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The Act of Treason Contest


Greetings, my old friends and enemies. As your official Chief of Communication, I have gathered you here today so that you can bear witness to high treason… and even take part in it, if you so desire. What is this high treason, you ask? Well, it is nothing but a shameless advertisement for another card game on the Duelyst Forums! Sounds exciting, huh? I’m excited too – I’ve been working on this game for a little while now, and I thought you guys might be interested…

Enter Lesser Evil, the physical party card game that combines aspects of Magic: The Gathering, Hearthstone, UNO, and masochism!

The basic premise of Lesser Evil is that every card has a negative effect – a downside. You must play the lesser of the evils in your hand to outlast your opponents and emerge victorious. And why wouldn’t you just play nothing at all? Is Mana Burn in a Hearthstone-style mana system a good enough incentive to play cards? :wink: Besides, most of the cards have upsides, too, though they may be hard for the untrained eye to see. Here are four minions:

Below is the rulebook if you are interested in finding out more. Please let me know if anything is unclear to you.

So, what do you think?

  • I’m listening…
  • Looks like a cool game!
  • That is the dumbest game idea I’ve ever heard.
  • You have committed crimes against Duelyst and her people! What say you in your defense?

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And now, the moment that none of you have been waiting for…

The Act of Treason Contest

Who: I want YOU.
What: Design a Unique minion card for Lesser Evil (you will have to read the rulebook first).
When: The contest ends when I say it does – but probably in a week.
Where: Right here in this thread… where else?
Why: The winning design will be included in the game, and you will receive credit for it on the card!
How: Here is an example submission (that also happens to be a real card from Lesser Evil):

Pungent Anchovy (2)
Minion — Fish [3/2]
When a player becomes salty, he or she loses the game.
At the beginning of your turn, take 1 damage.

And before someone else posts it:



High-Level Raid boss.
Stats: 6/12
Ability: When this card comes into play, destroy all enemy minions with 3 or less attack and/or 5 or less health. At the begining of your turn, deal 3 damage to all enemy minions who did not attack on their turn.
Flavor text: When high level players complain that content is too easy


Pedantic Panda, Book Keeper Bee,
Cost: 4
Stats: 3/6
Rarity: Rare

You take double damage from mana burn leak.
Evasive/Endangered/Elusive: This unit cannot be the target of the attack of an enemy minion

Design philosophy: A strong blocker and minion removal for a tempo/control deck that plays very well into the dynamic of the game rules.


I like the flavor, but there is nothing bad about this card… it is just extremely overpowered.

Really cool design, but I don’t see how the “Pedantic” fits with the design.

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He is pedantic about you not using all your mana.


How will I know which low drop I need to design to make aggro viable if I dont know the rest of the cards of the set???

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It’s not a trading card game, so you can’t make aggro viable.

Especially not with a Unique (1 in the 90 card deck).


Oh, let me rework it then:
End Game Boss:
X mana 1/1
Whenever this minion enters play, activate a phase based on how much mana has been spent.
Each time someone has to check the rulebook for phases, they are set to 1hp (including you).

1 mana

At the beggining of your turn, this and another random minion (anywhere)gains +1/+1.

2 mana

Gain +1/1. Discard a random card from all players hand and deal damage to them equal to the cost.

3 mana

Gain +2/+2.At the beginning of your turn deal 1 damage to EVERYTHING.

4 mana

Gain +3/+3.Deal 2 damage all minions then 10 to a RANDOM character(player or minion, ANY).

5 mana

Get +4/+4.Destroy any 3 random minions. Deal damage to any player that gets salty

6 mana

Gain +5/+5. Draw 2 cards. Discard the deck.

7 mana

Gain +7/+7. ALL minions are now 1/1.

8 mana

Gain +7/+7.Whenever you Mana leak, remove 1 mana next turn and gain +1/+1 for each mana removed.

9 mana

Gain +8/+8. Add “Road Roller” to your hand(9 mana.Crush all minions, removing them from game.)

10 mana

Gain +9/+9. In 3 turns. Player with highest health loses.


Novel Obsessor (Minion - Ghost)
Stats: 2/3
Cost: 4
Draw 3 cards, then discard from your hand until you have one card.

“You will not believe how good this idea is!”


Prophetic Flagelloïd
Stats: 1/7
Cost: 3
Each turn, shuffle your hand face down, and you can only play the top card. It costs 4.

I sense a legendary warrior is approaching


Collagist’s Scissors (4)

Minion - Construct [4/2]
Destroy a card you control to use any one word or number contained in it to replace any one word or number contained in any other card in the field.

Make art everyone!!! - Brackets

You may substitute, for example, the word “beginning” with “end” to alter when effects take place, or a creature’s stats, use a minion’s stats to alter the cost to maintain an enchantment on the board by substituting the latter’s mana cost, change Cutting Edgelord’s text to “Whenever you make an edgy comment on your turn, deal 3 damage to an enemy minion and opponents”…
Im sure lots of people will have fun trying to figure out a way to make Pungent Anchovy instakill someone

its weird to call myself not Ryousen on the forums but such is the life of god damn pseudonyminions


cutting edgelord otk i guess
i am a professional edgelord


THE Masochist (7)
Minion - Human
Whenever you or your cards are negatively affected, you inflict the same effect on an opponent or their cards (depends on original effect). You and your cards cannot benefit from effects.
Spank me harder than this game spanks your sorry peach emoji babe.

totally not a building

*Note: Although you may not benefit from effects anymore, you can still inflict damage on your opponents through effects as long as no actual self-benefit is involved.

BIG EDIT: To prevent confusion with Reveling Masochist, I suggest an ALL CAPS on “THE” to make it clear that they are THE ultimate incarnation of masochism.


Although this “drawback” is probably going to be a huge abusive combo most of the time.
It should probably be reworked such as it’s the opponent who would chose the word substitution.

Awesome idea anyway.


By the way if the concept of painful decisions appeal to you, I can certainly recommend the board game “In the Year of the Dragon”.
You’re a medieval lord and you must make investment decisions every season (armies, crops, political favors, etc.). And every season there’s a random catastrophe that can ruin the players who didn’t plan wisely. Nobody comes out unscathed.


I can’t wait for a ccg where all the flavor text is designed exclusively by anjo!


I dunno man, most of the time is a shaky claim without seeing the rest of the cards.

Despite this better judgement, I can actually totally see this frequently being a bad minion.

Think of it like this. Edgelord is clearly above the power curve. But you would expect most of the cards to be, by definition, on the curve. The rarity rule presented makes it so that Scissors can OTK, if you draw both of these legendary 1 in 90 cards, and have a board with “opponent” written in one of the cards.

But realistically, most of the time you will be drawing half shitty commons and rares? With an occasional epic. The epic presented (2 in 90) can be exploited to give you minions every turn, and that may snowball if you are the one controlling it (an opponent will just give you bad minions), and none of your (presumably) multiple opponents have an answer for a 3/4.
But if you dont have these rare powerhouses, what do you even do?
Kill a friendly minion to do something like turn a 6/6 Rogue Knight into a 6/1, and then presumably you tank the 6/1 with another minion of yours, if you have it, trading 2 for 1. You’d be better off just paying Rogue’s ability. Or maybe you kill a minion to turn it into a 1/6, which is okay, but does not seem broken.

Basically, Id expect this to make for very cool effects sometimes, but frequently, you just save it for the entire game, or cast it as a panic button not-very-good control card.

…There is still a possibility it’d be totes bonkers, in which I’d suggest increasing the cost, since making the opponent choose would just make them pick some boring ass number change every time and kill the fun


You want the rest of the cards? You’ll get them! …on Thursday. After I playtest the game one more time on Wednesday and probably have to make some adjustments to the cards, I will share a printable decklist with you good people. That way, you can make more informed designs and even test them out if you so desire!

Is anyone interested in playtesting Lesser Evil and giving me feedback?

  • Sure thing!
  • That’s not my cup of tea… so you probably poisoned it.

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DISCLAIMER: I deleted the disclaimers because they will become invalid.

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All of the cards, ready to be printed and played with!

This is version 4 of the game, by the way. Meaning that I have only playtested it thrice. And in my last playtest I forgot to put Quid Pro Quo into the deck…

The last playtest was very fun, but it took 2 hours to finish a 4-player game. It ended with a 1-health player playing Pungent Anchovy and then using a salted nut to finish off every other player. :joy:

I have not yet modified the rules to fix the timing issue, but if you want you can try playing the game gaining 2 mana per turn and tell me how it goes!


Juan Carlos (4)
Minion — Human [0/5]
At the end of your turn this car receives a message that he must leave his home; heal all damage this card took, and give this card to an opponent, and deal 2 damage to yourself as you try to fight back tears of sadness.

This card is Unique, as you can never replace Juan Carlos in your heart.