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***The Azure Herald Meme Deck Contest*** [cool competition]


All dis, true.

Unfortunately, I need the details before a page like this goes up (so I can get this approved) so I can’t do prizes for this event but I can talk to @raputha about prizing about future contests.


alright ill keep this in mind :smiley: thank you


This is where raputha just copies the thread with one changed letter and asks if he can haz prizes for that one before posting xd

Plz dont kill me thanny


If they want to do that and change the date starting the week after this event (and message me about it before posting it)… :ok_hand:

Although we’d have to talk ‘terms and conditions’ type stuff like :eyes: is this a weekly event? Running two a month? What are the goals for this? etc


Was gonna say.



Yeah thats where that would faulter. Thats why i didnt come to you beforehand xD i just made this a ‘competition’ so more people would join it’s all an illusion :eyes: its probably a onetime thing or the next one will be in like a half year since its for the azure herald thing im doing. Wasnt really expecting to get prizing for that.


If you ever need help talking to Thanny I’m a veteran!


So I was going to submit a MechaStorm list that uses Q/Hiogi package with Mechazor Progression to make up to 43 mechazors, but the interaction that makes the deck work is kinda not there anymore. Oh well.


Yellow Abyssian

You are not Aggro Vet. You are not Control Vet. This is not a Vet deck. You are Abyssian.

Use your Face+BBS+Falcius+anything you pull from Skyppy to control the board.
Throw down bodies, be in your enemies face. Many your enemy trade their board into yours, them bring them all back.

Bring your minions’ health low or just block you enemies. Force the enemy to attack your board. If they still ignore a minion, give it some buffs and hit them in the face. Put a Scion’s Second Wish on your Tombstone and hit them with it. Your Wind Shrikes. Allomancers. That 25/25 you pulled off of Grimes because you are an RNG god.


Getting your units low enough to be an inciting trade is you aim, to bait you enemy into destroying them. This increases the chances of multiple units dying on the same turn. Once your opponent decides to clear the board, throw away the rest of your damaged minions and BRING THEM ALL BACK. Opponent’s swarming the board? Play a Wasteland Wraith. It removes everything, but you don’t care because you have CORPSE COMBUSTION.

Dioltas gives you a FAT 0/10 Provoke. Allomancer gives you free Obelysks. The more you bring back, the more Obelysks you get, the more board presence you have. And Aymara Healer is 5 health to you, and 5 Health from your enemy. Don’t save your Corpse Combustions for multiple Aymaras (though it is one of the best outcomes). 0 cost Rae is a free dispell and lets you claim a Mana Tile without walking onto it. The more times you kill your own Sarlacs before bringing them back, the greater your presence on board.

EMPs do nothing against your deck. A Dying Wish minion that is dispelled can still be brought back.

Thunder Horn does nothing. Multiple minions dying at once? Perfect, just re-summon them all.

Brome swarming you? Good thing you have Wasteland Wraith.

Aggro trying to run you down? Place units, body block, then Corpse Combustion after they spend damage on your minions that would otherwise have been directed to your face.

The Azure Herald Meme Deck Competition //VOTING//

I really want to try this


Don’t stress yourself about it. We appreciate the effort. :metal:

How about the winner of this competition hosts the next one?


Just letting ya know wraith actually only kills enemy minions



for clarification I sadly had to blur this away i.imgur.com/Ax9UCWQ.png

Goal: Try to flash out a worldcore golem as fast as possible. Get as many of them on the board as possible. Eventually win. You may decide to win with the Greater Egghatching combo or by bombing the opponent with 6 damage Taygete pops (kujata is the reason why I don’t run Makantor. If I get more than 3 Kujjis Makantor is too dead to run on his stubbly legs. How do I get so many Kujatas? By multiplying them with Fractal and Progenitor. I might add the decispikes combo or just spikes for more draw.

Edit: This is my second version of the deck. I worked on it to make the early game and the draw smoother. Sadly E’Xun has rotated out, he would have been a very good option as a draw engine that also funcions very well with the Flashes and Kujjata. But he rotated… it had to be tec edge. Fractal has been fun, but I very often got a concede when the third Worldcore hit the dancefloor and I lost too often with Fractal in hand and no target in sight.
also I gotta make a poll:

  • Worldcore Golem’s walking animation is too slow. Have you seen him flying? Its …so … sloooow.
  • The walking animation is just fine as it is
  • Make him walk slower! The suspense isn’t enough!
  • Please make him turn around and moonwalk to his destination. (we need a moonwalking minion whatever the result of this poll will be)

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I like my christmas Wonderland memes. And I like them bloody:

The Azure Herald Meme Deck Competition //VOTING//

Even better
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Here’s what I run for fun.

It’s pretty simple; chip away, survive, Spiral or Bangle Saberspine. Those two are the most common finishers, but the Flicker double Obscuring Saberspine works well, too.

It’s memey enough, though some may not think so. It’s annoying for sure. Kinda weak to artifact hate, but it’s not awful.

The Azure Herald Meme Deck Competition //VOTING//

I really want to submit a meme deck here but I have so many of them I can’t decide which one to submit :sweat_smile:


We need Lodestar!


Since @Alplod asked for it here it is, this beauty is called Singularity, Thanks to @Alplod for the great name:

The star of the deck is none other than Lodestar. Surrounded by scary looking minions? Put that Lodestar in a corner and watch how to your opponents surprise he pulls you out of harms way. Your opponent hiding from your Thunderhorn? Worry not! Lodestar will pull your opponents board straight to your Thunderhorn for a perfect boardwipe. Don’t have a Thunderhorn but still want to clear your opponents board? Leave it Lodestar, slap a Diretide frenzy on him and shred up all those enemy minions that are bothering you. One lodestar insn’t pulling enough minions for you? Put that Fractal Replication to use and watch the world collapse under the massive weight of multiple Lodestars all while beholding a scene indescribable with mere words.

Rebuke, Thunderhorn, Diretide Frenzy and Thunderhorn + Diretide Frenzy give you ample ways to deal with swarm and put big dents in your opponents board if you don’t get your Lodestar in time.

Also, flash Lodestar is the best P1T2 play that you can make rivaled by nothing. The less minions your opponent has when you get Lodestar on the field the more likely he is to stick, and if your opponent lets Lodestar stick they will be in for a lot of trouble.

TLDR: The goal of this deck is to get as many Lodestars on the field as possible via Fractal replication and proceed to absorb your opponent into an endless Black hole from which they will never escape.

The Azure Herald Meme Deck Competition //VOTING//
Is there one faction you never play?