The 2D art of the characters


recently i’ve been browsing the Duelyst art page and the likes.

i noticed just how incredibly amazing is the 2D art of each character, like Silverbeak for example in the Shim’zar page, it looks mindblowingly cool.

the pixel art is still cute but yeah the 2D art you guys made are fantastic, i just want to put it out there, love the art. silverbeak looks fantastic in the 2D art it’s crazy. kudos for the drawer


the 2D art actually has a lot of potential. I wonder how amazing the game would look like if the pixel units were replaced by the 2D arts.


it would certainly be different though i don’t mind the pixel art, it’s funny and original.

but using the pixel image seems like signing a contract of being a niche game, but idk.


Can you post the Silverbeak artwork? I’m curious about it :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m a huge fan of the Pixel models and wouldn’t want to see them changed. (I have a soft spot for Pixel-art.)

THat being said, there could be better integration of the 2D artwork into the client and the game itself. There should be some kind of gallery or way to link the 2D with the PIxel-art.


sure but for you it might just be mediocre XD i find it really good looking.
here silverbeak and hydrax.


Where can I find more of this artwork?


unfortunately it’s just a background of the shim’zar collection site here


Why did the artist who made these not also make the general portraits? He/she seems to be able to draw faces.


In one of my post, I actually suggested to use those beautiful 2D art to make nice looking cards instead of the awful one that we have now.


I’m pretty sure he did, didn’t he ?


is it awful? i find it good looking, it’s original and generaly pixels are cute and no other method of drawing can make demons look funny lol.


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