The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


Hello, Vet brethren. After spending months as pure Magmar, I, an artifact lover, decided to finally try Sajj. Climbed to Gold with this and am looking for the opinion and experience of everyone else this season as to what can be bettered in this list.

Aside from Swarm Lilithe, I find the hardest to go against Lyonar, with its stupid provokes and incredibly above-the-curve cards (three cards and three health for 4? Seriously?).
Rationally, Faie should be pretty rough against as well, because of stuns and their artifact breaker BBS, but I dont remember running into many of those recently.

Abjuricator makes it easier to combo; Im wondering if I should include Manaforgers as well. I suppose they’re gonna have a hard time surviving to be useful enough to actually allow me to burst, but in any case, it should be good removal bait- Not that the opponent needs to worry about removing other things, its just that they’d spend mana(time) worrying about Manaforger.

Im not sure if I should remove the Healing Mystic to include more Tears; is having three of the latter pretty good? I mean, I dont always have two or more artifacts, so it just seems like I’d replace them more oftenly if I did run full three copies.

0 aymaras, fite me irl



I know our Queen Mama Sajj is the best general, but I’ve been playing Vetruvian for the last hour, and have gotten incredibly tilted. Help me, I beginning to feel the temptation to play Songhai.


Do it man, take a break, play something viable for a bit, I do it too. Go make some kids cry with Songhai then switch back to General Sajj.


Sajj is one of the generals I’ve played the least amount with, but I guess I found some mild success with her this season. Decided to abandon obelysks altogether this season with Vet and try to be more aggressive. Won 7 out of 10 games with that deck this season, probably be a number of things that could be changed to suit different people like Jaxi, Primus, Widow, Grincher, Stars’ Fury. But its something I’ve enjoyed using when I feel liked playing Vet this season.


Yeah, maybe it works for you, Ive not had that same luck. Imagine this: if you run three Spelljammers instead of him, you can stop running Divine Spark for something else, like a Second (or Third) Wish to buff the Tiger for extra burst damage.
Also, though Widow looks pretty good, I’d feel safer running Entropic Decay instead; to kill that 9/9 Juggernaut or Lyonar’s provokes.


First or Second wish, not Third, Tiger isn’t a Dervish :wink:


RIP Laserkitty. Good times.


Laserkitties, double Baconators, former Kara’s Kinetigers.
PETA has been warned, something had to be done for all the animal abuse.




Why not mama zirix?


I’m guessing because her headpiece is better?


But zirix comes with friends


Who needs friends when you have the best master?


Well, kind of. I just like Sajj’s lore, personality, and hips more.


I don’t own any Spelljammers but its not something I would want to run outside of Songhai anyway (if I played them). I’m not as high on Spelljammer as other people as I don’t think the symmetrical card draw is worth it unless I’m looking for combo pieces which is pretty much the Songhai ideal, unlike other factions.


So seeing that it is very close to the time of reckoning, i think it would be best that Vetruvian players start to stray from their occasional dervish/obelysk and adopt the golems/mid range as our new children. I know that most players will, but i just wanted to add some more life into this thread, so how about we get to discussing the cards we have gotten so far.

Blood of Air: Good removal should be a staple in all conpetitive vet decks.

Sirocco: I honestly think this card is interesting, obviously meant for a constant annoying lategame, and never for 5 mana turns on curve. This will be run in golem decks, because it is considerably powerful and will always be a good topdeck.

Thunderclap: Pretty bad card in my opinion but we will see, it will be powerful from autarch’s gift however.

Emp: Not a vet card, especially not an obelysk one, this will be the reason i think obelysk vet will have to be put on hold. However it also benefits us alot as well being a golem with good stats and dispel ability.

Blue conjurer: Should atleast be tested in Arcanyst Vet? Although arcanyst obviously isnt being made for vet, it is still good card draw and most arcanyst will have a good tech at some point in a game. Plus it cant be a 6 mana 6/8 add a random arcanyst to your hand. Or a 8 mana 4/9 Draw two cards (technically)

Celebrant: Good proactive turn 2 play for vet, its good.

Feralu: this card will be interesting with inner oasis on a turn after Sirocco if your golems manage to stick


The only card I’ll disagree with is Blood of Air.

It’s just bad. For example:
Thumping wave doubles as a removal or one-turn buff for 3 mana. Doesn’t activate DW.
Abyssian can destroy ANY non-forcefield minion for 3 mana with Cassy BBS + Punish. Activates DW.
Aspect of the Fox gives their opponent a 3/3 with no abilities for 1 mana. Doesn’t activate DW.
Onyx Bear Seal transforms anything into a 0/2 that can’t be attacked for 3 mana. Doesn’t activate DW.
Martyrdom destroys any minion, period, at the cost of adding that health to the opponent. Again, for 3 mana. Activates DW.

How is Blood of Air good at 5 mana? We get a temporary 2/2. We don’t trigger DW. It’s ranged removal that Vetruvian has NONE of.
Someone help me understand how that card is actually good at the mana cost. Vetruvian has ENOUGH 5+ cost cards. We didn’t need another to choose from.


Its ranged removal which vetruvian needed, thats why its good. It might not be the best compared to other factions removal by vet really needed and blood of air fulfills that need even if its for a high mana cost. Plus its way better than dark transformation


Remember that this card isnt exactly competing with any 5 mana minions, because it isnt meant for 5 mana. It might not matchup well against the power removal cards that other factions have at their disposal however it allows for good catch up, and seeing it can combo to become a 4/4 rush that doesnt disappear is also a benefit. Also yeah doesnt trigger deathwatch or dying wish


It is an unconditional removal. The only card it can be compared to is dark transformation, which procs dying wish. The others all leave a body, or in martyrdom’s case, heal the enemy, though this in return allows the enemy to survive longer or make trades. As well as this, compared to vet’s only hard removal, decay, it is well worth the price for the extra mana.