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Tell me about yourselves


Has my introduction into the forums been a positive change for you guys?

  • Yes
  • YES
  • no ( my name is hugoken)

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I say yes because you’re pleasant and it’s always nice to have more nice people here


Thx yall



I say “YES” because you’re a fun person to talk to!


Nope! Kaido assassin used to be a 3/2, takes me back.


this again? snowshot, 28.
i’m an army veteran (recon.) in the idf, as for today i’ll be finishing my degree it chemical engineering in about 5 month (finally, and also - can’t believe i actually gonna have a degree).
used to be a pro muay thai fighter, but got injured and these days i’m training and traveling to Thailand but not taking part in competitions.

i’m vanar main since beta, and never have the time to run for s rank (diamond dweller) but i do enjoy running new decks and imagine the story behind them, i’m love ilena and her playstyle (very nordic). i enjoy the most running old archetype decks and try to make them fun and playable.


Nice job on the degree man! Ive always liked the story and art in duelyst. Also, any fighting tips?


mainly don’t fight when you are dehydrated and never be a smartass (which leads to unnecessary fights.





Oh God, all of you are so interesting.
I’m a 17 year old Canadian. My origins are more or less middle eastern. I have had a passion for gaming since I was 12. I am hopefully leaving soon to pursue my degree in finance at my choice of University. I main Vet and Songhai. I’ve met some of my closer friends online, I’ve recently become more social as High School slowly brought me out of my shell, so now I’m a rather happy, if slightly stressed 12th grader (Senior I think y’all Americans call it). I enjoy Heroes of the Storm, Starcraft 2, Duelyst, League of Legends, Warframe, Terraria, etc.

I enjoy chatting with people, I have a sharp tongue and know how to use it. I take great pleasure in utterly demolishing those who would abuse those weaker than them. Attitude tends to get you a tongue lashing near me. My sarcasm is also on point. I’ve been a part of this community for a while now and can say with conviction that this is the most wholesome community I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of.


You like CCGs and FFT? I got this sweet game that basically combines those two. Its called Duelyst. Highly recommend it, use code MOTHERGREEN to get a sweet 100 gold for a free orb (thats what boosters are called).



Wow! I’ve never heard of it, sweet!


Careful though, it sucks to get stuck in gold.


I am a bread machine at Costco. I can list 376 different kinds of wild flowers. I am happily engaged to a panda, and live my life to the fullest extent that I am capable.

The Purification Crusade

This is some kind of code?


I am an apache beige blanket. I can identify 230 different species of camel.
I am unhappily married to a rug and am currently having an affair with the green couch. I am not ashamed


:sweat: :sweat: :sweat:


Sup everyone

Im Ryousen, currently a student of digital arts and animation
I make collages and I also draw (even though its been a while since I posted traditional artwork)
My dream is to be a storyteller (ie with comics and animation or even games) so I can inspire people and give them energy to live, just like I get inspired and am energized by certain storiesanime I really like

If you’re one of those people who think all artists are all freak with loose screws, you’re absolutely right, this year i started having panic attacks and anxiety problems and stuff

Maining out of the meta Vet and Magmar stuff that never gets me past diamond
Pleased to meet you all!


20 yo Aerospace Engineering/Astronautics student here. Drummer who plays ukulele too much. Abyssian main but I play all factions (often memes). I’ve proven myself S worthy repeatedly but rarely play enough to climb that high anymore (especially when my friends are on to play things like Fortnite or Overwatch).

If anyone wants to hop in my discord and complain about Magmar with me and Gailloune, DM me :mysticup:


I’m the same that in previous same thread :wink: