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Terrible bug(malice-azure horn shaman


thanks to every reply


Yes, of course. So the OP shouldn’t so confidently conclude it is a bug.


Which is why he didn’t. All he said was, and I quote, “What the fxxx?”.

Regardless, I’m pretty sure their concerns have been answered.


Read the title…


Ok, good to know. The confusing part is that it doesn’t show it happening in the order that it actually does, which is a strange choice on the developers’ parts.


It’s probably a limitation or just how the game works in general that causes this.


It wasn’t originally not working like that. CPG changed it specifically in a way that the 4/4 gets buffed.


It wasn’t that but it was that the Husk was spawned in a random place nearby the general.


That’s no bug…

You just got whipped like a dog by Duelyst central 2018 number one rated Waifu Maehv Senpai!!!



[Insert joke here that I could’ve made when Noa was CM]


ya see the trick here isnt to think something is a bug the first time you see it, clearly everything you see is a feature till they tell you its a bug :sirpenti:


Everything is discoveable if you think about it.

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