The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


The Zurael is there cuz smash’s list had it, it seems fun, and I had the copy. A third Aymara would be a fine replacement IMO as I never had a chance to play the gold chicken and Aymara is strong against Magmar and random minion based aggro.


okay so i am enjoying golem vet/ artifact not as much as juggnerat magmar


Dreamshaper is pretty good. It pretty much covers all of Golem Vets need for card draw. Heck, I find myself trying to stop myself from milling when I’m using it. Vet already has a minion similar to Dreamshaper, Dunecaster. Like Dreamshaper you just don’t play it turn one if you have any other option, and if you have to it is what it is. 80% of your deck should be Golems so iyou’ll always have a target and if you’re in top deck mode playing Dreamshaper, you’re doing something really wrong.


I have a pretty bad collection of cards, but I threw together this Volem deck and it works surprisingly well. Mainly because of Inner Oasis and Dreamshaper working really well with all the Golems:


lol my best game stealing your minons

one more thsi time lynor


That’s golden XD


Correct. Ghoulie should not proc Sirocco since minions don’t gain their abilities until they hit the board. Ghoulie is a regular minion when summoned, then becomes a Golem while on board (and every other tribe cuz it justs wants to fit in).


I am not surprised, but still disappointed at the lack of Arcanysts in the expansion; not that I want to play the creature game with them, I just wanted to see more spell support or more value added to Abjuricator and Manaforger.


Didnt arcanyst get the same amount as golems?


I meant in Vetruvian.
should’ve edited that in, but i got distracted
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Then we wouldnt have gotten our favourite 5 mana golem pun Sir.Rocco


They splitted up the in faction tribe minions

Golems for magmar, lyonar and vet
Arcanysts for abyssian, songhai and vanar


I’ve been considering something. Possible resurrection of SaboVet?
This is a concept I came up with. (It’s missing 4 cards, I know, 3 spaces for Zen’rui and one I’m still thinking about). Help me make this deck less garbage and more fun.


I don’t see this archtype really viable sadly :sweat:

To make the deck better try to swap one mirage master for third thunderclap and one blindscorch for zephir.

If you really want to run mirage master put the…the (i don’t remember the name) teleporting dog (it gives you time to copy the enemy minion and/or build the thunderclap-wildfire steal engine), it has zephir and thunderclap sinergy too.

Another card that could see play in this deck is the artifact plumber (i mean imperial machinist), it’s crazy but you should swap out pax for him imo.

Lastly you could consider using zurael to rebuild board since you’ll focus on big late game threat, be it steal or play them.


Nostalgia !
Keeping an :eye: on this particular deck ! :heart:


playing with a golem vet, 8 wins 3 lose 1 draw so far, looking foward to it


repulsor beast + imperial mechanist would both be good additions as edward said, although I’m not sure what else you could use.

Maybe autrach’s gifts? It could get you hexblade, or thunderclap if you don’t have it in hand.


I’ll have to get the spirit to make the Zenrui before I can give the deck a try and tweak it.


Put crossbones to help against songhai and mechazor


I have a nice meme vet deck I’ve spent months perfecting. Strangely a magmar deck I haphazardly threw together got me to rank 5 when my vet deck is just stuck at 10. I don’t even have most of the magmar cards! FeelsBadMan