Thank you CP for 2 great years


I have been playing this game for 24 seasons now, wow feels not so long ago Mr. Señor Mogwai gave me my key to play this awesome game. Yup we have had our ups and downs crap meta and awesome meta. But it has always been a blast so much fun so much time thank you for 2 years and hope I can keep playing this game for 2 more years. Sorry to everyone that will still deal with my main Magmar faction and some of the bullcrap wins I get sometimes but hey I have never touched Vanar that counts for something rite?


Congrats on 2 years! I am at 19 months currently.

I wish I had found the game sooner, but think I entered at a pretty good starting point.


You’ll never walk alone when joining the Church of Makantor Jesus! :hatching_chick:
Just don’t excuse for it! :wink:


You just make my heart leap with that title bro.
I assume this is another ragequit thread… :smiley:

Also, please try to change faction to Vetruvian. We have cats you know :wink:


Lizards > Cats

Also bloodkin > lizards


le sigh Vetruvian the hipster sand people. Sorry dude overpowered lizard that smash face are the way to go but hey I began playing the game with mech Songhai so I think I have evolved.


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