The Absolute most ridiculous game I've ever played


Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share a game I played with you all and hear some opinions about this.

I run a Songhai Kaleos replace deck and faced off against Faei Vanar.
Games played on October 19th in the Diamond division.

Here is a summary of the game, enjoy!

[1] Turn count
[2] Mana cores
[3] Units I summoned that turn
[4] Response of my opponent
[5] Every time he used warbird and the stuff that brought my health down. The number (23) etc. resembles my health.

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
Turn 1 (3) Dreamgazer Skips
Turn 2 (4) Dreamgazer Gore Horn Lightbender
Turn 3 (5) Kron Chromatic Cold Warbird (23)
Turn 4 (6) Kron Cryogenisis
Turn 5 (7) Gore Horn Chromatic Cold
Turn 6 (8) Wings of Paradise Frostburn Warbird (21)
Turn 7 (9) White Widow Aspect of the Fox Warbird (19)
Turn 8 (9) L’kian (2) Heart Sister + War bird Warbird (15) Snowchaser (17)
Turn 9 (9) Gore Horn + Aethermaster Avalanche Warbird (13)
Turn 10 Katara + Killing Edge Chromatic Cold Warbird (11)
Turn 11 Astral Crusader + Katara Aspect of the Fox + Frostburn Warbird (9)
Turn 12 White Widow + Wings of Paradise Cryogenisis + Glacial Elemental + Snowchaser (2)Warbird (7)
Aethermaster Flash Freeze
Turn 13 Some L’kian thrash minions Blistering Skorn + attacks Warbird (5)
Turn 14 Nothing left gg wp

So as you can see he killed every minion I had from afar for 12 straigth turns while killing my General using only warbird and one snowchaser I attacked myself.

Very sad that stuff like this can happen.


Somehow everything is crushed together


It looks very confusing but that’s Vanar for you. A faction with sooooo many removals. And Vets have close to none cause all of them require “better positioning”. And I know how you feel, this used to be worse if the opponent is Kara, remove + overstated minions and in hand tigers. #feelsbadman


somehow the vanar also used warbird every turn even though it’s only every 2 :smiley:. i doubt this is exactly what happened


Maybe I messed it up a little bit but the exact warbird turns aren’t really that important for the outcome of the match.

You can take a look if you dont believe me, just add me: Ludolaagland

Watch the replay: opponent = chenhaha - first page on my match history


well, it looks like you were up against a control deck. and removing everything you play is a big part of them. you were also playing a meme deck so that’s going to happen sometimes. i’d suggest taking out the astral crusaders from your deck. unfortunately, it has a cool concept and amazing art, but it’s just a strictly worse stormmetal golem in most cases. so not even replace decks run it


This. I mean you can’t go full meme and then complain about not doing well. Sure this game was pretty ridicolous in terms of vanar removal, but you are running 2 of the strictly worst cards in the game, Kron and Astral, run a heavy control orientated list without any heals or actual big minions (like storm kage, zendo, whatnot). The Vanar simply outcontrolled you because your deck is ass.


i wouldn’t say kron is one of the worst minions now lol. he’s still 6/6 of stats for 5 mana with 2 random abilities, and if he stays you get even more value. he’s defenitely a lot worse than before but i wouldn’t say he’s that bad. I mean, he’s in a game with black locust and rook for goodness sake


With ‘worst cards’ i am reffering to all ones that are unplayable. And Kron is one, except for maybe Kara. 4/4 for 5 with pointless provoke since you can’t use it without it dying, + a 2/2 with a ability that is useless in 2.5/5 cases just isn’t good. Like at all.

Sure Locust and stuff may be worse, but essentially Kron is in the same tier now, and is soon going to vanish without ever seeing the light of day again, only to be freed by a brave memer once in a while.


Well, he isnt that bad, the problem is he is just average. In constructed you kinda wanna pick the best apples from the bunch. And he is average on average, and okay at best 9when he summons Steve the forcefield guy). And most decks cut him out cause he is not able to do what he did before, slowing down games. He is the kinda of card that gets too much value if left unchecked (especially cause of Steve or ranged etc). So faster decks are left with no choice but to spend their resources on him and giving the slower decks some breathing room. So as of now, he isnt bad but isnt amazing enough to run in a non-replace deck. Even in a replace deck, he might just be meh atm.


I just won a few games thanks to Kron, 4/4 is still decent, and with an Aethermancer and played in a good position he will field usually 4 2/2’s before being killed or opponent concedes :slight_smile: