Teching specifically against Argy and Reva with high-removal Zir'an


This current incarnation of my heal Zir’an has found the most success I’ve ever had with her.
In its early stages it had 2 divine bonds as a win condition and 3 sunblooms to screw songhai, but I’ve found putting in 3 lasting judgements is ESSENTIAL in the Argy matchup and great against Reva.

This deck slowly and steadily wins the game by overwhelming the opponent with two-card turns of removal and heal/minion.
Getting an ironcliffe with Aegis barrier next to Reva on an empty field is practically a win condition on its own so divine bond is unnecessary

Lastly, people really need to recognize just how much Solarius has done for midrange Lyonar. Healyonar had a history of running out of steam because it’s so combo intensive, Solarius is a glorious solution to this.

p.s. Don’t be afraid to pop the aegis barrier on the silverguard against Reva, it REALLY slows her down.


hmm strange username i think its best to change that the devs are lurking… as for the deck keep us posted as to your highest rank with it the goal is to hit s rank.

one thing i would like to know is how do u deal with magmar spamming the field turn 4 to 6 then warbeast turn 7 if u manage to clear their field somehow


well as you can see, my avatar is one of Dick Cheney.
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i guess was just being cautious cause the devs are pretty strict


as for your question, immolation can wipe some out and if you get the turn 2 sunforge a lot of cheap minions will only get to swing on you once. Ironcliffe and silverguard also trade very well into them