Tempo Reva: just got to Diamond on day 1 of new season - almost undefeated


Hello, this is the first time I’ve made a deck both innovative and powerful enough to warrant posting about. I’ve only played it today, the second day of Shimzar’s release, so the sample size is small but the fact I have a win ratio of 17 to 1 against S-rank players means the deck must be good (actually lost two games, but one due to lag…a problem with Duelyst on Mac Counterplay hasn’t fixed for months). [EDIT]: Played for much more now, currently maintaining a 77%+ winrate. No changes made to deck from version first posted


(edit with image, click to view full deck)

Playing the deck:
The deck focuses on abusing some of the absurdly powerful cards in Songhai to secure tempo. Heavily focus on board control in the early game - the Mist Dragon Seals are almost always used so that your 2/3 or 2/4 can trade into the opponent’s 2/3 as well as take a mana spring tile. Inquisitor Kron is the king of the mid-game and Battle Panddo is very useful for securing good trades. Take advantage of the tempo secured in the early game and play L’kian to refill your hand. Late-game you’ll want to focus on hitting face, of course. You almost always want to trade health with the opposing general if given the option to. Obviously don’t do it against a huge Vaath or if you’re close to death.

Thoughts on some new cards:
Kron is an absurdly powerful card that I would argue is the best in Shimzar, he can be used defensively if you’ve lost the board but is even better on an empty board. If a card is going to be nerfed this month it’s going to be Kron. He’s too good to be a neutral minion.

Battle Panddo + Deathstrike seal + attack is a complete board wipe for 5 mana that threatens a second board wipe if not dealt with. If you have Inner Focus your opponent can’t even play around it. Deathstrike seal has always been on the brink of playable in Reva, and the absurd combo with Battle Panddo pushes it over the edge. Both cards are great on their own and don’t have to be combo’d.

Ki Beholder is very, very good, another one of the best cards from Shimzar. His opening gambit is so flexible. It’s amazing in the early game for denying your opponent from collecting mana or from doing good attacks. It’s amazing in the late game for stalling out a big threat for a turn (Nimbus isn’t so scary if she can’t move!). And to top it off you’re not even sad to play it on nothing since his 3/2 ranged body is undercosted for 3.

Against Lyonar and mostly Vetruvian you’ll want an Onyx Bear Seal handy at all times. An unanswered Nimbus or Ironcliffe is game-ending. I never keep OBS in my opening hand against Abyssian but keep it around against Lillithe once you hit the late game. I almost always keep Kron in my starting hand if going second. When going first only keep him if it looks like already have plays on the first two turns. Be careful about replacing L’kian, you can run out of cards fairly quickly if you don’t be careful. Never rely on Fox to draw you cards against Vanar. Don’t replace Spiral Technique if it looks like you’ll be able to kill your opponent on turn 8, even if not replacing means you’ll have a weak turn.

Again, I’ve only played this deck for a single day so I’ll need more games to get into more detail. I’ll definitely be piloting this deck to S-rank this month though.


Does look like a not to bad deck. Prefer Xaan myself but thats personal gameplaystyle.
Hope we will see some more nice decks showing up.
Surprisingly after this expansion for me personal Vetruvian has only become more boring even though atm it is on its height of its power, so i seek me refuge in the warm arms of Songhai ;D

The only card i would switch out was the Mac :smile_cat:


I really like how this deck looks, but what do you think would be a good replacement for kron, I have every other card except x3 Kron.


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Very good deck I am just surprised to see only 2 lantern fox , I mean this card is even better than before with shim’zar because very good vs shadow creep and battle pet.

I would probably go -1 sworn sister +1 lantern fox


I agree, but I think it’s for the fact that if you ran out of cards, L’kian lets you play multiple things, which leads to larger tempo over the fox. Other than that, L’kian is also guaranteed cards while fox can be zenrui-d, plasma storm/nat sec-d, dispelled, or transformed, etc.

Basically, I think fox is better, but L’kian is more tempo and more reliable (despite being rng)


@timeraider I prefer Reva over Kaleos because her BBS is much better for this deck. This deck has no Backstab minions so Kaleos’s BBS is a straight up tempo loss. Also without the Heartseekers Deathstrike seal becomes much, much worse and probably not worth running. A version of the deck running backstab synergies and no Deathstrike seal could work with Kaleos though.

@ancientmage Unfortunately out of all the cards in the deck Kron is one of the hardest to replace. Dancing Blades is an obvious comparison but it does have quite a situational effect and you want your Kron replacement to benefit from your early game tempo. Maybe try Primus Shieldmaster or Sunsteel Defender.

@thorrk Definitely an option to swap the two. However it is exactly as @atd09 says, I often find it more important to get the guaranteed card-draw. With some crazy powerful card texts from Shimzar (looking at you, Nimbus, Pax, Sunforge Lancer, Frostiva) everyone and their mother is running lots of dispel. Getting your fox dispelled, transformed or taken when you only have 2 cards in hand is just too painful. Also L’kian opens up options that your opponent can’t possibly anticipate due to its randomness. Up to the individual, I guess.


Was looking for a new Songhai list, your one seems pretty nice. Thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:


i actually made a very similar list but missing most of the shim’zar cards because i don’t have them yet. I’ve been really impressed with beastmaster, you might want to try him since he’s basically a one mana less expensive warbeast in songhai


Thanks for sharing. It’s a very strong deck.
Can i put some Four Winds Magi or BloodRage Mask in the deck? If not then why? thank you.


Incredibly nice deck! When I get the spirit, I will test it. I’ve seen your exact deck used by someone else, it’s really good. Anyways, I am a Vetruvian Main… and frankly I am crap at deck building, and thus I was wondering is their set rules to making a good deck?


Four Winds and Bloodrage doesn’t really fit. The deck doesn’t have enough spells that you want to play proactively. Deathstrike Seal, Onyx Bear Seal and Spiral Technique are cards which sit around in your hand waiting for the right moment. There’s no Mana Vortex, Juxtiposition or other cheap spells that make Four Winds and Bloodrage good. You could add those cards, but then you might as well just play Spellhai with Chakri Avatars, Heaven’s Eclipse etc.

Four Winds you’d only play for the damage since the healing isn’t really important - if you’re relying on the Four Winds healing to survive you’ve already lost the game. A 4 mana 4/4 is a tempo loss and its effect isn’t worth it if it’s only damage.

Bloodrage is good because Songhai generally wants to play away from the enemy, so the artifact can stick through multiple turns. Not the case for this deck, you want to be using your general heavily to trade and hit face.

@Vyv I’m not sure. I always make sure I have at least 8 two-drops in any deck unless it’s built specifically to skip turn 1 or answer the opponent’s turn 1. You need to start off with a concept and build from that. I really like what Trump, a hearthstone streamer said: constructed decks have to be ‘unfair’ at some point to be good. You have to think ‘is this deck unfair enough’ and also consider ‘how do I want this deck to win the game?’. You then have to test it quite a bit and be ready to make changes. My deck actually originally ran 2x Onyx Jaguar and 2x Ancestral Divination (the idea was to get value from Reva BBS, a low curve and Kron spawns) but I decided both cards were not good enough and replaced them.

Also are you sure that the person running the deck wasn’t me lol? My IGN is the same as forum.


Thank you for explaining. If you have any adjustment please share here:)


You might’ve smashed my ass. Before you got out of silver.


This deck is awesome. Could I add you cuz I have more questions? In discord or in game


@deekester That’s the 2/5 frenzy celerity, right? I disagree about that card. 5 mana 2/5 is the definition of tempo loss. The thing that makes Makantor good is his rush. Sure you can combo with Inner Focus, but at that point wouldn’t you just play Sword of Mechz0r?

@Astrasondeverest No problem, add me. I’m not at home and on mobile right now though.


the main reason he’s good with inner focus is that you can then buff him to get double the damage for your buffs, just adding saberspine seal makes it a 10 damage frenzy that can nuke 2 areas for 5


@aftermath123 The deck looks good. Don’t have the Kron’s or Battle Pandos though. But may try out a variant of it. I just pulled a copy of Ki Beholder. Utterly sold on that guy.

@deekester Have 2 Beastmasters so far. I’ve pulled off the Inner Focus+Saberspine Seal twice so far. Both times to great effect. Not so great outside of that combo though. He’s in all my “fun decks” though.


YOU’RE AWESOME. I had been looking for a viable Reva deck (main songhai but always used xaan) and this deck works wonders. I pre-ordered Shimzar and sadly pulled 0 Battle Pandos and Kron’s however I took a leap of faith on your deck and used all my spirit to buy 3 Kron’s. I finished Gold last season and started at about rank 19 and I’ve won 12 out of my last 15 with this deck. Only adjustment I made was instead of battle pando (since I don’t have it) I’m using 3 chakri avatar’s (serve as decent combos w/certain cards and also scares my opponent into using their dispels) and I threw in a Heaven’s eclipse to give me more card draw to get finisher spells ie spiral technique.