Thai server? 15 things


I’m about to go on a two months muay thai training camp in thai. And maybe play duelyst in my rest time in between sleeping and reading.

Do anyone know about problems that might pop regarding the situation, i’m clueless about this moving my duelyst accout around.



I don’t have anything to offer about your question…

…I just wanted to say Good Luck! and Kick Ass!


Aren’t you the sweetest :slight_smile:
Thank you


I play from Malaysia which is south from thailand and never had problems. As long as the internet is decent you should be good to go.


Thailand isn’t on the list of banned countries so I don’t foresee any issues other than potential connection-based ones due to the distance from Thailand to our servers.


No problem. I am living in Thailand right now, So u can trust me on this lol.


Unfortunately, I live in China, where I need a VPN server to play. What’s even more dismal is that the internet here is a absolute misery here, both the connection and the goddamn VPN. Somebody quick, cure my depression.


What @isbee said. Good luck!


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