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Tell me about yourselves


Instead of actually going out of my lazy way to read peoples individual profiles, lets talk about ourselves and have fun talking to each other about each other!

Hey yall, loliconartist (yes I came up with that name myself, so creative ) im an S rank chill competetive ccg bro. I have played over 13 ccgs, and played 8 at the same time on two monitors. My life is a waste eggsd.
I have watched over 600 anime, and will continue to forevermore. Id love to help anyone out as a resident anime and card game master (quite the ego) and I hope you enjoy the forums! Still waiting for someone to give me a custom title acknowledging how much of an a**hole active community member I am. Nice to meet you. Oh yeah, I can also use the guitar, trombone, rock climb, “speak” sign language.


I’m a 13 year old boyo that loves all things rpg and ccg, especially final fantasy tactics. I play Yugioh aswell


Hello! My name is Tuan ***** and i’m a 13 year old boy born and still living in county cork in Ireland. I currently go to a public school as i prefer the Ethos there to private schools, but i do plan to go to a private school in later years. for hobbies i just play Tcg as well as Ccg, i kinda lost interest in other games. I learned of Duelyst after watching a certain poketuber play this game (i still enjoyed pokemon at this time) It was love at first sight, sadly it was in Closed Beta so i instantly downloaded the game once i heard it went into open beta.

Btw my birthday is on the same day as duelyst’s full release, woop! woop!

Disclaimer: Next part isn’t so happy.
@loliconartist (making sure you know this edit exists.)

Recently I have been struggling with paranoia and possibly depression and anxiety (I haven’t exactly been told what I have been diagnosed with.) I’m currently taking a lot of actions and seeing a psychiatrist to help resolve this issue.



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Hmmmm, this thread looks familiar…

Right, @alplod?


Im 17 and i like dropping plottwists like my name is not Alex but Axel. Love playing Abyss and magmar and i despise songhai. I come from East Europe and I am able to speak in 5 languages(some more some less). Being from EU East meens i am fucking up my sleep schedual for attempting to join dooly tournaments(except DRR, that has so much freedom on my time scheduals). I learned of duelyst by accident, finding a Kibler`s video on it.


And my post looks particularly similar. :thonk:



Of course…


Yeah. And in the prevous one you reserved the place for later reply, but never replied :wink:

Just here:


Mist dragon used to give +2/+1? :sweat:


It might be hard to believe, but I actually didn’t forget about it. I was going to go back later a see if anyone noticed once I did compete it.

I’ll reserve this spot for later…:sirpenti:


i’m 20 years old, german and am a consistent rank 5 guy although i tell myself my gameplay is srankworthy so that i keep playing xD

I’m a vet main at heart but love to play lyonar since titan came out and vanar too :smiley:

I’m a Graphic Designer and am gonna work on a newsletter for Duelyst (idea was from @halcyon98 though)

I’m gonna be 5 years together with my gf tomorror too :smiley: yay


Keeping dead threads alive.



Well, I’m 29, I have a small beard, and I’m a university teacher. Mathematician. Scientist. Research engineer. I’m also a professional animator (not the kind that makes animated movies, the one that works with children). In case someone still doesn’t know I’m from Russia.

I’m really fond of games. Party games, computer games, board games - anything that has rules to abuse. Mostly I like being clever and innovative, finding new strategies or ways to play each particular game, so you may say I’m a typical Johnny.

Also I do like fantasy books.

I’m a complicated person IRL, being simultaneosly cheerful and sarcastic most of the time, but somehow lots of people (students included) like me, even if I feel out of place IRL sometimes.

My favourite videogame genre is tactical RPG, namely Valkyrye Chronicles, Shining Force series, Langrisser series, etc.

Heya, @loliconartist, I play guitar and piano! And also sing…not so bad. We can start a band!


Sounds great XD I love music, plan on learning piano or some other instrument later on. Trombone and other instruments with mouthpieces are so irritating to upkeep


Damn, you made me to continue writing what I had and not just copy and paste.


I just added a sentence about musical instruments. The whole message is a copy.


I think I will edit it as its kinda old and I wan’t to cover some newer things as well.


@loliconartist just for the case another ingenious idea visits your mind, I wanna present you this thread:

And it’s alive.