That one card you hate


Does your deck have a specific weakness? This thread is for letting off steam/suggesting counters. This thread is NOT for demanding nerfs/insisting cards are OP.

I like to play control vetruvian and magmar. I tend to use my general to kill their 2 drops and tokens. The cards I hate are Spiral Technique and Spectral Revenant. I run earth sphere in Magmar and a decent amount of provoke in both. Any advice?

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I really like running 1 or 2 Grove Lions in my Control Solo Vaath, and the forcefield can help eating a lot of damage from Revenant, Aymara and so on… Now, when we’re talking about cards that irritates me the most, they are basically all from the Lyonar kit: Divine Bond, Arclyte Regalia and specially Holy Immolation… Argh… I just hate them Immolating Lions…


Totally forgot about grove lion. I only have one, but I’ll try it out.


Nothing quite raises my salt levels like Aspect of the Fox, Hailstone Prison, an Daemonic Lure.

Honorable mention to Chromatic Cold. I’m not found of spammable cheap removal…


Mana vortex: Next spell costs (1) less, draw one card at end of turn, deal 1 damage to enemy general and heal self for 1, give chakri avatar +1/+1. Tilts me everytime, even if I know it’s not OP.


I just hate Four Winds. It always feels like the starting signal for this unending chain of spells that just so happen to heal them while damaging me.


Chakri avatar:

“Oh you didnt kill my chakri … here, have 25 million light years damage in your face”


Out accelerate them. Even in control decks, the best counter to a check is to just defeat them. In Mag you have the super powerful Thumping Wave to attach to an Elucidator or Tiger. In Vet, your life is just a resource, and putting your opponent into check is how you invalidate their win-buttons. No matter how deep you are in counters, and having a strong neutral game, you need to think about positioning and managing your life in such a way that you can kill them if they either don’t have the card that kills you (forcing them to have it)- or in such a way that if they do it, you’ll find a lethal play.

The cards I hate are Metamorphosis, Chrysalis Burst and Plasma Storm. The game runs on small value based dudes primarily- so cards that invalidate them or make a coin toss are crapshoots. None of these cards are especially overpowered, just sortof conflict with the rest of the game’s design in a frustrating way.


I actually have to agree with Shattered, I have a personal hate for Vanars 1-2 mana, get rid of your minion spells.


Flash Reincarnation. It just ruins my day whenever the enemy plays it turn 1 and accelerates into Sunstone, Kron, even a turn 1 Sphynx. Goddamn that Sphynx, I swear Counterplay designed it just to taunt me for playing replace decks.


I really dislike both Four Winds Magi and Shadowdancer for the same reason. They both help you win by damaging the opponent and prevent you from losing by healing your general. I personally think that a card should do one or the other, or at most have the flexibility to do one or the other, but not both simultaneously. A card like Flameblood Warlock is pure aggro and only serves to further your win condition. Similarly, Earth Sphere exists purely for survivability. A well designed card like Phoenix Fire can do one or the other - it can hit face or remove a minion, meaning you can play it for winning or for not losing. The crucial part is that it can do either, but it can’t do both at the same time.

I hate Four Winds Magi and Shadowdancer because they do both simultaneously and have no counterplay on the turn they’re played. If you play Shadowdancer and hit your opponent’s general with 3 Wraithlings, your 5 mana card has just created a 9 health differential that not only removes your opponent’s life total but replenishes yours. I find them to be the most frustrating cards in the game because they serve too many functions at once. Oh, and because they both have decent stats for a midgame minion. I wouldn’t care quite as much if they weren’t 4/4s.

Edit: forgot Shadowdancer’s cost.


Shadowdancer’s a 5 drop. Just fyi


Dioltas, Facius, Kron, Jaxi, any card with a stupidly high amount of value for it’s cost.


any minion when it’s played in kara


I think I have to say Kron here. As much as I believe replace decks need a payoff card, I think that Kron should not be it. In it’s current state, it is a auto-include in decks because it does too much with too little set up. It feels like it rewards players for just playing it on curve until turn 3 or 4. Were it at a latter point I could understand it as a reward for surviving that long but having it as a midgame card is too much.


Ironcliffe Guardian.
The guy isn’t broke and 9/10 times I can deal with him but every single time he comes out on the field I feel the fun drain out of the game.


Falcius. That thing is way too powerful to be a simple “common” ranked card. It’s basically a stronger arclyte regalia that only last 1 turn, but leaves a 3/3 body and costs 1 less.


Blistering Skorn, jax truesight is unplayable


Some rational ones first:

  • Cheap removal: Aspect of the fox, Cromatic Cold and Hailstone Prison. I just hate how these cards that cost 2 or less mana can ruin cards that cost 5 or more, helping aggro decks and preventing slower decks from regaining the board.

  • Ephemeral Shroud: This little neutral makes about half of the interesting legendaries completely worthless. This thing makes playing high cost minions with low stats and good effects next to impossible. I’m looking at you Gauj and Frostiva.

Irrational Ones:

  • Flameblood Alchemist and Saberspine Tiger: These cards just scream “I’m playing a face deck that chooses to ignore the board to deal direct damage.”

  • Red Synja: I have had some terrible experiences playing with thing thing in my deck.


3 wraithlings dying. 3 damage and 3 health healed is 6 health difference.


The way it is written speaks specifically on the effect of a Shadowdancer (‘your 5 mana card’). Not the effect of a turn including other cards with a Shadowdancer. Including the 3 damage of wraithlings that could happen without a shadowdancer will misrepresent the impact added by using a Shadowdancer. So I stand that 6 is correct for the context written :slight_smile:

Starting to be annoyed with Nimbus. Sometimes you just don’t have a removal (because you used it on a earlier Nimbus or Kron). It hits something and creates half a dozen obelysk. The city of obelysk starts spawning every turn doing a ton of damage. Won’t be so annoyed if the obelysk doesn’t outright destroy your minions. Makantor dies. Even bloodtears dies. Makes it very hard to clear the board. If you somehow do succeed then your opponent just sticks another Nimbus. If you dispel Nimbus you still have to deal with the big healthy minion.