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Terrible bug(malice-azure horn shaman



What the fxxx?


What do you mean? Nothings’s wrong. Go read the effect.


P-much the cost is paid and resolves at the same time, Shaman isn’t required to be on the feild to activate so the Husk gets the boost.


Not a bug. 15char


Sorry man, as the others said no bug there so you’ll just have to suffer through a 4/8 for a while :confused: :man_shrugging:


It’s not a bug, but I do agree that the timing on some interactions is strange. It should definitely give +4 health before new minions spawn, in my opinion…


Clearly you don’t know how most card ganes play out their effect…


You just know everything, don’t you?


I mean, he watches Rick and Morty, what were you expecting?


Standard bread and butter Maevh’s combo.
Next question ?


What was that?

Just for everyone here to know.

Opening gambit resolves BEFORE summoning.

Dying wish resolves AFTER dying.

It’s a general rule, works always.

Cheers, no offence.

Hope no one will tell me


You just know everything, don’t you? :wink:

Of course Dying Wish resolves AFTER dying. But it dies before the Husk is summoned, so the minion should not appear with 8 health. (It is not clear that the Husk is summoned and then gains the buff becomes it spawns in with the buff.)


No, the Husk is summoned before the Dying Wish effect is activated. Same applies to every other Dying Wish effect in the game.


You’re right, but he’s correct in that this fact isn’t made well known. It’s quite ‘discoverable’, intentional or not.


True, but there’s no reason to assume it will work any other way either.


It’s not about assuming how something works, it’s about finding out the hidden rules for mechanics like this and if they’re intentional.


The OP thought this interaction was a bug, and thus unintentional. So he had assumed that this interaction would’ve worked some other way. There was no reason for him to think so.


would be nice to see them implement this mechanic in a puzzle. that would make it less “discoverable” no?


There’s no reason for him to assume it works in any way, as it’s an unclear interaction.

I think all the new mechanics should be in puzzles! Blood Surge and more but especially things like Bond, where it works differently but similarly to another mechanic (OG).


As I said before: The cost is paid and the effect resolves at the same time. It looks like there is an order to it but there isn’t. If you don’t know Theobule works in a similar way, it shows them being replaced 1 by 1 but in actuality it’s all at the same time.

Cost is paid & Husk is summoned > Shaman activates.