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The best ways to nerf Rebuke


3 mana-“All minions and your general Attack themself”

This is how i would change it because usually this card is a lot more oppressive in the late game when you can clear the Board with it and still Developed big minions. Vaath loves his overloads so with That change the later you play it the bigger the damage.
Another option, similar but different
3 mana-"All minions Attack themself. Your general take damage equal to half of the Total damage done"
What do you think?


I would prefer 1 mana “All minions attack themselves. Your general takes 25 damage.”

Just saying.


For sure
15 caracter


I’d say both of these would honestly just make it worse. Allowing it to deal more damage to the enemy General would just give them even more burst potential. The second one in particular would hurt because it could be played when Mag has no board, resulting in a board wipe as well as huge damage for the non-Mag player. The Magmar player could easily outlast the opponent using heals from Earth Sphere, SF or even Ragebinder.

Increasing the mana cost to 5 would be decent enough. That way it costs the same as cards like Enfeeble and Plasma Storm. This would mean they compete for the same slot instead of always having the both in spades you would have to share them out.

As it is you can often have a board wipe as well as playing a minion on top of it. This way it works the same as Plasma Storm and will most likely take up the whole turn.


Your general means magmar general only, the enemy general is untouched in both version


Ah, I see. I misread the changes.

The first is not bad, though once again the heals they possess make it so that a couple extra points of damage matters little unless it’s lategame and they’ve Overloaded by a significant margin.

The second might kill the card tbh. Most of the cards Rebuke kills are high damage minions, and unless there are only one or two on the field this would do massive amounts of damage. It would probably serve you better just dropping your own minions rather than take the huge face damage for the board clear.


I still think “all minions” is too much range. It should hit a 3x3 area (and still would be a lot better than aperion’s)


And thats the Point, you should not beeing able to kill multiple big minions with a 3 mana card without a huge draw back


But at this point the cost would be so high the card would not be worth it. Taking a lot of damage to the face to kill big minions…you may as well use single target removal on one and take the other with your board or face, or even retreat and body block with a minion.


Thats the point of the nerf. Rebuke should be primarly used in self-damage decks triggering stuff Like taygete-twin fang-bloodrage, not as a massive control tools


But then it would make more sense to give Rebuke a fixed amount of damage to the general. 4-5 like Elucidator seem fitting.


Even better with Twin Fang :slight_smile:


I like the first changed you proposed. Not only does it make the card more punishing for Vaath to run, but it also helps support the self-harm synergy that I (personally) believe the card was meant to support. Not only will the change support cards like Blood Rage and Twin Fang, but this change will also add a bit more support to Rancour in particular.


I actually liked the suggestion @beelakor made in another topic a while ago. Leave it at 3 mana and change it to “Deal damage equal to the attack of your General”. Makes it more of a Vaath card and limit’s it’s power without setup.


To be honest, I think there is vast quantity of ways to make it not only fair, but also more interesting and synergetic to play. And lots of them already proposed by the community members.

Sadly, we’ll probably either see a mana cost nerf or nothing at all. Not a rework.


Seems like a healthier change. Allows opponents to make better plays utilizing foresight, but even still it seems strong at 3 mana when comparing it to frostburn (3 damage ONLY to enemy minions at 6 mana).

Edit: Geezums, just thinking about it now as a comparison to frostburn, how did it ever get to be 3 mana?


because it hits both friend and foe… maybe?


That still wouldn’t work. Back when tempest did 3 damage to all characters for 3 mana, it was already considered quite broken, enough to drive Abyssian and Vanar out of the meta for months.


The game changed a little since beta you know?


A flavourful nerf would be:
3 mana
Destroy all minions wth equal health and attack

But that would hurt the card too much and heavens forbid Magmar drop out of top tier.