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Tell me about yourselves


I don’t really think that was a dick move.

More like a massive, irreversible, Earth-shattering, Community-destroying mistake.


People think My dad and I are twin brothers because I look so much like him.


I science for a living, and doolist for fun. That, and I’ve disenchanted almost everything besides Abyssian for over a year. In love with the faction and the game still :slight_smile: Besides Dooly, I love a good tv series or anime-desu. And I absolutely adore East Asian food, everything’s so much better than here in North Europe where basically only potatoes and wheat etc grow well. forest berries are awesome tho


Maaaaaan, have you ever tried Kare-Kare?

Good. Shit.


I’m a 17 year old pleb and future game developer.
I spend more time lurking these forums than actually playing the game and I don’t even remember what rank I am currently.


Nope but sounds fun :stuck_out_tongue:





Indeed I am, and I see you are a man of culture as well


Awww I’ll miss sassy wendy’s.

But Holo…yes very much.


Yes, she will be missed but Holo is best waifu

Still a damn good restaurant though


I’m sorry, I don’t think I get what you’re trying to say.

What pillow?


Explain to her the darkness that nearly stole over the thread once upon a time.





Back a long long time ago, @excogitator had a pfp that was an anime girl holding a pillow. Referred to as “The Pillow”, it represented weebs. Exco decided to add things like desu or chan to everything he typed and everyone got annoyed with it. I would speak more, but I’m afraid only the man himself would know the deep secrets of the pillow.


Ah- and that ‘weebness’ seems to reflect in the way I type with the uwu and owo?

Jesus, second time this has given off the wrong impression hahahaha-


Not the wrong impression, there’s plenty of anime watchers and such on the forum. Just a reference to an old memory. This community has a long and amusing memey history.


Oh that I’m sure of.

I apologize if I bring back things that are best left in the past haha. I assure you, however I really don’t go that far. :blush::blush:


We heartily welcome your enthusiasm here. Don’t change unless YOU want to…




Nah, just an old joke that we all remember.

There’s a few of us that have been here for a long time, and we all have our stories.


25 yrs, form Norway.
Work as a kindergarden teacher, and as a family/child/employee counslor.
Love video games, CCGs, anime and good company.
Been mostly on and off the forums and had a longer break playing duelyst, but the interest was re-kindled with the new expac.
I like to tinker a lot with the difrent cards and deck concepts and find a lot of joy with the trail/desteny mechanic :smiley:
Only contribution on the forums have been a faction concept, but is currently working on a new faction concept, witch always is a lot of fun. Will be putting it out prob next week.