Tested Budget Deck - 520 Spirit


Heyo all, I’ve set out a personal goal to make and test budget decks for all factions into gold. The purpose of this was because I feel like most budget decks (or expensive decks that suggest alternate cheaper cards) are often made, but not necessarily tested.

I put this out here in hopes to help ambitious new players in achieving gold rank.

Previous Faction Decks:
Magmar Deck - 1340 Spirit
Vetruvian Deck - 1380 Spirit

Lyonar Deck - 520 Spirit

About This Deck

This deck paces itself ideally by utilizing BBS buffs and healing minions rather than your general. Tiger is always used as either removal or to finish lethal (killing enemy general). This deck tries to always prepare (or have in hand) an answer for most various threats.

Replacements: In order of replacing- Sunstone Bracers and Necroseer could be done without. For me, Lion feels lackluster, but has shined on occasion. I think putting in 2 primus fists would really synergize well with Lion though.

At least 2 Shrouds are necessary, and I’d keep all 3 Repulsor Beasts. Lightbender for Vanar walls at the moment.

Bloodtear Alchemist (BTA) is optional as well, but has served well.

How To Play This Deck

Most of this deck is fairly straight forward if you understand trading some general health to eliminate enemy minions.

Placing minions in a way to minimize enemy movement space is very important to making your own life much easier (whether for dispel reach or pushing an enemy minion away with repulsor beast).

Try to use healing mystic on buffed up minions to preserve them. It is often beneficial to spread out your buffs/effects among your minions rather than looking to make 1 super minion. (Example: Buffing a dispelled Silverguard Knight rather than your Suntide Maiden looks to provide 2 threats.)

Dancing Blades is fantastic for sentinels of course. Putrid Dreadflayer is great for Songhai. Play your minions with enemy removal in mind (Pheonix Fire, Natural Selection, Chromatic Cold, etc.) and you’ll do fine!

Recommended again to put in Primus Fists in your deck.

This deck is EXTREMELY cheap. I have gotten to rank 11 with a VERY high win rate (confident at least 75%) and will look to finish it to gold by the end of the month for sure.

Thanks for reading and hope this helps any new players looking to break into gold for their first time :slight_smile:

If anyone tries out these decks, please let me know how it turned out for you. :slight_smile:

New player here, I need a cheap and OP deck

Lion is pretty good, keep it, although bracers should be bloodtear, maybe change necroseer to void hunter?
and dreadflayer can go for arclyte setiniel


Captain hardstuck gold reviewing your budget lists for you


hes already got bloodtear


Attack on Titan Argeon (Argeon without Titan and very low cards outside of minions) requires channeled breath because of Attack an Titan.

Channeled Breath_active


I think the idea is to have the deck more cheap then it should be.


Dreadflayer can reach and kill ranged. Like arclyte with the sentinel, it lives against a pheonix fire. The card’s purpose serves well for songhai/reva matchups


Man, were you really so out of options that you had to use bracers, or have they actually been useful for you?


Was out of options due to recreating the cards that are available with Lyonar near the start (which isn’t much). Would recommend many other choices over it. Only rarely useful; not enough to keep in deck.


Those braceletts generally look better of Zir 'an. on a budget, Glaives if you can afford it seems nice (by afford it mean Get ill keep the list “budget”). outside of that, why not Immo or trinity oath if you’re not into bracers? (I love them, but everyone says they suck). Guess I’m wondering how you picked this after such a comment.


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