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The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


If you’re playing a zoo heavy deck like that you need ways to continue to fuel your board and take advantage of your board.

I’d recommend 2-3 Spelljammers or Sojouner, with your curve capping off at 3 you NEED card draw otherwise you’re going to burn out very quickly. Spelljammer and Sojouner both draw you cards out of your own deck as opposed to generate cards, which is important because you’r playing a mech deck.

Try throwing in 2-3 Chasis of the Mechazor if you can. It’s a fairly good card that builds up Mechazor and extends your curve just a little bit so you don’t straight up burn out.

2-3 Inner Oasis/ 2 Feralu. These cards allow you to take advantage of the you board of cheap minions. Both cards can get a ton of stats with a handful of minions on board and snowball the game.


Thanks, Ferlau is a very good addition. Jammer did wonders too.


Already gave a lot on this :wink: :


That’s a lot of Zirixz0r. Got any other decks in the vault?


I see. I run mine as an aggro deck w/ Mechaz0r as a finisher. I occasionally win games w/o summoning it too. It creates a catch-22. Save removal for Mechaz0r? Get boned by overstatted mechs and the Feralu I added. Waste removal on mechs and Feralu? Get boned by Mechaz0r. I can see why yours would work too, I just prefer going fast.


Used to, but nothing meta :slight_smile:
This season playing either a not specially original Vet, a MidRange Kaleos or an agressive burn Cass (for several season I admit, :heart: this one).

I added Feralu to my deck on AB release but finally found it wasn’t reliable enough, may give another try.


Fellow nobles of houses great and small.

To commemorate this day of most recent spoilers, I urge you to go out today and build a sand castle as tribute.

Or if you’re to occupied, search the great dunes of Da Webz for sand kittie pictures and share them here.

For there if much to rejoice.

TLDR; aw yiss!!1



Here’s a little link to the Sand Cats


Anyone making decks for the so far spoiled cards?


Personally I’m waiting for at least one more Vet Spoil before attempting to devise anything


Too early, but i’m thinking of a deck with all the 3 obelisks. (maybe only 2xWindstorm)

Ah, it will instantly lose to magmars.


But after you bait the Plasma Storm, then your Exhuming Sands will Swarm the board once again.

Easy game :sunglasses:


Feels nice to have a tile that is exactly half the power level of Cass’ AWESOME BBS.


I think isbee will switch to Vet because then he’ll REALLY be a Necromancer


Oh yeah? You think so? You’d be half right. :sunglasses:


Hey, you’d be able to re-animate bodies to serve you and dervishes dont even have the inconvenience of souls.


I’d think its less re-animating poop and more animating poop to serve you. There is quite a big difference.


He’d have to use Sirocco too. You bring Golems AND Dervishes into the game for double the necromancy!