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Tell me about yourselves


if you want to talk about anime

go on a forum for anime fan or find a club,

they are lots on internet

BTW , go for Fate Zero. One of the best available.


hello, dr frankenwurst


Rip kiritsugu



how can I put picture as did epicflygon ?

it will be entertaining to do that




Does anybody know if you can report someone on here? are there moderators who can suspend people like that? I’m not here since the beginning but in the time i was here the worst people made only one post and then left. This tick sticks.


Yep, click the 3 dots and click on the flag.


I’m not hypocrite,

but YOU are one.

–> that wasn’t off-topic perhaps ? ?
you did that and now you dare to whine about that ? ?


Id just ignore him and tell others to do the same until he is constructive


Guys, GUYS.

Let’s relax. Any chance we can start at square one? Forget the past and start new.


I’ve been flagging him for a while, I hope @ThanatosNoa gets on him soon.

@longshot405, he’s continually causing trouble and making people upset. I don’t like it.


I highly doubt it at this point…:expressionless:


Im a troll, but if people dont want it I can always stop. You wont stop sharing your irritation with people, which is fine to vent, but then throwing it at others


@hugoken, to be honest your demeanor has given incentive to their reactions. You tend to be very belligerent and bull-headed to dissenting opinions. Try to listen and not attack people for it.

Everyone else, try not to troll too much. It’s just creating a spiral of hate. Each party escalating a little more each time. It’s got to stop.


Who wants me to turn down the memes, and how much?

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  • Why? No problem its just fun

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We play duelyst. We get to know each other who have found a bond through a shared interest. To close this thread would be to deny friendships.

We can play together and help test each others decks.

We can give each oher tips, and help people vent.

All you can do is get a job at the salt mines with kripp


So, the resounding vote was to turn it up to 20. Hmmmm
Kinda hard to do after the hot purple durble curry I consumed before I existed was peppered with the chunky THICC meteors of salt from planet baggeutte


Give it at least a day.


Well at least we are getting to know how salty some people can be

Id say thats still on topic