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The Amazing Search Bar


I want to take a moment to praise the CounterPlay devs for their splendid search bar implementation in the card collection. I’m not sure what functionality it started out with, but over time I have learned it is far more useful than I originally gave it credit for.

The useful features I’ve noticed:

-If you want to look at all the cards of a specific mana cost in a category, put the number in the search bar! Example: typing ‘5’ into the search bar shows you only 5 mana cost cards in the section you are viewing.

-You can hide shimzar cards with the little gear next to the bar, but what if you wanted to see only the shimzar cards? Type ‘shimzar’ into the search bar!

-On a similar note, ever crawled through your collection looking for what new cards you got? Type ‘new’ into the search bar!

-Want to look at only the artifacts/spells/minions? Type ‘artifact’ or ‘spell’ or ‘minion’!

-One last one that is kind of ‘duh’, the search looks through card text too! So if you were ever wanting to quickly recap, say, the cards that let you draw, type ‘draw’ in the search bar!

Anywho, thought that maybe some other people might also have gone many hours without knowing these things, so wanted to share the love. Any features/tricks others have learned in the search bar?


The search bar really does make things a lot easier.

My only gripe is that I have yet to find a way to find a way to bring up all the cards with lore. Sometimes I just feel like sitting back and reading some of the stories.


It is also worth noting that you can seach “Add” for other card draw options. L’kian, Lantern Fox, Grincher, and a few other cards “Add” a card to your hand rather than drawing from your deck.


You can also combine search terms by using a ‘+’ between the different terms.

So ‘minion + 4’ shouldshow you all minions with a casting cost of 4.


And if you want only the core set, you can use “core”.
Useful if you want to track your sister progress for a faction, just type “core rare” :wink:

On a UI point of view, wouldn’t hurt if they put some help icon like (?) and display a tooltip with all keywords available on search bar. Not the most elegant, but at least will give some hints.

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