That feeling when... your opponent forgets to count Kelaino when working out whether they have lethal or not


Perhaps that’s unfair. Perhaps they just wanted to go out in style… but they had me worried!

I’m not sure whether I should have hit face with my general in the penultimate round. It only cost me 1 health because of Kelaino, and my thinking was I wanted to make it impossible for the Magmar general to attack, but leaving him on 4 and retreating would have been enough to set up lethal with the Revenant.

What would have been the better play?


That was a fast game, did he play 3 Warlocks?

Retreating would have been slightly better, the Magmar player could still get a draw with something like 2x Gaze + BBS, while the only defense against Revenant is Earth sphere, which probably won’t save him.


Um… just looking a the replay again…

I opened with an Ooz, and he hit it with his general leaving it on 1, and then it hit him back the next turn… so he took 6 damage off that, and 1 for the creep. And he played his Elucidator which was another 5 damage to him. And he hit me with his general every turn and sat in the creep a lot. And that was that!


elucidator deals 4 damage to himself.


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