The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


Am I the only person who noticed that the laughing Abyssian thread died with the crying Magmar thread, while the cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread is still alive.


The Magmar thread would be alive but we do monthly threads. Cat lovers are welcome to come visit the Church of the Mankantor.


I was thinking of making one for lyonars too.

But let’s not derail please.


I don’t think so :smile:

Sirocco is istant board but i would not call it swarm


Pax’s power keeps this thread alive

Be praised his fluffyness.


I ain’t walking in unless it’s to burn the place down.


The Lord Makantor will descend and Rush you with furious frenzy since it has rush you can’t stop it.
On the expansion vet got some pretty strong cards
Stealing another minion is huge and with stuff like falcius and frenzy minion vet could steal multiple minions. That last golem tho a little costly has flying so getting to hard to reach minions easy. It gives a free Artifact which zirix can use to steal minons 4 hp and below nothing g to scuff at.

Like I said in another thread in be happy to versus my golem deck against any filthy arcynast vet deck.


So far pretty happy with my initial impression of Golem Vet. The deck so far seems pretty good at maintaining hand size do to Dreamshaper, I don’t think it really needs neutral draw when you combine it with First Wish and Inner Oasis. Sirocco isn’t as good as I thought it was. The random positioning of the Skyrock Golems kind of sucks. But I still think it’s a good card and a big reason why to play Golem Vet. Just that it might be better as a 2 off instead of 3. That being said I haven’t had a good opportunity to experiment yet. The expansion hit during my climb to S-Rank and it doesn’t seem everyone is too keen to experiment around here. Going to hold off on Golem Vet until I hit S- Rank but pretty interested so far.


Ok right now i’m laddering with this

The only card i added is blood of air,
The idea is just flood the board while keeping high card draw ratio.
Bad matchup plasma storm,
with blood of air abyssians and ranged threat in general are more simple to remove.

I won’t stop prising cpg for adding ranged removal to vet, yes i joined after siphon nerf.

By far i’m in rank 3 trying to get to s before using some memey deck or a new decktype in general.

The more time it passes the more l’kian becomes impressive, she won’t give you always what you need but really makes the game interesting sometimes.


Whats the point of cryptographer, its strictly a worse orb weaver unless you have bbs synergy.
Your entire deck dies to plasma storm as you said but its obviously trying to play the value game. Those two dont particularly go hand in hand.
I would say 3 inner oasis is a bit much, also so is 3 rashas curse. I too like the high card draw aspect of the deck though. Also these are just observational suggestions on my part, i dont know if you experienced these issues too.


Saturday we shall have a face off friend


The cryptographer is more of a combo card into inner oasis, it doesn’t give a big board but it resists, obviously i mean if you have a neutral board.

up until now i’m having real trouble only against magmar and abyssian.

Rashas are there because reach and the difficulty this deck has to ping off artifacts.

The only real need would be some attack buff, maybe feralu can help a bit but it costs too much to fit in



With all those Arcanyst and Golem swarm shaneningans, we got the short straw.

Vet has no efficient AoE.

I mean we COULD use circle of dessissifficicaccion, but there is way to clear the board effectively.

Tempest, Breath of the unborn, Plasma Storm, Frost Fire, Ghost lightning Battle Panddo.

Prepare to get swarmed to death, i sure did.


Yeah pretty much, then again, it makes Stars Fury that much funnier when it works and you get ~5-7 Dervishes and have a Fireblaze Obelysk.


So this is what I’m playing atm

Sajj over Zirix so I can kill stuff with BBS. I don’t believe the random 2/2 is that relevant when I’m just tryin to curve out but it depends. The tigers and rashas are to help kill the random 1/3s and other stuff trying to get value while pax is just something to play turn 1. The deck aims to just tempo and curve out and has been performing pretty well for me so far, going 6-1 with the loss due to dc.


Swarms are a big problem for vet and it can’t relly be prevented.

circle doesn’t help, it’s good only if your opponent decide to brainlessly dump his hand.

So the only semi-efficent swarm removal is star’s fury (if it doesn’t end the game),
pretty much all that was needed to be said has been said. Maybe.

Then again, use star’s fury on 8 mana with a fireblaze as out of hand damage.


Are you able to mantain enough board to effectively use feralu and inner oasis?

And can i ask the rank you are playing in?

And lastly, is dreamshaper good? I mean, you can’t play it on turn one and it’s not a good topdeck on a neutral board


It works well enough. It isn’t too hard to keep a golem up as celebrant has 4 hp and metallurgist doesn’t want to get into the thick of things and you don’t always draw shaper anyway. The draw from shaper is crazy so it’s not even bad to just play shaper into shaper. It got me to s rank 6 now 8


Just what to bring up but Ghoulie does not proc Sirocco’s effect. Intended?


Is it worth crafting a Zurael just to run him in this deck? Or is there something else you would replace it with otherwise?