The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


Howdy guys,

With the new expansion faction’s post are popping here and there talking about how is going in general.

Why “happy”?
Because i was thinking to go abyssian, they are stronger and they can spam things.
just kidding, die abyssians, die in a lot of pain.

Anyway looks like the new vet’s cards (and looking at the others factions ones) are pushing our deck toward the ultimate mid game deck,

Be it with late big things and a kind of a value play, or simply by making your general the mega death cannon and making him move AnYWerE (i do espect to see some meme of our waifu walking out of the board calling for a tactical nuke)

And in the end nosh rak will probably help our cause by popping on board screaming “NOW THICK AIR IS MORE THICK” or “YOUR DEATH RAY NOW IS BIGGER whisper and i know you like big things”

Maybe not that mid (but if you wait it becomes a hell with 5/5 full-steroid-wraithlings and bad things in general and while sajj can still pull out some good plays out of that, zirix is just as fu**ed as you may think)

I can finally remove all the bacon from my christmas tree.
I had nothing to do before the patch, and hype hit, hit hard.

Edit: i love cats, even when they go full kamikaze.

Edit: i’m stupid, feel free to post your lists and talk about new combos found playing with the new cards.


Should we post decklists? Ima post my current Vet deck. Me and Phayze worked on this, it’s surprisingly solid. Main objective is too setup bloodfire totems and then drop Nosh’rak for some big burst, although if you don’t set up the totem’s it’s still pretty solid.


How is working zephir? I guess it’s pretty cool but…don’t know…“meh feeling”


I’ve found it too be really useful in some situations, it’s almost like a holy immolation centred on your general. I think it’s good, not as good as falcious, but good non-the-less.


It’s a lot more useful than you would think. One cool thing is your opponent can’t put minion’s next to their general or you’ll frenzy them killing their minion in the process. And it’s great for clearing packs of smaller minions. But at the same time a tad clunky, there were times I needed the frenzy but didn’t have my BBS. I would say it’s pretty decent so far.


Do you think that 3 of Rasha’s is too much? Otherwise love the deck, can’t wait to try it out!


So i was facing an abyssian player yesterday and u know how they like to heal over and over (the weak lads) and i only had two of the fire obelysk on the field and cass was feeling nice and safe for her turn 8. But she knew not of Nosh-Rak. She went from 20 life to 0. It was glorious. Vetruvian is once great again


Wanted to mention something to you. I was considering replacing the scarab with Incinera. The upgraded movement might well be worth it on Sajj as well as the minion having a decent statline and so you don’t need to hide it in the back like you might Zephyr.

Once I get Zephyr and Nosh-rak, i’ll try it out with Incinera and see how it goes.


I was thinking about that, Incinera offers crazy range, it also indirectly gives you better range on your Zephyr aoe’s as well (in theory), I’m going to try it out. Scarabs haven’t been treating me too well anyway.





yes the caps was intended


@edward4244 can you capitalize the Vetruvian in the title so it matches the others?


YAY I started something! FeelsGoodMan, this is what community is all about



I started messing around with your Autarchs gifts+Auroras combo idea, came up with this nightmare, what do you guys think?

I have been completely converted to Vetruvian, it’s just too much fun.


First orb, this is feeling good.

Did i call abyssians upon myself?


B O I, join the Autarch combo deck masterrace. (there’s like, only 2 of us here)


Silly Robo-Egyptians, you will never destroy the conglomerate of waifus that is abyssian :slight_smile:


Back off Waifu cultist, or else we’ll drop a lot of sand on your head.


You lucky scrub, I only got divine spark and Autarchs in 4 orbs. At least my 5th gave Incinera :smiley:


Leave cursed one. This is not your territory and I cannot guarantee your safety. Leave while you still can.


(OFF TOPIC) This is gonna sound cringy, but does anyone else think a roleplay thread would be cool?