Tempo Ranged Lyonar


Here is the decklist

I had made this deck before however there have been some pretty big changes with all the new cards released. This deck isn’t very competitive(my highest rank is 6) but I really enjoy playing it.

I created this deck because I really like ranged minions. They aren’t really used that often with the exception of Reva BBS and the occasional Jaxi. With this deck you try to hold the field with your general/beefy minions and protect your ranged minions.

Slo, Beamshock, and Rock Provoker are all excellent tempo cards. They stall your opponent and limit their options. Early game your goal is to steal all the mana tiles and pump out as much pressure as you can. Once you have board control you try to generate value with your ranged minions. Being able to buff them with Shiro greatly increases the value they recieve. The turn 1 dream is Shiro, Slo, Slo, Beamshock. Going first, this is hilarious. Going second, Shiro, Shiro, Slo, Slo, Beamshock isn’t as effective, but will usually result in your opponent using some sort of emote. I am exxagerating, you don’t want to dump your hand that much. If are starting 2 Slos at the beginning of the match you should consider replacing.

Use whatever minions you can to keep them away from your ranged minions. For midgame try to save provokes as a last resort. Don’t use them if they couldn’t reach your ranged minions anyway.

Arrow Whistler is the best ranged minion in my opinion. Yeah, it was meant to be a support card for other ranged minions, but having 4 health is extremely good.(Survives Tigers, almost all AoE, cheap single target damage spells) If you can get a single roar off then a 4/4 ranged will generate some serious value.

I really like the “Sworn” minions. I think that their are stronger cards to run (Divine Bond) but I think they fit the theme of the deck really well. You have your Sworn Avengers on the sidelines helping clear the board gaining strength as you take Damage, and you have your Sworn Defender at your back,taking grave wounds but never falling as long as you continue fighting by his side.

Sun Wisp, L’Kian, and Solarius will keep your hand healthy. Sunwisp(Matchup Dependant) and L’Kian are also surprisingly good when buffed by Shiro. Early game you are going to be dumping your hand like crazy, and mid/lategame you have strong options to refill it.

I recommend switching Ruby Rifter out. Jax Truesight can be run with Arrow Whistler, but it isn’t all that great. Silverguard Knights were in the original build, but I am not sure what else to take out.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Thank you for reading!


Why not divine bond? I find it to be pretty good with arrow whistler. And why beam shock? Is there enough draw to justify it?


Since you only have 4 ranged minions that are all neutral, I’m pretty sure this deck would just be better in Reva. You get the added benefit of free Heartseekers from her BBS and you get access to Ki Beholder, the best ranged minion in the game.

If you’re insistent on Lyonar though there are a lot of things I’d change. It looks like your game plan is to play lots of cheap stuff and then refill with Solarius and L’kian. This entire plan is hinged on Solarius being good. What I’d do:

.- Ruby Rifter

  • Pandora
  • 2x Sworn Defender
  • 2x Sky Burial
  • 2x Repulsor Beast
  • 3x Sun Wisp
  • 2x Lasting Judgement
  • 3x Rock Pulveriser

.+ Slo

  • Sworn Avenger
  • 3x Windblade Adept
  • 3x Silverguard Knight
  • 2x Afterblaze
  • 2x Holy Immolation
  • 2x Sunbloom

I’d consider adding a third Sunbloom, third Immolation, third L’kian, third Solarius or third Arrow Whistler. I’d also consider adding Martyrdom, Circle of Life and Dioltas. This is just how I’d build the deck. Keep in mind that I’ve never tried playing it.


I don’t really like Divine Bond. If I am trying to push for the next rank, then I’ll play a serious deck, but for just standard play I play whatever I want. I hadn’t thought of using it on Arrow Whistler though.


I wanted to add Dioltas, circle of life, and holy immolation, but I don’t have any copies of them. I have quite a bit of dust saved up now, but I am waiting for things to settle down before I start crafting.