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Tell me about yourselves


I’m also someone who is 25 years old, but I’m from the UK.

Got a degree in Business Economics, so whenever I look at the news I feel regret for what is happening. But onto more lighter stuff. I’ve been playing Duelyst since Jan 2016 as a casual player. I’m into gaming a lot and I often play games in small amounts of time but often play a decent number of different games in my spare time.

Along side Duelyst, I play GTA and do racing with friends who I met online there, started playing Football Manager and hope to get one of the lower English league teams up to the premiership as a long term goal. Also playing through Starcraft 2 campaigns again plus every now and then I play a bit of DiRT 4 and Dead Cells.

Besides gaming, I also enjoy anime and music.




Ooh manager games used to be my thing :slight_smile: endless fun!


You know, I just now paid enough attention to notice that your avatar is Konata in a school swimsuit. Naturally.

Well, I mean, it definitely matches your name.


PTSD flashbacks


18 years from Australia.
Excessive weeb, too much free time because I (to my deep shame) don’t have a job. I’m quite fond of that good 'ol ganja. I’ve been learning boxing/wrestling/judo for a while too, and hope to some day become a professional fighter, however slim a dream it may be.
Duelyst is the only card game I’ve enjoyed for years, hearthstone got stale and I can’t get back into it at all, but every expansion duelyst manages to bring me back to play for at least a season or 1.


@buddybluebomber @loliconartist @epicflygon WHAT IS HAPPENING


I’m just gonna leave this here. See if I can get anyone to click any of those twenty-seven links I left. BECAUSE CLICKS EQUAL VALIDATION. THAT THING I NEVER GOT FROM MY PARENTS.

Is joke, I’m fine.


17 year old from the Philippines checking in.
Currently studying as a scholar in a really good science-based high school. Heading to college in a year actually. I sing bass and play the piano semi-decently. I also do gaming videos on youtube :].
I’ve been playing duelyst since beta actually, but usually played it on-and-off semi-casually. Tried hearthstone before but lost to an RNG priest deck and decided that this game was better for my mental health.
Also I’m one of those people who miss Vet’s old time maelstrom.


Good. You made a great decision.




Yes, that was the joke.

You have now officially made it out of the “I don’t get the joke club.”


SHit, that was where I got health benefits!


So you play that game where a bunch of little girls squirt sticky liquid over themselves and everyone else?


This came up because I have desktop notifications on and I’m like “What the fuck…”


Yes. That is truth.


Hello, I’m cloudfrog. I had a lot of personal projects for duelyst that i haven’t finished so i feel kinda bad lol.

I’m 23 years old trying to finish my thesis. i started living alone a few months ago. Messing around in the forums does make the living alone thing feel much less lonely.

I’m also currently afraid of someone i added on duelyst and then on facebook. He isn’t backing down even though I’ve spurned his advances and that i don’t swing that way in hte first place. if you guys have any advice on how to deal with people who don’t stop flirting with u, please help me.

This thread's title has finally been decided on

Nice! Thesis on what subject?
On how to deal with people like that, just tell him to stop for real. If they dont, block em


data transfer for wireless sensor networks. it’s all fun and games until they break down like the flimsy pieces of expensive tech they are.

really, some people actually think they can get away with flirting again when they say “they didn’t really mean it” -_- i guess i really should go about blocking the guy.


Quick post everything to r/oopsdidntmeanto.