The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


All i can say is it’s an aggro deck that actually requires thinking.
Currently Diamond 3 with it.
If you are tired of being slow and never having tempo then try it out. Let me know how it goes for you


The only things i would put to improve are blood of air for ranged removal,
L’kian instead of divine spark and maybe thunderclap

Gift is a bit out of the contest here imo, if your general is there to remove things put directly the hexblade or spinecleaver


Tried it out yet?


Two games with blood of air instead of dioltas 'cause i don’t have it

It’s not much but in those games divine was just replace fodder, autarch was ok but as i said can be better use directly the artifact you want to

(I noticed my typo on l’kian before btw)

I don’t have thunderclap myself but i think can be useful here as your general attacks more minions than the enemy general.


Hello everyone!

This seems like the topic I’m looking for - a general Vetruvian chat, where I can bump an introduction without actually making a topic for one.

I got invited by a friend a week or so ago, and we decided to give it a go. I’ll be glad to say I seem lucky having picked Vetruvian as main from tutorial, as their aesthetics pleased me at first glance (even though I’m not that much into egyptian lore otherwise). Never did any background search as such. :slight_smile: Lucky in that the Vet community seems like exactly tailor made for me - casual, jovial, supportive and adult like as a whole!

I started off by doing the daily quests mainly. I still haven’t reached level 10 with all factions, but I’ve done level 20 or so with Vetruvian. My collection includes the two starter deals (15 boosters and 2 sets of legendaries; got Spelljammer and Alcuin Loremaster, with which I’m pretty happy), a few Zhim’zhars (which dropped me two Paragons; I’ve been wrecking havoc with those ponies!) and a few extra gold-bought core boosters. At the moment I’m trying to build the gold for the most recent set, as it looks interesting (and getting whole play sets intriques me way more than hunting for legendaries!).

Reached Ladder level 13 today with a good streak of 7 winds out of 9 games (one of which ended badly due to a horrible calculation error, totally my bad, and the last one drew me endless amounts of waste - all of my starters at end, and my end game in opening hand even with all the draw and replaces). That basically gave me the enthusiasm to write an introduction. :slight_smile:

I haven’t looked at deck lists that much, but took a glance at some main pointers and tweaking around from there. I’m pretty happy with what I have atm before going into legendary hunts, which I’m not that enthusiastic about to be honest…

I’m not sure how you guys post your deck lists. It seems like there’s an app for that somewhere? I’d be glad to give you guys a peek at what I’ve come up with within a week, on my way to reach gold with an aim of <10 games a-day before April. With these kinds of streaks, not that far fetched it seems. As long as I don’t face too many of those Abyssians… :smiley: I’m having such a hard time with them and their seemingly broken legendaries (of course they’re not though)!

Coming in from casual Android: Netrunner and competitive Vampire: the eternal Struggle, I’ve been having casual amounts of fun with Duelyst this far. :slight_smile: Let’s see how far it goes.



Welcome to the Imperium! We’ve fallen on hard times recently but it seems to have picked up a bit post-expansion.

That’s a good attitude to have, keep that and you will go places. The forums appreciate someone with a balanced mindset and willing to learn more than a whiner.[quote=“Krause, post:289, topic:7028”]
I’m not sure how you guys post your deck lists. It seems like there’s an app for that somewhere?
Here’s the link we use, make the deck, save it to your computer in horizontal format and you can upload it to the forums.

Welcome to the Imperium! HAVE A GOOD TIME.

   - Phayze Starstrider, Captain of the Guard to the House of Starstrider


Thank you very much, @phayze ! :slight_smile:

This is what I have at the moment:

I did build most of the Obelysks from spirit (thankfully I was lucky to get a prismatic Keeper of the Vale for tons of dust - comparable to the sands in desert!). Dunecasters and Sand Traps were trivial to craft from there. As mentioned, I was lucky to draw Paragons from some early boosters as I started.

I recently switched Shrouds to Repulsors, and they’ve been doing some pretty work this far. They’re better at combating big beasts and provoke, even though they can’t dispel powerful effects from enemy legendaries.

Primus Shields and Tethermancers are battling for the Provoke slots at the moment. Provoke has fallen out of favor as I’ve moved further in the ladder though, so we’ll have to see if they’ll hold their place in later forms.

As said, Abyssians are proving really troublesome with their myriad ways of dealing with Obelysks (that deamon lasso and wraithling trade as only some examples), but Sand Traps and that singleton Decay are proving good against their big monsters (the former a great opening deterrent in any match up). I had to include Blistering Skorn just for Wraithlings, and that crocodile egg rain (even though Star’s Fury works against eggs well too).

Double Ankhs have been surprisingly useful as well. They’ve given me a few surprise kills with the singleton Staff. Thanks, Y’kir! I owe you one!

Tethermancer is still trying to find it’s place (or leaving the slot for something else), but I’d loathe to leave all my provoke out just yet.

Let’s see if this’ll get me to gold in a week’s time! Seems highly possible!


When i get the new expansion, ill gladly try out your suggestions mate. I originally did intend to include blood of air though.


Hey! :slight_smile: Welcome to the community! Try something like this, it’s a budget version of the full midrange Obelisk deck. It has most of the cards you own and some rares and commons you should get. This is just a general outline, feel free to experiment and swap stuff around with it.

Some explanations starting with the cards I added.

Falcius- This should be your number one priority. It’s one of the best common cards in the game, it’s a 3/3 for 3 that gives your general invulnerability for your turn and 2 attack. It’s a huge tempo tool and will make the early game a lot easier.

Pax- Pax is a 2 mana 2/1 rare battlepet, it’s a card with its own AI. It’ll always attack the closet minion to it, prioritizing cardinal directions over diagonals. Most battlepets aren’t that good, but Pax has dying wish summon 2 Iron Dervishes which make it an incredible value play. It’s incredibly good in any deck that wants to use dervishes.

Starfire Scarab- 5 mana 4/6 common with blast. It’s just a strong value play that pressures your opponent.

Dancing Blades- Probably the best budget minion in the game. 5 mana 4/6 common that deals 3 damage to any minion in front of it. Great tempo card for budget decks.

Cards that I recommend cutting:

Pyromancer- I’ve used Pyro a lot in the past and it’s just too inconsistent for me. It only shines in the early stages of the game with a buff but besides that it’s fairly lackluster. It does to everything. It has very little impact outside of the opening stages of the game. Pax is far more consistent and equally powerful play, I recommend swapping Pyro for it.

Windstorm- I don’t think Windstorm is as bad a s most people think it is. But it has a weird anti synergy with obelisks by making sure your wind dervishes can’t suicide themselves into enemies which can screw over positioning and makes Star’s Fury really awkward. It’s up to you, but pretty much all Obelisk decks choose to omit windstorm for that reason.

Tethermancer- It’s slow and very understatted. It’s quite frankly a rather weak card. If you really need a 4 cost dispel consider Lightbender(4 mana 3/3 rare that dispels everything around it.)

Moving on:

If you want to stick with Vet here are some more expensive cards I recommend you pick up or consider at some times. I am going to warn you that the recent set focuses on two previously borderline unplayed archetypes, Golems and Arcanysts. We’re not exactly sure how these decks will hold up in the future. However some of them look very solid including the Vetruvian Golem playset. If you get Sirocco and Dreamshaper from the Ancient Bond packs you can put together a fairly strong Vet Golem deck.

-Rasha’s Curse(2 mana destroy an enemy artifact and summon a wind dervish near the enemy general. Good reach card and artifact destruction. Is a three or two of in most obelisk decks.)

  • Allomancer(4 mana 4/3 with dying wish summon a random obelisk. Very good for obelisk decks but it’s up you whether you want to run it over other 4 drops. It’s something to test and consider.)

-Star’s Fury (You have 1 already but some obelisk decks like to run 2, it’s not necessary but something you might want to consider.)

-Aymara Healer (6 mana 5/5 with dying wish heal your general for 5 deal 5 to the enemy general. Good vet legendary you can stick in any deck.)

-Grandmaster Nosh- Rak (7 mana 4/7 with Flying and Blast as well as everything you have deals double damage to the enemy general. An excellent finisher you can toss in any board focused Vet deck. The problem is that it’s from RoB packs which make it tricky to get. Consider it in the future once you have some core cards.)

-Nimbus ( 5 man 3/8 whenever it takes damage summons a Soulburn Obelisk. A Soulburn Obelisk is a 0/4 obelisk that destroys any minion that damages it. Very snowbally but slow minion. It’s great for certain matchups but too slow for some. It’s a very meta dependent card, it’s good but not too important.)


some hate for abbysians IS healthy though. i think the faction is meant to be disliked


Thanks for a very comprehensive reply! Good points all around. :slight_smile:

I actually already did minor adjustments this evening, namely:

  • -2 Tethermancer (yes, I figured it’s numbers just do not add up, even buffed)
  • -1 Pyromancer (I reached the same conclusion as you)
  • +1 Falcius (for some weird reason I left it out from that list. Accidents happen…)
  • +1 Shieldmaster (I didn’t want to give up on Provoke just yet)
  • +1 Decay (I’ve found it has value before I get the newer set version, you know what I mean)

Seemed to be a better direction.

I’ve found Windstorm gets some good finishing blows done. A piece of flying has rarely let me down once I started using it (cut it from early iterations), but I do find myself replacing it somewhat in tight spots. If I have the time for it it’s fine for final blow hunting. Would another Stars’ Fury be better? Probably, but I don’t have another atm. :slight_smile:

You’re absolutely right about Pax, and I’ve considered him to be sure. Scarab seems really good, but was pretty expensive in spirit to invest in before some consideration.

I wouldn’t mind taking a look at golems, even though it is most likely just a worse midrange deck than obelysks! But they seem like an intersting base to build upon for our sand lady. She’s interesting, to say the least.

Following that thought on interesting, Grandmaster Nosh-Rak is something I’d consider, but he cannot be crafted. And it’ll take some time to gather extra gold for another set. Having seen what the Abyssian grandmaster is capable of, I wouldn’t mind having a nuclear missile of my own. Even though I enjoy attrition more as a play style.

I have a singleton of Rasha’s Curse, which I could use. I dropped it before I had more focused style for the obelysks.

I have around 700 unspent spirit, but I’m reluctant to start using it before I feel like I really need it for something. That said, legendaries will be out of my reach for quite some time. I could invest into another Stars’ Fury, but Allomancers might be in consideration for the time being. There are plenty of good 4M things out there, and even though Allomancer is one of those, it hasn’t seemed crucial. Well, nothing you wouldn’t have said already, but anycase. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply again. I’ll probably go with only rares and commons I’ve gathered for the time being, try to get into gold with an interation of this, and see if I could make something cost efficient for the second crocodile general after that (without commiting to legendaries). His draw ability is really interesting. And I love his art…

As a side note, I’m pretty happy with how much you CAN actually do with just commons, rares and whatnot even against pretty legendary heavy stuff. Those 8M super end game spells are a drag sometimes, but then again I understand why they’re included - the games aren’t supposed to drag as much as they occasionally do. :slight_smile:


the best advice i can give you is to take out most of the cards you have 1 copy of in the deck. Generally speaking, you want to have multiple copies of every card you want to draw, so for instance, you could take out a siphon energy, pyromancer, and second wish to add some more primus shieldmasters. I’d also recommend crafting 3 pax and 3 falcius as soon as you can. these 2 cards can fit into every single vet deck you make and improve the quality a lot


Welcome to the mighty vetruvian happy thread :smile:

The general vet advices for “budget”/starting decks are:

  • you’ll want to get rid of almost all the 1-ofs your deck and include 3 copies for every card you have. Even some strong cards are bad for the deck if 1-ofs.

  • you’ll want to put at least 9 2-drop playable on turn 1 going first, for playable i mean cards you don’t feel guilty playing first (for example dunecaster is not a good turn-1 play since you want to play it for his effect, not for his stats)

This two above really are important for every deck you make

On the vet part:

  • use dunecaster possibly on wind dervishes, since they won’t disappear after being buffed by him

  • you don’t have ranged removal, at least not until you find blood of air in an ancient bonds orb, just for this you’ll probably end up losing to “back line minions” like kelaino. Yes it’s sad.

  • obelisks works better when placed attached to a board wall, this reduces rng giving better spawns positions

  • possibly pair up star’s fury with a fireblaze for a 8 mana out of hand damage combo, most of time is a good finisher.

  • in some vet budget decks primus fist and his +2 atk buff is really good since your wind dervish last one turn and you don’t really care for them trading.

  • starsfire scarab is useful only if your enemy waste removal on your earliest drops, position carefully and don’t play it right when you have the possibility to do so: you want it to stick.

  • one good card to add in almost every deck is l’kian, so start crafting those rare core cards to unlock three copy of her.

  • defence obelisks overral are good in a budget deck, but swap them out first

  • whisper of the sands is good,
    Just in case you had some doubt before.
    Don’t be afraid to play it just for the draw effect on desperate situations.

  • bad matchups for zirix usually are magmar who plays plasma storm (alnost all vets cards have 3 ark or less, think about your obelisks) and abyssian in general because op-not-really-op-cards and s**t they throw every turn.

  • good matchups for zirix usually were lyonar and songhai, i say were because the meta is shifting and songhai have been nerfed so who knows what those pesky ninjas will do about it.
    I’m positive lyonar will still be a good matchup for vets.

This is what comes to mind from my personal experience.



I like how a bunch of cat lovers managed to beat a church, an unholy cult, and a band of heros in terms of power, membership, and persistence. Really goes to show the might of the imperium.


Legitimately the raw power of sheer determination to not be like those losers.


well, you don’t always want 3-ofs of every card. sometimes you’ll only want 2 for say, some late-game cards. some decks even have 1-ofs in rare cases like spiral technique in songhai


For budget you’ll want 3-ofs imo


So I caved in and decided to buy the expansion, then set about to make fun dying wish deck today. Dying wish is something that is usually more associated with Abyssian but Vet has more dying wish minions so I went with them. Turns out the deck seems okay or at least performed better than expected with the limited games I’ve played with it and got me to diamond for the 1st time. Basically, went and put every dying wish minion from Vet in except for Rae and Oserix, then went through the neutrals and put in cards that would help balance the deck out plus the fun things like Grimes and Corpse Combustion. Not really much to say about it, although I would like to add 2 more Unseven to try and cheat out Aymara early.


Since this is the Vets thread and I want to know things:

Does Mirage Master’s Copy-ness stay even if it gets dispelled? or does it revert to anorexic cyborg doggie once that happens?


Yeah I think it stays that minion because it instantly turns into that minion. If I turn it into a windblade adept, and it gets dispelled, it just won’t have the effect of windblade adept.