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Tell me about yourselves


Currently deciding on what colleges to go to.
I’m applying for computer science and choosing between Georgia Tech and NYU for both ~44K USD or a local state university for about 15K a year.





Please help me decide


Want debt?
Want higher job opportunities?


Heyooo! I’m Bel owo

I got into dooly about half a year ago thanks to mah friend Salty. I just turned 19 around the time I joined the forums.
Some fun facts about me is that I am a smol child standing at 5’1 and a half, I was part of a competitive choral group that competed both locally and internationally for 4 years, I’m a green belt in karate, a sooper friendly friend, and an Abyssian main!

irl I love giving and receiving hugs. I also have a cat named Fruitnut uwu


Good evening. My name is Anton Hernandez (heh, good luck finding me using that name. There are hundreds of us), Sometimes referred to as Nyon (because of @littlebelsprout). I am 18 years old, and my birthday is on the 8th of August.

I am the human embodiment of tilt. I get tilted after two or so matches in any game.
I also have a fairly twisted sense of humour.

Also, I enjoy seeing people I dislike suffer.


Go to local state for the first two years to finish your GE courses. As for either NYU or Georgia, I would say NYU is very prestigious BUT also extremely liberal so choose your poison if you will.


Wow, never expected you to be 17.


Few people do. I’ve been called the dad/uncle of the group by friends too. I even dress like a dad.


I don’t know how to react to this. Remember the last time the pillow took over?
I still have nightmares


Apparently she is not a furry.


But weebs scare me regardless. I had to fight off that pillow with tears, sweat and blood.


How are they a weeb?


If you want me to word it very specifically, their writing style and inclusion of certain things in their post alludes to the possibility that they enjoy watching anime.

Lord, you are making me sound like a complete dick.


I have always associated that kinda wording to be of a furry.


Forum Dick status is currently mine.

You should be fine for the time being.


Oh god, once someone mistook my dad as the son and me as the dad. That was terrifying.


I think you mean Eurasianjay.who showed the people on the forums the most cancer deck in existence (and it’s not mantra.)


Oh that must have been funny Lmao, I think I was once mistaken for my mom’s brother. That’s what height disparity and facial hair will do for you.

I’m the kind of guy that wears spring jackets and loafers.


Good to know, that’s a relief