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***The Azure Herald Meme Deck Contest*** [cool competition]


Hello fellow meme-deck enjoyers
and magazine-development-followers

There is this little idea of mine: [Project in Progress] THE AZURE HERALD (like actually practically the official name now probably) which you have probably maybe heard of.

If not, it’s basically a high-end Duelyst Magazine with lots of content put into it. Until it comes out i will need a lot more things to put in tho and this is where the memers will shine!


Starting r i g h t n o w until exactly 7 days from now (that is Thursday the 19th of April, 11:08 am, Middle Ueropean Time) you can submit a Meme-Deck. After that there will be a Voting Poll to determine which Decks make it to the AZURE HERALD!

  • Everyone can participate and every participant may submit 1 Meme-Deck. (The comment may be edited until the contest is Over)
  • A Meme-Deck Submission should look similar to this:

Deck Name

[ Picture of the Deck from the Bagoum Deckbuilder ]

Some Text (This can be whatever you like it to be but there HAS to be some text either describing the deck, telling us why it is so cool/fun/garbage, telling of the great journey you partook in to get the glimmering spark of an idea that led tho this deck etc.)

ALSO here is a poll which will determine how many meme decks will be included in the final product:

  • Only the #1 TOP Voted Meme Deck should be included in the Azure Herald.
  • The top 3 Decks should be included
  • The top 5 Decks should be included

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Top 1, 3 and 5 refers to the voting after the contest submission time ends


Theres actually no orbs to win.
However Your Meme Deck will be featured in a highly visually appealing work of sublime design and you will get ALL THE CREDIT FOR IT ;D
If you have a twitter, youtube or anything else you would like me to link to if your submission gets in there, just add it to the submission or shoot me a pm later. Also your forum profile pic will be seen. as if thats worth anything.

Thanny plz give some free orb codes to give away for the participants :sweat:


The Azure Herald Meme Deck Competition //VOTING//
[Project in Progress] THE AZURE HERALD (like actually practically the official name now probably)

does the deck actually need to be tested, or can I simply screw around in bagoum, and give you the results?


While you can do that you should still be able to add some lore to it. Give it some flavour and embrace the meme. It needs to be heavy. Tales of Bromes getting beat up by Swamp Entangler hold more merit when told with truth, although the sly jester might also rise above.


Time to get the meme juices flowing.


Big Boyz (Mythron Flavoured)

This is an updated version from my original goofy deck.
Play fatties, dispell opponents’ ones (and your own Marauders), if fatty is too far : Cadence, if opponents rise a wall of fatties to bodyblock : Betrayal :slight_smile:

The Azure Herald Meme Deck Competition //VOTING//


As you can probably tell, the goal is to blitz the enemy general in one turn with Mask of Shadows, Bangle and saberspine seal, this is facilitated by things like tracer, flicker, and substitution (which can also be used with Juxta for amazing memes) it usually doesn’t work out that well, but when it does it’s magnificent.

The Azure Herald Meme Deck Competition //VOTING//

I feel like this deck has some merit to it, when I have more cards, I might screw around with the concept of Assassin Kaleos.

Will prob edit this post to submit deck.




I don’t get it.


Spellmar, or VAATREMORS (credits to @nwardezir for that marvel of a name)


  1. remove opponent’s monsters with spells
  2. hit their face and insta win cause superior Vaath buff lizard fists
  3. you dont even need friends, just these fists alone can win games

The idea was to make a deck with many spells and not many creatures- unfortunately I enjoy winning, so I put some in, you know them, you know the ones, I dont even have to name them spicy dudes, theyre blazing pyres up in this festival called duelyst, everybody seen these, theyre everybody’s pals, or pals of pals, or enemies maybe I dunno depends on you I guess

Tremor buys lotsa time for you to get mana to/draw/get more value out of Plasmastorm and Rebuke, its good, stop bullying it

The Azure Herald Meme Deck Competition //VOTING//

This is amazing, I must play it.


Its the minimum dmg output to otk from 25


Cool competition, i gonna participate soon…anyway, can anyone tell me the definitions of "meme’ decks?


Rough definition is non meta.


So any Xor decks?


what alplod said plus it usually has a very cool (albeit mostly inconsistent or wonky) combo to finish off your opponent (like mask of shadows bangle saberspine seal). those decks can be very swingy in that they are fun and explosive when you draw good


My little jewel of a deck here is reposted from @miguelosz’s thread.

I’m not even remotely good at naming, so I call this one Mirror Abyss. Better naming suggestions are very welcome :slight_smile:

Henceforth the deck will be known as Swarmzig, thx to @phayze .

Though I think it’s pretty obvious what I’m doing here, I want to say a few words.

Scarzig activation combo may involve teleportation/buffing its attack/reducing enemy attack. The fun part is that many of these cards actually support swarm in some way, so you may instead try swarm combo when everything else fails.

Teleportation cards are also good soft removal when they are not involved in Scarzig combo.

I never used Visage before and must say that it is quite good unconventional card which helps in swarm and general preservation.

I manage to pull off Scarzig combo one in ten games or so, but I also win in gold sometimes by just using Necrotic + Chakram/Soulshatter which is always unexpected.

Mirrorim gets additional consistency with RiftWalker - if you can’t make scarzig combo, you can always copy Walker and AoE opponent to death.

Not much competetive value, tbh, but lulz are also nice.

The Azure Herald Meme Deck Competition //VOTING//

Scarbyss ? :slight_smile:  

Abyzig ?


Very close to scarab, which is a vet thing. Thanks though :slight_smile:


Swarmzig :slight_smile: