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The assassin's cabin


as my travels away from my frosty lands i usually land in songhai (or vet recently).
and after running a few backstab decks i landed this, which seems to work great:)
however - i know there are far better songhai mains here so i’ll leave this here.

your thoughts on the deck?


Well, backstab is not my most played Hai archetype, so I can say almost nothing about the deck atm.

I see what you’re trying to do here. Massacre artist could be removed every time since you play little to no minions. On the other hand your every minion demands removal, so it may stick. But you have too little movement spells and no activators for a reliable combo.

All in all, I’d either play less artifacts, more minions, movement and Kaleos or even less minions and combo Shidai. Being somewhere in the middle is not a way to go, IMO.


What’s the win-con?


Playing another deck :wink:


Oh you. :facepalm:


Artifact Backstab combo with general.

Say, Bangle + SS + Mask of Shadows is 18 dmg.

Also, spiral.


Sure thing, but the rest of the deck have zero artifact support.


What artifact support do you mean in Hai?


I don’t know.


Artifacts are usually artifact support themselves if speaking of Hai.


As much as this seems like a really fun deck, it seems like you’re trying too much to use both. Either focus more heavily on minions, board presence and arguably Kaleos or switch to a more bursty combo playstyle at which point it becomes melee backstab Crankyhai which I’ve always wanted to try.


C’est pas très gentil ca!


Although not direct artifact supports, I would’ve expected a set of Juxtaposition, or at least some Flickers.


With that I agree. At least Juxta


That’s my point and what I think @alplod is pointing out. He needs to commit to one or the other and if he commited to a more backstab playstyle, then you would see Jux and Flicker and maybe even a UEAmulet and such.


It won’t be entirely difficult to visualize a Backstab Artifact deck with Horned Mask and Mask of Shadows, but I’m not sure how viable it will be.


This deck looks a bit meh. If your goal is winning with artifacts then cyclone mask and tracer is a must.


Yeah, that’s the other option. That would involve more minions and mobility spells along with probably Kaleos


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