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***The Azure Herald Meme Deck Contest*** [cool competition]


Full Lodestar to the Face?

Lode and Behold?

The MotherLode?

Is That a Lodestar in Your Pants? Or are you just happy to see me…


I would call this one Singularity.


Netherose garden

This is a current creep deck idea that I’m working on. This deck favors Lillithe over Cassyva, as I personally feel that Nocturne allows Lillithe to generate creep tiles faster than Cassyva can (and Nocturne makes running Shadow Nova a bit better). The game plan is to generate as many creep tiles as possible to make Tormentor OTK the opponent. This deck also runs x2 Grimwoir as a swarm backup plan. Ideally, I’m trying to make room in the deck for Darkfire Sacrifice so that on turn 8 (or 9 with BBS) you can directly combo Abyssal Tormentor with Shadow Nova through Darkfire Sacrifice

The Azure Herald Meme Deck Competition //VOTING//

I like how creep is now considered a “meme”


Good, good… I’m slowly succeeding in turning all Abyssian archetypes into memes…

sinister laugh :smiling_imp:


Violet Nethergarden???

I’ve been watching that goddamned anime too much it isn’t even funny-


Except swarm…But Magmar handles that too well


Damnit now all I see is violet with green hair and little wraithlings at her feet


That would be fine.

Except that would mean an Inxikree ate her.



Im dissapointed with the lack of reliquarian for even more revives




The Azure Herald Meme Deck Competition //VOTING//

but … but … its a full blown meta deck with bounded lifeforce and a bad 2-drop. wheres the meme v:




Rebel Ziran

“Meh.” - Ziran, 16 years old

This is Ziran theory-crafting deck that still in development (I still didn’t have enough spirit to craft Indominus and Aegis Barrier tho) that specialize reducing own health for summoning Taura+Aegis Combo, thus strictly no healing-to-face cards involved (except Holy Immo and own BBS).


  • Trick your opponent to think you playing Grand Strategos (which you do play Strategos!)
  • While your opponent busy smorking your face, suprise those unwary opponent with sudden Taura direct to his face.
  • This deck also equipped with old school DBond for classic lethal.

Donno, maybe could swap Holy Immo with Sunbreaker for no-heal Ziran meme deck.

The Azure Herald Meme Deck Competition //VOTING//

Damn… I wanna play this.


Azure herald may begood to proc stratty and provide healing to counterbalance draining wave

Also, emp would be strong, and ironcliffe is a good replacement for the second sun because without jax truesight it will take too long to proc strategos over other mythrons


Would a Kinematic Worldcore deck be worthy of submission?




@raputha probably should have said that submission is closed, edits are dissallowed.

NP, I’ll do it instead :slight_smile:

Proceed to voting The Azure Herald Meme Deck Competition //VOTING//


uh guys uh submission time is over since like uh 8 hours and i forgot but remembered 15 minutes ago so DONT EDIT SHIT PLS