The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


Thx for the deck luv <3


Guys, is it better to craft spinecleaver or wildfire first (be it zirix or sajj)?


WIldfire, it’s used in a lot of artifact Vet decks while Spinecleaver needs a niche deck built around it.


Your answer is Hexblade :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks a lot :smile:
I liked the totem’s ping idea

but in the end it kinda comes with ankh…
And the ankh cost less

Oh well, next time spinecleaver.


Hi all. Im still new to the game but I love playing vet! I get that CPG doesn’t want them to have ranged dispel but why don’t they make siphon energy better to fit in the current meta. Like dispelling a space near your general, instead of just a minion? Or a space near your general, structures, and dervishes?


I know this is like heavy, HEAVY necroposting, but:

this was a friendly match btw.

Edit: Oh, and my laptop was SCREAMING by the time I ended that turn.

Fun with Sajj - Bloodfire Totem Deck


This is an old Video but I did that in an actual match 5 months ago. Rip Ranged Dispel and Old Kron :frowning:

The moment is at 10:20, but the entire match had some cool plays during it. Some things are worth necroing :smiley:


Hey all, I’m an older player (October Cancereva) and I’ve just picked up our Queen Sajj. I have pretty much all Vetruvian commons, and all good neutral commons. I was wondering what I should craft first in order to get the most bang for my spirit.



Best card you can add to any Vetruvian deck

Otherwise Autarch’s gifts is a pretty good one


Aymara Healer. Aymara Healer. Aymara Healer. Then it depends what archetype you’re intereared in.

Welcome to the Imperium!


Byt Aymara is expensive


Bruh come on Johnnybob


Yet core. You’re not gonna play a creep deck w/o Obliterate or Azalea, right? It should be his most important priority. Then he can specify depending on archetype.


You’re brave to main Sajj. Out of hand damage, removal, and dispel is rampant.

I’ve clawed my way to Gold 7. I only play Sajj.

It’s BS some of the stuff other factions get when we’re stuck playing the “positioning” game.


To be fair, all factions have to play the “positioning” game. The difference being other factions say “how can I abuse positioning to punish my opponent” whereas Vetruvian says “how do I position myself to not stuck at life.”


oh god that is hilarious


If you seriously want to use Vet, then as Phaze said Aymara is a must. She is the pride of the Imperium and a must include in every deck. The only exception would be the memiest of all meme decks.


But even then she’ll make an appearance one way or another


I would have to say vet was my fastest win % having just played them a little after DoS now it sits on over 200 wins with my magmar (Makantor be praised)

I’m a Saji main and proud of it I love her bbs and the fact I can one shot most minions with falcius and bbs. But she is in vet and they have obvious limitations. I love playing artifacts spinecleaver. Ankh and the 2 drop one are my mains. I like sand sister Saon if she was a 5 hp minions she could fitting the tank. Position pretty well.

I think cp needs to apologize for messing with vet so much by giving us a rush minion with some other ability.