Tempo Sajj (Sajj needs some love, and it got me to S)


Well, this season was particularly fun (coughsarcasticcough). With the prevalence of green songhai, VANA-Removal, fast and Fagmarious, funhai, Agro-eon with spell hai and kaleos backstabbing (pun intended); I definitely think we dont have enough burst and it’s like we’re having an amazing race to become Hearthstone.

Personal opinions aside, I tried climbing with Cassy because it was the only control deck I have and like. Didnt liked keeper-mar and didnt had the ROTBB cards to play around with the new control vanar. And as it progressed further into the month, cassy had to become even faster to even compete with the current ladder decks. Sajj was my main faction before the Siphon nerf. And also I got bored and just thought why not I give Sajj a spin and try climbing to S with the weakest faction; and so I did.

This is the deck I climbed from rank 3 and up to S:

Proof (If anyone wants it):

If anyone is interested for why my deck is how it is, first off I should say that Sajj is not a good midrange or control faction at the moment, at least not good enough. The reason is simple, Siphon. The siphon nerfed killed Sajj because Sajj relies heavily on being able to answer threats in the backline with it. Right now without it, it kinda is game over at times when you have a bloodmoon that you cant answer on board. As for the control aspect, i jsut think Sajj doesnt have the right cards to pull it off. Any control decks require a very strong win-con and some form of healing, especially for Sajj where she needs to remove things with her face and to make use of her bbs.

So the only route would be full on aggro (which I hate) and a tempo (?) variant. I dont think Sajj has cards that are fast enough to make an aggro deck, also I would rather not going full face.

Deck is built to make the enemies answer your board instead of the conventional control-ish Sajj where they are the ones trying to answer your board.

Card choices if you are interested:

  • Notice I dont really have the good control cards like Rasha’s, dominate will, Psychic conduit and Sunset Paragon etc? Well they are too slow and conditional, hence I only put in x2 Entropic decays as the only clean hard removal for big stuff and x3 shrouds because dispel is just that important. I tried cutting them out, I got crushed, consecutively.

  • x2 Skorn because they are mainly tech cards for slightly better match ups with Lilithe and Vanar walls/ Jax truesights. And also because I dont have Zephyr, so i couldnt try it. But I think Zephyr will be better in a lot of the cases than some occasional Jax trusights/ wraithling lilithes (because you’re gonna lose anyways) mainly because I put Skorn in as a pseudo AOE, which i believe Zephyr will be much better as it can deal more damage in an AOE.
    -x3 Jax to force dispels and synergize with first and second wishes for better trades/ more face damage. And early game consistency.
    -x2 Alcuin Loremaster. It is a surprise factor and no one really plays around it. I put 2 off’s because I really dont like one off’s unless they are a really conditional and late card like Autarch’s, dominate will etc. Vets have relatively the worst spells in the game, they would die for things other classes have like pghoenix fire, chromatic cold, so why not take it. but i might be switching this out after I get Zephyr instead of skorn. Because i find myself replacing it more than actually playing it.

  • x3 Tigers for reach and additional burst.
    -x2 divine spark for additional draws and consistency.

  • x3 Staples like Falcius, Pax, First Wish, Aymara are just too good to not put in.

  • x3 Dioltas is just more threatening than Sunsteel because it deals more damage and has an additional tombstone to pin your opponents down. Also I put it in for the synergy with second wish to force answers.

  • x3 Dancing Blades, amazing tempo card, deals 3, remove something and a 4-6 body.
    -x3 second wish to make any minion you play into a body that threatens and deals more damage.
    -x1 Autarch’s gifts for the surprise factor and it’s the only burst damage card Sajj has.

  • 0 Sojourners. I tried them and I find that I dont require that much draw; and when i do, it is often too slow and unreliable to depend on it to draw me something.

  • 0 every other value, control card Vetruvians have because they are too slow or are too conditional; especially in a faster, tempo/aggro-based list.

I didnt install the script and was too busy this month with my personal stuff to do it. But I can give evaluations for the numerous matches I have played vs each faction and their respective archetypes.

  1. Tempo/ Aggro Argeon 90/10 - very favorable because this decklist has surprisingly better tempo than Argeon. Mainly because of Pax, Falcius and Dancing blades killing their efficient 2 drops. And Dioltas usually trades into one of their minions and tombstone itself just kills off their tempo (more so with buffs). And many of the cards force out answers and in turn result in inefficient plays of your opponent.
    Greedy Argeon 60/40 - your only way of winning is to burst them before they start to get their big drops and they dont get the God hand. They have answers to everything you play and lategame cards to crush you to victory, do not let them get to the late game.
    Healyonar 70/30 - It overwhelms Ziran quite easily, especially when they require multiple cards and tons of mana to pull it off. But bad draws, slow plays will usually cost you the game because they can heal themselves back up to full if given the right hand and breathing space.

  2. Cassyva 70/30 - Both the fast and slow variant play similarly, you either overwhelm them on board and burst them down or they just straight out run over you in the late game, thanks Revenant, I love and hate you.
    Swarm Lilithe 10/90 - You mostly die because Sajj has just bad AOE inherently and worse with Siphon and Skorn nerf to neutralize their board.
    Variax Lilithe 50/50 - Either they get their variax down early when you still dont have a good board and you lose; Or you got a decent enough board to burst them down first. Very dependent on the Lilithe’s draws, they draw good you lose, both of you draw reasonably and you win.

  3. Songhai 50/50. It just depends on who overwhelms who first, either the songhai player just creates a ridiculous board or you. Although songhai has greater tempo plays, your efficient minions will often force them to respond to it and in turn giving you a chance to pin and overwhelm them. Basically Songhai has greater 1 turn tempo plays and you have greater consistent tempo plays.
    Kaleos 80/20- for some reason, this deck does surprisingly well vs kaleos. They are always able to overwhelm my board from early to mid game. And if you can still maintain a board and survive, they somehow just lose to you during mid to end game. It seems like both deck functions similarly in trying to gain tempo, but Sajj has better board control (with bbs or falcius) to remove their minions while they only have the sharper edge in terms of face damage. The only times I lost is when they get the God hand and just burst me down in a few turns.

  4. Magmars 90/10. Believe it or not, this deck was built to snipe magmars, especially green songhai. You can burst them down faster than they burst you. And they have really limited removals, making your minions more threatening tahn they are, more so with their self damaging cards. The only times I lose vs them is when my hand is just God-awful or when they drew the God hand with turn 1 decimus and just rancour + card draw spam. Same thing with normal, solo, keeper Vaath, but there are times when you just take too much face damage and they rush+ thumping face you down or they get a valuable plasma storm / iridium scale (frenzy artifact) off. Dont paly into AOE, and you should be fine.

  5. Vetruvians: Zirix 10/90 - Sajj just cant handle swarm at the moment and flat out dies to Sim city (Dervish) Zirix and Midrange Zirix from their bbs spam (even more so when the deck has removed control cards). Games where I won are usually when they cant answer my threats and they jsut drew poorly. It’s close to unwinnable when they swarm you, which is 99% of the time.
    Sajj (control/ midrange/ artifact) 60/40: If they are able to stabilize, you’re mostly dead. But their chances of stabilizing the board is lower than your chances of overwhelming them. Same with OTK artifact Sajj, if they stabilize long enough and draw their combo, you’re dead.

  6. Vanar: Aggro vanar 50/50: Either they burst you down, or you survive slightly longer to burst them down in one turn.
    Control Vanar 60/40: A lot of the times they are able to stall out the game and still die eventually without the correct draws like Enfeeble + skorn or Jax truesight. But if they are able to land a good AOE and you ran out of steam with 0 draws, you’re dead. They stabilize long enough to play Jax truesight and you dont have Skorn, you lose. Board wise you should almost always be ahead.

TLDR: Made a Sajj deck to show some love and tried to get to S rank. A deck that plays threats faster than your opponents can.

Vetruvian's viability? (Pre-Bloodborn cards only)

10/10. Lost my shit on the “Fast and Fagmarious” one

Also what’s that Alcuin doing in your deck?
It feels kind of weird that your tempo deck doesn’t include any of the conventional 2-drops like Azure Herald and Healing Mystic.
What is your win condition?
teach me master


I went all in on the tempo so I felt that those heals wont do much for a deck that requires to win fast instead of staabilizing most of the time, that’s what azure heralds and mystics do, slowing down and get favorable trades. As for Alcuin, it worked out initally for me by sabotaging some very important spells. But I find myself replacing them more often than not. I might switch them out for zephyr after I get them, having a shortage on gold at the moment.

As for the win con, it’s very similar to tempo Argeon in that it overwhelms your opponent with efficient minions, multiple bodies and with the burst available in this deck in the form of falcius, pax, autarch’s gifts in some minion with second/ first wish. The high attck value of the cards in this deck helps you to bring their hp low enough for those finishers. And an unanswered Aymara is kind of GG anyways. In a nutshell, you win by basically out tempo-ing them of that makes any sense.


94 wins puts you in the 60% win rate range.


ty for the info


I suppose I should “position better”, right?

Oh looky, I died to a Ghost Azalea after he drew and played all 3 Kelaino’s!
WOW, HOW INTERACTIVE. I was running around in circles the whole FUCKING game


Very well written @snowwy

I couldn’t agree more with your evaluation of Vetruvian.


I experimented with Post Bloodborn Sajj and have found the new cards quite dissapointing. Nearly all of the new cards printed to support Sajj do nothing to actually address her weakness; minions at a range and loosing too much health.

Zephyr counters swarm, but only does so every other turn and requires very specific positioning. Incinera might provide range, but is a large, expensive body that does relatively little by the time it comes out and can not be expected to stick. Divine Spark is just a generic draw spell. Most of the time, I would rather have L’kian or Sojourner as card draw than the spell, since Bodies are necessary to give Ephemeral Shroud range. Autarch’s Gifts and Grandmaster Nosh-Rak are actually really good. The problem? They both cost more than 5 mana and Vetruvian still has yet to get any means to stall the game or recover from aggression. Lastly, Stones to Spears. The card is garbage.

Really, the point that I am trying to make is that Vetruvian has been getting a lot of the same things without means to capitalize on their strengths or cover their weaknesses. It has gotten many good lategame cards and efficient ways to trade health for tempo in the Bloodborn expansion but still no good way to reach the lategame or prevent the enemy from just bursting them down. I like that you managed to have success with a Sajj deck, but I am sad that only three, easily replaceable, cards from the new expansion made it into the deck.


Yeah definitely, it’s your fault for not positioning yourself better , not the fact that the siphon nerf was extremely questionable, it’s the players fault, yep.


Exactly my thoughts, and the devs really think that the siphon nerf it’s going to pull through, it’s like they’re playing their own game sometimes ya know?


Atrachs gift has surprised me these past games… But why are we only allowed to have 3 artifacts equipped???


this deck is pretty fun. i’ve been meaning to play vetruvian but I usually only have fun playing lyonar.

alcuin actually seems pretty good in this deck. its weird and definitely not the most efficient card but it can be really good. i did end up switching them for zephyrs though because they’re just better in most cases.

thanks for the deck.


Nice to see someone else flying the Saji flag. I’m going to have to try out Dancing Blades, sounds like they would work really well. How are you finding Blistering Skorn?

I agree that tempo is the way to go - if you can get the board it’s very difficult for people to come back, as you can BBS/combo down almost anything if there’s nothing to block your movements.

Main thing I struggle with is Vanar if they are running a lot of stuns (thankfully rare), and Songhai if they run Grandmaster Yourgeneralmovesasadoomedbattlepet.


Save at least one entropic decay for.zendo and don’t overextend when playing against vanar. The control variant will soon run out of answers and get grinded down. But sometimes you’ll lose because you can’t apply enough pressure (due to your poor hand or their better hand) and they just jax truesight and you’re dead.

Tbh I find blistering skorn abit underwhelming. There are games where I get to clear chrysalis burst, jax treusights and just win me the game, but most of the time I’d prefer putting something like a dioltas down or need more aoe damage to clear stuff. But it’s still there because the aoe for 1 comes in handy at very unexpected times.

And dancing blades is just amazing in a control/tempo/ midrange deck, just try to position yourself facing your opponent cause when they get to your back, it’ll get awkward at times for dancing blades to proc.


I think they’re too slow and.not consistent enough even in a control sajj deck . 1-2 will be more than enough haha, but it is a good card, just not something you’d play every time you have the mana to.


After few matches I made a couple adjustments :
-2 Alcuin
+2 Zephyr
-1 First wish
-1 Second wish
+2 Bone Swarm

I’m more confortable with that, especially with the gazillion Lilithe Cancerax swarm shit. Funny deck, nice but hard to pilot properly :wink:


It kinda is auto concede when vs swarm decks, most notably Lilithe and Dervish Zirix (actually disadvantage vs any Zirix mainly cause of his bbs). Im glad Zephyrs are working out for you, I dont have them to try it out hahaha

As for the first and second wish swap outs, I guess preference does play a part in deck building haha, glad it’s working out for you :smiley:


Your matchup numbers are wildly exaggerated. 90/10 vs Aggro Argeon? Ridiculous. Play me for ten games with my Trinity Zoo list. You have to win nine of the ten. Gooooooooood luck!


I don’t think anyone’s matchup numbers refer to “every possible deck in that archetype, piloted by every possible player.” :wink: Lots of people seem to play Aggro Argeon to try and rank up quickly, so you get some pretty weak players along the way.


That’s an extremely flawed argument. As an S player if you pair me vs Bronze players only EVERY matchup is 90/10. That doesn’t mean that’s what the matchup ACTUALLY is.