Tech card suggestions for playing against One Woman Army Reva?


I find that deck extremely frustrating to play against. I have always dislike Songhai as a whole, and Reva much more than Kaleos. Not complaining about balance, just looking for some good tech cards to consider.


What general and archetype you playing man? Gotta give relevant details if you want relevant answers.



  • Tempest
  • Beam Shock (ha)
  • Lucent Beam (Zir’An)
  • Aegis Barrier


  • Rasha’s Curse
  • Bone Swarm


  • 1 of their 9001 pings


  • Four Winds Magi
  • Bloodrage Mask
  • Grandmaster Zendo


  • Frigid Corona
  • Warbird
  • Icy
  • Gravity Wells


  • Bloodtear Alchemist, basically playable in every deck
  • Saberspine Tiger
  • Flameblood Warlock (for aggro)
  • Rock Pulverizer (serious)
  • Blistering Skorn

But, yeah, what would be good specifically depends on your deck.


Yeah, I should have given more details for sure. Was in a bit of a rush. I play Magmar mostly when I am trying to climb, but dabble around with all classes except the accursed Songhai devils. Just looking for general suggestions, I have a specific curve already so I wanted to gather as much info as possible.


I guess if you’re using Magmar, the ol’ Decimus Tectonic Spikes play always works. It destroys all artifacts due to 4 separate pings.

An individual card to deal with it might have to be Rust Crawler. Magmar honestly struggles with this archetype as you seem to be aware of.

  • Anything that can stun a general
  • Anything that breaks artifacts
  • Spell immune powerful units (if you drop 1 powerful, spell immune unit, reva is screwed)
  • Provokes to lock her down
  • Sustain to keep out of lethal range (anywhere below 16 hp is highly dangerous)


If you play magmar a good option can be the silouette tracer to stick to their faces,

And then pretty much what has already been said…


Is this the Bangle + Cyclone kite all around the board Reva deck? Rush and Pings are your friends for this deck, if you want to specifically tech against them, then rust crawler deals with one artifact, as it comes into play.


EMP shuts her down pretty hard


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