The Adventures of Daily Magmar: Entry 1 (A Rant)


Dear Journal,

So today I got the daily 4 match quest for Vetruvian. I thought to myself, “ugh, anything is better than vet”. I was wrong…Magmar. Oh how I despise thy. But alas, I need the gold. I don’t have any Magmar deck, so I rummaged up and built one within about 5 minutes (I like to throw away non-main faction decks as it gives me practice in deckbuilding.)

This is what I scrum together:

Alright, deck made, onto the games.

- Game 1 - Magmar v Songhai -
Alright, I can do this, I know Songhai. Just kill all the low minions and smash face, easy enough.
End result: WIN

- Game 2 - Magmar v Vanar (Kara) -
Vanar 1st turn, a mech. Okay, well let’s see what we can do. Turn 2, another mech. Turn 3, sitting fine. Turn 4, stalled out and I can’t use Natural Selection. Turn 5, 2 more mechs and I’m out of position. Things aren’t looking good. I clear the mechs, but Turn 6 is here and so is this Vanar’s 9/9 Mechazor (BBS used) with some extra mechs to help fight. This is bad.

But I can do this, right? I mean, I’m Magmar? I think Magmar is OP as ****. Come on me, prove it. I clear the adds and close the gap. Kara’s down to 9 HP and she uses Mechazor to body block. One shot to my face, 9 dmg, and now I’m alone with 12 health. I gotta clear it off.

I face check the Mechazor and take the 9 damage. Down to 3. But I got an ace to pull; Bounded lifeforce. I’m 10/10 after the mech and I’m sticking around with something to prove. What’s Vanar to do now? Chasi Mech and Hearth Sister (6/5, 4/3)

I eat the Chasi, Natural Selection the Hearth, and now I’m 13/4…until the Earth Sphere, 13/12. Mono y mono with 13/12 to 2/9. Sunsteel and another Mech show up. Eat Mech, but what’s this? Another Natural Selection. Surrendered.

I won. I face check 2, TWO Mechazor hits…and won. Thank you early game, thank you Bounded Life, thank you Earth Sphere, thank you Natural Selection. I couldn’t have done it without you guys. :expressionless:

End result: WIN

- Game 3 - Vetruvian (Zirix) v Magmar -
Pax comes out. Alright, Gro to corner, Ephemeral when Pax comes over. Little later, Entropic Decay on my Spirit Harvester. Everything’s going fine. Turn 5 and not much has been done (21 to 21). Turn 6, it’s here, Grandmaster Nosh-Rak, and I can’t reach. I look through my hand, I realize I can play Thumping Wave on enemy minions. Oh how thy Magmar gods look over me :expressionless:

I’m slowly making a split due to Overload stacks (15 to 17 me), but it’s 0 minions to 5…5 with less than 3 Attack that is. PLASMA STORM. A clear board, but it’s my 5 attack to their 2. 11 to 15 me.

2 more Obelysks come done in center. That’s ok, I got some grow minions. I’ll just grow bigger in the corners and bide my time. Moments later, obelysks are gone…but I’m still standing. A slow battle of delay, but with another Earth Sphere, the inevitable comes here as well…

End result: WIN

- Game 4 - Magmar v Vet (Sajj) -
A quicker game. By the end of turn 3, it’s already 15 (me) to 12. Another Plasma Storm, some more Overload and Adamantite Claws and the game is over by turn 7.

End result: WIN

I not only broke into rank 12 (something I was never able to do with any other faction deck). I made it with no legendaries, I brushed aside a Nosh-Rok, and I face tanked Mechazor TWICE, and won. All of them.

So stupid.

I have so many concerns with Magmar, but a big one from this experience for me was Earth Sphere. If anyone wants to explain to me why it’s 4 mana compared to Spiral Technique’s 8. I started to learn and feel how Magmar is control-oriented, but the amount of control and survivability is stupid. 2 Mechazor hits. TWO. The fact that I have the option to even CONSIDER to willingly take a 2nd Mechazor hit and not be phased. 2 Mechazor hits. I just keep telling myself that over and over. 2 Mechazor hits. Mind blowing.


I mean, Earth Sphere is good, but you lose a lot of momentum by activating it. If your board isn’t already in your favor you’re just digging a hole for yourself. Spiral Technique is so expensive because of its ability to close out a game. You can’t close out a game with Earth Sphere.

Anyways, yeah Magmar is pretty good, especially for a player looking for viable budget decks.


Anything could happen below Diamond.


whats so surprising about winning 4 games without legendaries?

i hardly have legendaries in my lyonar and magmar decks in diamond, if i take some it’s more for lols or something. they aren’t helping 90% of the time.


Correct me if i’m wrong, but if you use bounded lifeforce you can’t heal back above ten :confused:


It’s 4 mana for 8 health. Lyonar has a spell which heals you for 5 for 1 mana. I know it’s a different faction and all, but it’s still a large difference and can be used on minions.


Wait till you play with the Magmar cards that are actually broken. Your deck is still playing nice.


My original post flagged by community. So I wasn’t suppose to say the deck is bad? Or that if you use bad deck that your understanding of balance should be put in question. I am just curious

Points against the original poster point

1.They played against Kara and 2 vets.The worse current factions/generals at a rank where almost any thing works

2.In throwing together a deck they choose bad minions,even on a budget you could pick better minions

Magmar is very strong but this post does nothing to prove it.And people not calling out player for using bad minions isn’t helping the player.My original post was infinitely more helpful to OP than most these other post because understanding that their deck was bad would have help them to reach past rank 12 with their prefer deck.It is clear to see they have issue with basic deck construction

Healing mystic,Blood tear alchemists and Primus shieldmaster is basic,stuff like Primus fist and azure Herald is commons.Some times you have help a player by letting them they aren’t that good.


Random note if a person is 13/4(after bounded lifeforce) and they earth sphere.They become 13/10 not 13/12.


Was sure earth spear was 8hp yeah I’m seeing 8 how I don’t remember them changing it. Anyhoo congratulations I guess but who goes face damage vs a Vaath I think you were lucky on ur versus is all.


Earth sphere does heal 8. But Bounded Lifeforce transforms your general, so your maximum HP becomes 10 instead of 25. (Can’t heal over max HP)


In regards to the surviveability.
Have you ever played against a control-abyssian deck with Kelaino? That’s some healing right there.
Otherwise, any general can survive 2 hits from Mechazor since it’s only 8 damage per shot. 16 damage is over half your health but very surviveable.


I saw the original post, the phrasing was demeaning, but I wasn’t offended (nor did I flag, surprised it was.) I think everything you made, both in the original and this, DOES support my notion though.

This deck is garbage. As I originally stated, I spent like 5 minutes just throwing cards together. I don’t play Magmar, and this deck is pretty trash.

And that’s my point.

Here I am putting borderline zero thought into a deck. Regardless of rank, if you played any of your decks against this and then come to find out they put no thought into building your deck, you’d feel like crap or insulted, because you (and all of us) usually put some thought and care into our deckbuilding, whether it’s gimmicky, meme, or something serious.

This is a trash, 5 minute built deck that won against thought out crafted decks, and won them defiantly. Most decks would consider an opposing mechazor on turn 6 with no removal to be game ending, or at least extremely difficult. Yet, not only did I win, I did it by willingly eat 18 damage to my face.

No other faction would ever even make that consideration or possibility to eat that much damage.

With these cumulative points about a crappy deck and what it got away with, this should disgust anyone.


Not wrong at all! Yea, I went from 13/4 to 13/10. Mistake on my part :slight_smile: Happy to see I was wrong :laughing:


Sorry, but his point still applies. Winning 4 games in a row means nothing, especially at low ranks. Besides the rank considerations, your deck really shows nothing about the problematic cards in Magmar. Magmar was considered one of the weakest factions before RotB, so guess where should we look for fixes to apply? :wink:


Getting caught up 4-0 completely ignores how I got it (I stopped after the 4th win, hate Magmar).

If someone went 4-0, on surface it might not mean much. But, if one of those games consisted of a player beating a 2 or 5 turn Variax without removal, 4-0 aside, that game would still mean something.

This wasn’t a Variax, but it was a Mechazor, and that usually (and should) mean the game is loss or much harder to win.


All the people downplaying your accomplishment are secretly complimenting your skills as a player :smiley:


Point is, try the very same deck against any decent deck piloted by a somewhat decent player and you will consistently lose. I’m not saying I don’t care about the opinion of lower rank players, because I think all players at all levels should have fun with the gamd, but I would not trust their opinion on balancing changes.

Magmar are horribly strong at the moment and a few offending cards are perfectly clear to most players. They will likely be nerfed by the next patch. However, Plasma Storm and Earth Sphere are not those cards. Both are strong value cards, which immensely help Control Magmar decks. But Control Magmar is not the issue, Aggro Magmar is and it is way faster and stronger than your deck.

Good luck with the climbing anyway! :wink:


Those Magmar threads are getting funnier every single day :slight_smile: It’s pure ejoyment to read them, thank you all.


This is what I’m getting at though. I’ve been rank 16-13 for as long as I’ve been playing ladder. It should be understandable then that those I play against are equal in skill level.

My skill + This deck should not beat an equally skilled player with an organized and carefully crafted deck.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting any balancing changes here. This was a rant, as stated in title :smile:

With that, this really wasn’t meant to be even this serious of a thread.