ab. Blood of air is fantastic, and the set gives you all the tools you need for a golem deck if you want to try that out. Magmar got Lavaslasher, which is the best card from the expansion. If you already bought some ab orbs with gold that’s not a problem: You get 300g refunded for each ab orb you have already opened. Then just buy core orbs to collect spirit for the important core/Shimzar cards, like Pax, Rasha’s Curse, Star’s Fury and Aymara.


I’d say you’re being a tad pessimistic about it. Incinera is fine, Spark isn’t terrible, Zephyr and is good and Nosh-rak is awesome. Are the cards necessary? I’d say not, but they are definitely something to look into sometime later if you have the gold.


The best exp. To buy is probably ancient bonds, since it’s more fun :smile: .

The best cards released for vet are zephir, nosh rak and blood of air, the latter being probably the best of all.
The other ones are cool but situational or needs a specific deck around them (dream shaper), autarch gift is good, but most of time it’s just better to put the artifact you want directly to reduce rng.


@Envest, @phayze, @edward4244 Guys, you can’t forget about falcius! Great card even when you’re not running artifact vet! Circle of dessication is also up there since it provides board clear with all the swarmy cards nowadays

Unless you don’t like Golems, Anci t bonds is your expansion!


Thanks for the analysis, cat-lovers!

Seems like I mixed up Autarch’s Gift with Circle of Desiccation. :slight_smile: Well, they icon art is more or less similar! I’ll just see myself out…

Circle is what I meant, but since it comes from another expansion, the previous question is invalidated. That’s one reason off of getting Rise of the Bloodborn. That leaves me with three cards that I realy would’ve wanted from the set:

zephyr: This one’s interesting. You could get weird stuff done by comboing him with Falcius and/or Thunderclap. 3M for 3/3 is fine as well. Definitely something I can live without, and I’m using Paragon already for his function, but he’s cool. :slight_smile: (By the way, it seems like my keyboard refuses Shift + z, dunno why really!)

Incinera: Another really interesting minion. The body (see, I’m already learning the jargon!) is decent, and the ability super cool. 5M for the flamedude is pretty steep though. It might help - again - with getting Thunderclap shenanigans off.

Nosh-Rak: This one’s self explanatory.

Just something for fun combos, but I’m enjoying obelysks enough to work with them. After all I’m still learning and I play only ~4-8 games per day. It’s not that I need the change just yet, to be completely fair.

The neutrals are really interesting too, though:

Cryptographer: Seems like a staple in Abyssians, and for good reason. That guy might work in Sajj combos and Starstrider in general a an opener. Getting an early dervish might be nice.

Sanguinar: Cheap dervishes mid-game, shout out or gtfo? Once again, seems legit in Sajj, at least in theory!

Meltdown: Boom. Excellent in Vetruvian? Not likely though.

That said, not going into other factions just yet (even though I did glance through the Magmar part…), is that enough to warrant twenty bucks? No, it isn’t. :slight_smile: To be fair, I think I just had that urge to treat me some new stuff. That itch can be scratched by theorycrafting and reading though. I’ll just see myself out to do just that…

I’m really enthusiastic about Ancient Bonds though, but I’m grinding for it. Already got 4 packs through daily quests. Slow and steady. Got Sirocco and Thunderclap already, as well a good neutrals (Celebrant and Feralu), and you’ll get a booster with three days’ worth of grinding. Sometimes two, if you get nice streaks of wins for that extra gold.


Sajj is mostly a fun/off- meta general. Nobody has yet to find a consistent ladder deck that uses Sajj better than Zirix, though the Sajj Golem deck gives him a run for his money. If you enjoy Sajj enough I’d say yes get RoB. RoB brought several fairly important cards for Sajj. Namely Zephyr which as least a two off if not a three if in nearly every single Sajj list to exist. Autarchs is a very strong value play. Incenrea is a nice side option. And Sparks isn’t as bad as everybody makes it out to be. If you really want to make Sajj tick I’d recommend getting it.

As for Midrange Obelisk, RoB was a expansion that tried to help out generals that didn’t see much play(Lilithe, Ziran, Starhorn, etc.) to varying degrees of success. Obelisk did get two cards though. One we don’t talk about(Stone to Spears.). And the other one, Grandmaster Nosh -Rak is borderline broken. Nosh -Rak opens up a ton of lethal possibilities. Normally Vet wins by winning the board and slowly beating your opponent to death. But with Nosh, you just need a few minions on board to Otk your opponent. It also acts as a very high pressure seven drop even without a board. If your opponent can’t answer Nosh 9 times out 10 they will drop dead next turn do to out of hand damage. You can toss Nosh into any board focused Vet deck and he will put in work. Personally, I run three in my Obelisk and Golems deck though most people run two if they run him at all. If you’re serious about playing Vet my opinion is that you’re going to need to pick him up at some point.


But…but it was to decide between rotb and ab :laughing:


This card is not bad, usual vet decks just have no use for it due to most being midranged. Incinera is not bad either, it sports an amazing body with a considerably powerful effect, same issue however. No good deck has been created for the card yet.

It is situational, but in no way is it very situational; seeing that It is not meant for a zirix deck.

Thunderclap increased the power level of autarch’s gift unless you were hoping for a particular artifact… which would have always been an issue.


It is situational, but in no way is it very situational; seeing that It is not meant for a zirix deck.

Thunderclap increased the power level of autarch’s gift unless you were hoping for a particular artifact… which would have always been an issue.
But then again, 6M for random stuff (which are compressed into a single card, that’s true, but… random…) seems not worth it on paper. Randomness should rather decrease the cost instead of adding to it. Or, it could give Saj-- your general THREE random artefacts. 6M cards are usually game changing. This particulra card doesn’t seem like it.

For 4M I could imagine using it and hope for double Thunderclap, or something, but other than that? Not really. Artefacts are so easy to destroy as it is.

I was just thinking this morning if there’d be a kind of an artefact for Vet which would absorb damage to other artefacts, or to the general as a whole? Sand Armour or something similar.