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***The Azure Herald Meme Deck Contest*** [cool competition]


Hey, that sounds funny, I’ll take it :grin:


I will be submitting my current Doom list ASAP


Strangely I don’t feel the urge to participate, even though I post a couple every month :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll be happily following this though!


internetz iz hard


You should include the deck on your post rather then a link, also rules state you needa have some text about the deck :v:


I present to you, Vanar Morghulis
(or, rather, Dying Wish Vanar except nothing really dies ever)

The deck’s concept is fairly simple.

  1. Summon things back to back, using Kara’s BBS as a way of making them stick.
  2. Ramp/Stall into Auroraboros or Ancient Grove, while your minions die but not really (Snowchaser and Fenrir ftw)
  3. Frustrate your opponent through sheer inability to kill things that transform into other things.

I’ve been trying out this deck in mid silver-low gold and so far it’s been good, if a little inconsistent.

The Azure Herald Meme Deck Competition //VOTING//




the idea here is to use lionize as effectively as possible. summon things around/behind you, then buff it with lionize and whatever other buffs you want, then go in for the kill. notable inclusions are gryphon and solpiercer

first game got a solpiercer lethal on arcanyst kara. marching orders completely shut down vanar removal. got rekt by token ilena because i couldnt keep a minion on the board, aspect of the mountains OP. third game against wanderer zirix made me realize that solpiercer marching orders was really the unbeatable combo needed to make lionize shine. fourth game against nose sajj was won due to solpiercers ranged… it made me realize the true star of this deck was the one. the only SOLPIERCER. then i promptly lost to nose sajj (likely because i never drew solpiercer). and then won against nose sajj… because of a misplay… theres a lot of nose today huh… and then i got rekt by ranged cannoneer reva :sob: thunder protocol counters solpiercer too easy. wanderer lilithe never stood a chance. dying wish trial lilithe never stood a chance either after i swapped in vale hunter.

The Azure Herald Meme Deck Competition //VOTING//

was expecting a deck filled with only lion minions smh


Here is my deck “Toaken”. An Oak in meme-town deck.

Naturally the game plan is to spam different tokens to get Oak in the Nemeton out quickly. Embla is the backup plan and gives another chance on getting the trial completed.

The town walls shall protect you.

A very fun game vs Hsuku :grin: (https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-L9uBh5GrQD9iacgmuVJ)

The Azure Herald Meme Deck Competition //VOTING//

Flying Tauntruvian

So this is me attempting to resurrect the absolute catastrophe that was the first deck I ever built. The entire point of the old deck was to sit it the back, building up provoke units, hoping and praying your opponent wasn’t aggro, and confusing them by keeping to yourself until 7 mana. At 7 mana, you’d drop Justicar and send all the beefy taunty boys all across the field.

With new expansions and some of the rotation, a new option is to follow up a Lady Locke with either poop swarm or the flying package.

Now let me tell you right now that this deck is not viable. At all.
It wasn’t good then, it’s even worse now. There’s too much removal going around, setup is inconsistent, you have no win con, and you’d probably be dead by the time you meet the deck’s goal.

I have no idea what the point of this deck is, or why God allowed it to exist for so long, but it’s stupid and memey and I LOVE MY BABY.

The Azure Herald Meme Deck Competition //VOTING//

Gate Cass. This deck actually got support in the form of Gibbet and Munch, both being great removal and sustain, also, you get the Abyssal Tormentor from gate, which just goes nutty with your creep and Darkspine, who works wonderfully with Pluck prioritising minions. This deck was made in my attempts to make Gate work every so often in every expansion.
Note: If playing this deck you see a Vaath, insta concede to save time

The Azure Herald Meme Deck Competition //VOTING//

One Woman Neme

This deck runs only 1 minion because who needs them anyways and instead I run a ton of minion summoning spells.

The Azure Herald Meme Deck Competition //VOTING//

I love this



If you want to get rewards ask Thanny beforehand, he doesn’t bite!


he did ask, but it really helps if you drop a @ThanatosNoa to call him here


Oh alright.
Hey @ThanatosNoa,
is it okay if every participant gets an orb? or like the top 3? D:


Hold on, I will get the model for forum contests.

I will be a moment.


This is what I use and it is what the other competitions use:

  • 1st place - 5 Spirit Orbs + Poet forum title + Place in Jury for next contest (JNC)
  • 2nd place - 4 Spirit Orbs + JNC
  • 3rd place - 3 Spirit Orbs + JNC


Nice job
15kapa cant bagoum from mobile kill me


You forgot the title part.