Tell me Exactly how is this legal?


High silver…Sounds easy enough to get there to (take burnhorn to the rescue)


wait i got confused. who do u wanna fight lol


Mainly Tobi, but I can also fight you, as I can just faceroll ladder with Spell creep cass right now


Where is this thread???

This forums just got interesting.


You won’t believe it, the link is 8 comments higher :rofl:


any actual advice?


Can you try posting your deck? Often what you do before a game is far more important than what you do during one. I recommend using this site to create lists.


@atheistmantis has it pretty much covered.
tldr, you deck is decent, probably needs some tweaking(lose the dominate will. I imagine you would have won with other budget endgame cards like say, EMP or DryBone)

Also your piloting needs work. (refer to long list of advice)


I recommend reading these guides. They will help you a lot. The most important skill in Duelyst is positioning and basic positioning isn’t that hard to learn :slight_smile:

Abyssian trial is not one of the best decks, if they have great draw it is hard but that counts for all decks :wink: And if they don’t get Gor or Sarlac they get problems too because they need the undying minions to do all the shenanigans they want and can do.
As a general advice against Maehv, try to be aggressive, if they can’t afford using their BBS it is getting hard for them to fulfill the trial.


Wow, i’m famous now XD.
@cloudfrog I created a new desolator spam deck, I want to make a thread about it :stuck_out_tongue:
@alexx55 we can duel if you want, sure. Add me on duelyst :smiley:
@lauxcoild my advice from me to play against my deck would be to dispell all my gors and sarlacs before i manage to copy them and cast spells on them :smiley: You were in bad luck because my deck usually doesn’t perform so well but i drew like a god this game


I won’t bother watching your replay. I can gather from what these people are saying that you are a subpar Vet player that doesn’t use SPINECLEAVER.

Not worth my time.

fo real tho, just git gud, Skroob. The game is free, no bitching allowed. There are people better than me who have full collections of every card including skins and have spent the better part of the past four years in S rank without spending a single shekel. GIT GUD. FREE GAME. NO BITCHING


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