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Tell me about yourselves


Wut. Kidding I got it.
Anyways, if its a guy and u dont wanna “swing that way”, my amazing detective skills tell me you are also a guy


oh wow this thread is cringeylarious

no it’s just “don’t swing that way”. also yes i am a guy. I’m only giving you half credits tho since you didn’t properly rule out that i wasn’t lesbian.


Have you met them in person? How much do they know about you? Do you want to stay friends with them/try to rework the relationship or cut them out of your life entirely? If they don’t know too much and you have no gripes with loosing them, just block them on facebook and unfriend them from Duelyst.

If you try to tell them no, and they’ve made up their mind, they’d probably still bother you with this. It would be less painful for the both of you just cutting them off. This way you can both move on quickly.

I know the feeling. It can be scary cutting someone off entirely. What if they don’t take it so well and decide to do something bad? But waiting around and not doing anything won’t make it any better. I’d just be careful/stay with friends and tell your facebook friends the other person might have seen to be careful for a few days.


acquaintance. yup i’m totally unfriending -_- this guy’s in uk and i really shouldn’t be afraid of cutting him off.


sure u could cut them off, but that’s not very fun, try ramping up the weirdness until they can they get uncomfortable and stop talking to u :eggplant::open_mouth:


wasn’t able to post in the intro thread made by @alplod so i’ll try here c:

i’m a 37 year-old ISTJ guy from the Philippines working as a game support specialist for a mobile game company. just got married to my wonderful wife last year <3 i enjoy her company and those of my family and friends.

aside from video/card/board games i’m also into basketball (i’m an NBA fan), football, cooking shows, anime/manga/manhwa, tv series, jap/korean culture, movies, comics, strawberries/raspberries, pistachio/most nuts in general, pasta, cheesecake, taho, and traveling.

Xenogears and FFT are my fave rpgs and Duelyst is my ccg of choice atm. ^^


Waitaminit. That pfp is your wife right? Cuz if it aint man, thats something hard to explain ta her


idk about you, but those things have a tendency to backfire. so i’ll pass lol.


oh sorry, what does pfp stand for? ><


profile pic. like that lady on ur thumbnail. or whatever it’s called.


aha, the one in my pic is a model named Fiona, forgot her surname. my wife has her own crushes so she’d understand c;


nvm, ok.



Aaah, the reverse outkink to the point of unconfortability strategy. I like it.


3% of the time, it works every time


tfw you getting advice from
a) a lolicon artist
b) a guy who gives advice that have 3% success rates.

  • A loliconartist
  • A guy with 3% success rates

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why are those my only choices


Because everone else’s knowledge is useless
Because those were who u mentioned


Incorrect. Ink isn’t sticky, at least not like, say, syrup is. It can coat and stain surfaces, but that’s different. You’ll also note it doesn’t adhere to the inklings’ bodies for more than a few seconds before being shed. Also the weapons in Splatoon don’t squirt so much as spray, fire, burst, splatter or explode, depending on the weapon in question. Also the girls in question aren’t exactly little, they’re early teenagers or something.

You sick fu- (transmission lost)


If their age is on the clock, their ready for the glock