The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


I don’t know of about. You guys but I’m happy to finally be to cuck my opponent out of their minions. Who needs removal when you have the power of ntr


Personally I’ll be testing out Golem Vet with Sirocco. I think the card has potential, in the PC gaming article they mentioned each faction will get three Golem/Arcanyst minions. That means Vet is getting two more golems, if at least one of these is decent early game drop a sirocco deck based around swarming the field and ending with Nosh could be decent.

I don’t think think that EMP with necessary shove out Obelisk Vet. It’s a 7 drop, it’s expensive and not all decks can afford running many of them. And on top of that it’s a reactive 7 drop, while it has good stats for its cost it’s effect is a tad situational. it becomes a question whether you really want your dispel option to be a 7 drop and do you really want to run this instead of a more proactive minion like Pandora or Meltdown? At the start of the expansion people will be teching it because it’s new and probably counter a lot of crazy nonsense. But I don’t think it’ll stick long enough to shut down Obelisk Vet.


Please try it. I used to use to it but it felt a bit lackluster for me. I found it odd why i have to run away when i just got into a nice snug position for a makantor-zephyr.

My opinion is that incinera and zephyr should not be on the same deck with each other.


None of those allow for 2 for 1 trades though. All the other transformations leave value on the board for your opponent, be it the 3/3 ravager, the 3/3 bunny battlepet, an Egg, a 0/2 paddo or what have you. Blood on the other hand transforms their minion into your own, and this minion even has rush. You can turn their Zendo into a dervish and kill the Ki Beholder with it. This card can actually generate value aside from removing any threat for good. Yes it’s expensive but that’s ok given how strong it is. Especially considering that Vet is basically the opposite of Vanar, stupidly strong minions but rather bad removal, giving them cheap and unconditional removal would go against their faction identity and make them OP again.


On the contrary, I find Incinera works quite nicely with zephyr, since it gives you more mobility and allows you to pick the perfect position to makanator your foes.

It seams to me that zephyr works worse with Autarch’s gifts, since even at 9 mana you can’t use that combo out of hand.


So seeing that Trinity Wings has been released, what do Vet players think of just ignoring thenm flimsy golems and stealing all the neutral arcanyst minions for ourselves. Pretty sure 1 mana give Sajj +1 attack would be pretty good. Plus we all know vet does arcanyst best anyway


I am pretty sure that Arcanyst Vet will be better than Golem Vet after this expansion. Especially considering that most of the new Vet golems are meant to swarm your enemy, which is inferior to devish swarm while sharing its same weaknesses.


… Same weakness what’s that? Golems are stats and you cant run a emp in a dervish deck. Golems have free card draw the ability to take ur opponents minion for your own and free multiple minons… I would say golems has a slight lead… We’ll have to see which is better won’t be long now anyway.


The Shared weakness I mentioned refers to Plasma storm, Tempest, Frostburn or any other forms of AOE as well as deathwatch abyssian.

The problem is Vet’s new golems aren’t big stat-bags like regular Golems or the ones Magmar gets; Vet gets golem swarm support, which means you are supposed to swarm the enemy with skyrock golems and other cheap golems with weak bodies, not deploy dragonbone after dragonbone each turn.

Dervish swarm can just do everything golem swarm can do better while the latter has nothing over dervishes.


Actually Golem Vet is looking to have very strong swarming capabilities. Dervish Vet or Obelisk Vet have a hard time committing to the board. Vet doesn’t have a lot of good card draw so if you dump your hand and it gets answered you’re kind of fked. Trying to swarm with dervishes tend to be very all or nothing hence why they tend to turn into aggro decks.

Golems looks like they have very strong potential to just keep going from what I’ve seen. Dreamshaper looks very good at maintaining card advantage letting you keep dumping Golems on the board. And Sirocco is a one card instant board. It’s something that lets you refill after board clears or bait out board clears and just swarm the board again. Throw in a little neutral draw, Inner Oasis, First Wish, and Nosh- Rak as a finisher and we have something with potential. Not necessarily good, but something that can work.


I"m a bit iffy about Arcanyst Vet. I tried it in the past and it either flops because you couldn’t maintain your acrcanysts on board or runs everything over with Owl into Illusionists combos, It’s very inconsistent. But a huge issue is the Siphon Energy Nerf. One of the things Vet Arcanyst had going for it was it had a a good 0 mana spell. But now Siphon Energy is fall less applicable, does Vet have enough good, cheap spells to combo with Owl or Conjurer? First Wish is the only 1 cost spell and most of the two cost spell tend to be fairly situational. Even with Trinity Wings I don’t see the deck being particularly good. Vet doesn’t have enough cheap spells to combo easily and doesn’t have the card draw to keep fueling the Arcanysts.


The Vet Wars of 17’


Nice distortion on the card text, aside from that, here’s a side by side comparison.

HELLA tempo. P good I’d say, a slightly worse and more swarmy Argeon.

I tried, but the curve always ended up swonky, but the cards all synergize somewhat. I feel as though golem decks will be better, but only time will tell.


Was thinking more along this line


I can only reasonably see this being an issue with magmar or Abyssian due to their ability to pump it out at 5 mana rather than the accustomed 7mana restriction. Magmar being the more problematic of the two especially if they run rush minions where emp doesnt hurt as much


Cryptographer is not an arcanyst.


But it helps by increasing the number of spells :wink:


Lol very nice I’m more the okay with having a golem vs arcanyst vet fight after the expansion drops.


The exp. Has finally arrived, the last unrevealed card for vetruvian was wind striker…

All the “pure” (non golem) vet cards seems to look at sajj

Dream shaper and sirocco can be included only in golem decks (duh!)
Blood of air will just replace entropic decay pretty much everywere
Thunderclap and striker are made for sajj

(On a side note, autarch now has one more artifact and this could be a problem)

About golem and arcanyst…

No in-faction arcanysts and 3 golem cards,
We’ll see what’s better for vets. I guess arcanyst will be better since the neutrals released looks really powerfull, if we add the previous ones, the deck make himself.

Blue conjurer alone can generate infinite arcanysts.
loreweaver…it’s good, i mean if you craft an arcanyst deck spells will be everywere so…it’s good meh feeling.
Lastly trinity wings don’t need explain, three 1 cost spells? In an arcanist deck? Yes please, can i marry him? No? Uff…

Golems are golems, do you wanna stats? We have them and you have oasis.
That is all that cames to mind,
oh wait i forgot like the previous archtype you can ramp them. Silly me.
The end for now.

Finally, i see the start for a buffvet archtype, with goulie who can get anything dervish related (obelisk included) and feralu who will have a relation of hate-love with obelisks because positioning and auto body blocking, it will render star’s fury a board cleaner instead of a finisher in most of cases.

What do you think of the new exp.?

Write your toughts here!


If you flood the board with sirocco golems, does that count as swarm?